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Daily Chat Saturday 23rd March 2013

Good snowyyyyyy morning everybody :)

Well we've had another good dump of the white stuff over night, and its drifted too :o Got to dig my van out yet, ha ha you can hardly see it, the snows all drifted up to it :( but before I can dig it out, got to get my shovel out of the garage !!!! which the snow has also drifted up to :( hmmmmm think I will set the cat digging it out for me, while I have a cuppa :D :D

Now where's that cat when you want her ?? huh you can never find a Woman when you want one :o :D :D

I hope everybody is keeping warm and cosy today and of course smoke free :)

Sue its lovely to see you on here again keep getting that lovely hospital grub down ya, to build you up for your escape on Monday :D :D

See you all later :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog separately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :) :)

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It wouldnt let me post a picture today for some reason sorryyyyyyyy :o :(

See if this works !!!!



Drifted here in Chesterfield, no traffic on road so that is also covered. Sat in front of fire watching tv and that is where I am stopping, hubby not even dressed yet. Day 5 or 6 (Dawn which are we on) I think, losing track, I have a nice warm stew in the oven for later, don't know what hubby will do for cigs today but he will be going on his own!! Hope everyone is still smiling even with this weather - Spring where have you gone? :)


PS like the picture :) :) :)


Aup Sue, it sounds as bad their than it is here :o dug my way to the garage, dug my way to my van, but there's just too much, so I aint going nowhere in my van today :( plus had to push 2 of my neighbours up the drive :o :)

I'm sure your on day 6 now, cos you quit the same day as Dawn didnt you, so flippin yippyyyyyyy dippyyyyyyy doooooooo to youuuuuuu gal :) :) nearly a week quit now, thats just soooooper gal, it is, you stick with it and come on here if you want a moan Sue, erm now where did I put them ear muffs :o :D :D

Speak soon, Pete :)


Stopped for three months once before so not shouting too loud yet. Don't blame you for not going out, think everyone else is still snuggled up in bed as no one else seems to be replying to your blog! Forecast is for a few more hours of this snow at that rate I will lose the dog when I let her out. Still if I can't go out can't go to the shops and can't get tempted!! Keep wam and keep smiling :)


Hi Sue, that's brill that your on day 6 now :) :) I know what you mean about being cautious, the same thing happened to me, keep positive and come moan on here if you need to, you'll get there :), and I'll hide Pete's earmuffs so he has to listen :D :D :D. Think I'll change from Sue to Susan or i'm gonna get confused :o it doesn't take much to confuse me :D :D. keep warm Sue :) x


Hi everyone, I'm sneaking on here again :D :D I love you pic Pete :) I can picture you trying to get monky to dig through the snow for you :D :D :D, we don't have any snow here in Dundee, but all the surrounding areas are bad, a lot of the roads are closed, you keep warm Pete and have a fandabbidozy day :) x


Aup erm Susan :) :) its great to see you gal, I hope your getting better :) and no monkey didnt dig through the snow for me, so we had a snowball fight instead :o :D :D


What a shot :) right on top of her nutt :D :D hmmm she dosnt look a happy bunny does she :o think i'd best retire to the garage :) :D maybe get a cuppanie :) eh


:D :D :D :D poor monky can't throw one back, I'll help him out, hehe

vecto.rs/175/vector-of-a-re... :D :D

here's some cuppanie's for you

growabrain.typepad.com/phot... :)


Susan, am ready for ya gal :D :D


Ooooh by the way cheers for the cuppanies :P :P slurp :) :)


:D :D :D :D how could I have missed you :D :D

markarmstrongillustration.f... :D


Hi John,

I wasn't ignoring you there, been busy with the docs, then had my tea. I hope Amor will be better soon, poor thing.

I could have done with that to listen to as well, I couldn't get to sleep for all the noise on the ward, it was like grand central station :D :D, hope you have a good rest of the day :)


Good afternoon everybody. :)

Just having the day off today and helping out with the cleaning (on bog duties again! :o :D )

Sod's Law - it's been sunny most of the day and it's supposed to be snowing again for the next few days. I think you're sending it over from the UK but that's ok. :)

Poor Monky - when I had my cats and we had snow once :o one loved playing in it and the other one didn't want to get her little tootsies cold and wet and hopped around in the trees and bushes like she was a squirrel. :D

Sue, hope you're not getting too stir crazy - less than 2 days left in there then back to your own nice cosy duvet. :)

Suesim, nearly through that first week again - you and Dawn together, you can do it. :)

Back to Blighty on Tuesday if the weather behaves itself enough