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Lazy Saturday Daily Chat 11th May 2013

Lazy Saturday Daily Chat 11th May 2013

Good morning everybody :) :)

It's the flippin weekend !!!! yipppy flippin dipppy doooooo daaaa :) :) :D :D

I hope that you've all had a lovely nights sleep :) and are now ready for anything that nic chucks at you :) :)

Myself !! am not asleep yet, so I will have to see if I get a good nites sleep or not :o :| erm, I will tell you when I wake up :)

Av done shoppin, and all put away, hopefully in the right places :o I suppose I will find out when I wake up :D :D I dont think I missed anything off the list, but one never knows, dose one :o :D :D

Er-in-doors wanted some cigs too :P :P so I got her some, as I was leaving the supermarket, there were two gals outside, waiting for a taxi to pick them and thier shopping up, I think, and they were chuffin away at the ciggies, and as I walked past, I could smell the smoke and , well to be honest, I liked it :(

Most people on here dont like the smell when they have quit !!!! just wondering what your points of view are ?????

As I was driving home, all I could think of was that smell !!! and that I had some of you know what in the back of my van and all I had to do was stop, get a pack out !!!! Ha ha I new exactly which bag they were in, my flippin 1 brain cell remembered that :o I must have et about 20 flippin fruit pastilles driving home :D :D :D

When I got home and opened the back door, I could smell stale smoke then, and , erm well the cravings seem to get allot easier then :o :) :)

I've put it down to am just goin potty in mi old age :o :D :D If anybody has any other sugestions, then please send them on a post card to Emjay :D :D

As the pickie shows, I may just have a lazy day today :) :)

I hope you all enjoy your smoke free day, and take care now eh :) :)

Pete :)

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Morning Pete,

Hope you got to sleep - eventually. Yep, I know what you mean about a freshly lit Ciggie... It can smell quite inviting - Sods Law really, here we are trying with all we've got - to give up, and still the damned things can fool us. But, It doesn't last does it, one whiff of stale smoke is enough to make me "heave". And that's when I think of Jillygirl... living with just one lung, and that's enought to bring reality back.

Well, I was all ready to have my Long Lie In, and whoops... then I go waking up at 5,45, so that little plan back-fired.

John... looking forward to seeing those finished Lamps, they look very smart.

Have a great weekend everyone, and stay safe n well.

Gill, x


Very, very nice John, an excellent job!

They will give a lovely soft light me thinks.

So, what's your next project going to be?

I like to have some kind of Project that I can enjoy, as I love "making/ mending/ altering things". Working with my hands, has always been a pleasure.

Hope the " wee one" enjoy their new toys today.



Good morning. :) Pete well done on showing nic who is boss. I cant stand the smell of smoke fresh or stale. I find now that I find it hard breathing if I get too close to smoke. Hope you manage a good refreshing sleep. :)

Gill , good morning love. Know what you mean about planning a lie in. It never works. But if you have to be up for an appointment its amazing how you can sleep in. :D

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Going to tidy the house today as my brother is visiting us tomorrow. Last time I saw him it was the day before my operation .5 months ago yesterday.

It seems to have flown by.

luvs ya. xx


So much has happened in 5 months, how can it go so fast?! Days pass, then whooooosh, it's months!

Don't work too hard!


Morning Monky, Gill and all

I meant to do a bright and early, but slept through it.

You get the accolade on showing determined willpower and resistance in the face of the enemy monky !! :)

There is definitely something a bit bewitching about catching a little whiff of smokey. At a weak moment. I don't want to smoke it but I don't mind catching it, like on holiday whilst drinking a long mojito - that did it for me in Kos. Nearly went and sat on the smokers knee - woiuld have floored him :) and surprised my other half :)

Sorry you didn't get your nice laze in Gill. Maybe a bit of an afternoon doze later?

Got to get off to Wembley!!! :)

Have a great smokeless day all :).




Hi Pete, Gill, Jilly, Betts and all.

I think the theme of today should be the planned lie in that was missed. :-o Been up for ages and soooooo wanted to catch up on some zzzzz. :-)

I also think Pete should be crowned warrior/hero of the day showing outstanding resiliance. :D :D :D

Got in late last night after a couple at the watering hole with friends and put on tv. Was flicking through the channels and found gems tv. Needless to say I decided to treat myself well I have saved a bit.......diamond ring arriving in a few days.. Ha ha ...sometimes you just gotta love yourself. ;-) :-) :D

Betts - have a great day at Wembly

Jilly...don't work too hard but have an excellent day tomorrow with your brother

Pete...you are a hero but don't let it go to your head as many super heros wear thier underpant over their trousers (te he) maybe not a good fashion statement :D :D :D

Off to the concert my Dad is in later. Rather him than me I would hate to sing infront of a several hundred people :-o In the shower is bad enough. One talent I did't inheirit

Hope you all have a great smoke free day :-)

Sue xx


John they are super. clever guy! xx


That's lovely john I am sure your Linda is watching you and thanking you for the thoughtful gift.


Good afternoon everybody :) hmmm well its just started to thunder here :( but what the heck !! I'm alive and kicking :o and thats the main thing :)

I got some rite good zzzzzzz erm this morning :) I think they've about charged my batteries up.

Gill- am sorry you didnt get your lay-in that you had planed :o maybe have a nodd this safter eh :)

Jillygirl- I hope you enjoy tidying your house gal :) I just wish I was with you, cos I love doing that :P :D :D :D

Betts- enjoy your visit to Wembley :) :)

BunnySue- Enjoy the concert and listening to your Dad :) and yes !!!! you flippin treat yourself gal, cos you deserve it :) :)

Mad- It sounds like your lovely Granddaughter is very talented :) :) so you keep her focused on it eh :)

John- Love the lamps pal :) I bet they look lovely without any other lights on in the room :) a bit of soft music, lay back and enjoyyyyyyyyyyy :) :) Am sure Linda would have loved them :) speak soon John.

Rite I'de best get back to fitting the new light in the coalhouse, see's ya soon :)

Pete :)


You like tidying up Pete - umm you can practice in my house if you like, it would keep you occupied for years :)


Aup Sin :)

I would love to tidy your house up, but am just tooooooo busy at the mo :o :| you know how it is :D :D

Hey !! I like your new hair-doo erm or is it a new dress you've got on :o hmmm what ever, I like it, cos its you :) :)


Ah well you can't blame a girl for trying, s'pose I'll just have to get that duster out and tidy up myself.

It's my new floral dress - beautiful isn't it, Madimad found it for me.


Hmmm I wonder if she could find a new outfit for me :o nahhh

It suites ya gal, Mad nice choice gal :) :)


hehe, I know John, I discovered this when my children were babies and I didn't have time for dusting. I have dusted a bit since then tho :)


Good afternoon all,

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and enjoys some nice weather.



A very good afternoon to you toooo Sally :) :) well really its evening, but I'm trying to make the day last longerrrrrrrrr :D :D :D

How you doing gal ?? I've had a bit of a hard day again today :( but will stay with the e-cig untill tomorrow, if it dont start working then, its off with the e-cig and on with the patch :) :)

Take care now Sally, see ya soon :)

Pete :)


Good evening. :)


Who are you then :o :P :D :D :D




Hmmmm nice pumpkins, but am not sure about the cuffffffsss :P :D :D


A bit shaggy - but you could always trim them off and give them a hem if you so desire. :|


Erm am not into hemming Andi :P :P :D :D :D


Andi, welcome back gal :) :) cos ave missed ya loads :(

My eldest Sister has just gone down to Bournemouth for a couple of weeks holiday :) :) I hope you had a good time at Bogner :) :)


Hi Pete, yes I did thanks. Did some walking, shopping, eating and played Scrabble. :)

Why don't you come and visit your sister and visit me too? I hope she's not expecting to be lying on the beach - had to put the heating back on again! :(


Yeah I know what you mean Andi :( I too have had to put the heating back on, its a really cold wind that is making it cold :o


Hi John, I think the lamps look lovely and really fit in there. :)

I didn't know you were a football fan? Was wondering who won. :o :|


Don't you play any more?


Your question this morning. I still like the smell of newly lit ciggie but like you, the stale smell when you walk in somewhere isn't very nice is it? My friend in Bognor smokes a bit - normally she has 2 or 3 a day. When I used to visit her consumption went up considerably. As I came down the stairs one morning I could smell the smoke even though it was 2 rooms away with the french doors open. Isn't it amazing how sensitive we become with the smell of smoke once we quit? :)


Now if I could stick with 2 or 3 cigs a day I wouldn't bother giving up. How do people do that? It's not fair. I was on an enforced 2 a day before I stopped smoking altogether, I just used to think about the second one all day from having the first one :D


John those lights look great :) credit to you for the mods you have made to them, they look super :) :)


ladies, ladies Vin Diesel is on the Jonathon Ross show at this very moment in time :) :)


oh he's not exactly Mr chatty is he. I like Will i am, I always think he's really funny.


Well nite nite everybody, hmmm dosnt seem long since I got up :o :| I hope you all have a piecefull and stressfree nights sleep, in other words, get loads of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

See ya tomorrow :) :)

Pete :) xxx


Nite nite Pete, sweet dreams, see ya tomorrow. :) xxx


Vin Diesel. Never heard of him before but that might be a good exercise to do. :)

I'm off to bye byes too now so I'll wish you all nite nite and hope you sleep well. :) xxx


Night Pete and Andi. sleep well. Vin Diesel - of Fast and the Furious fame??


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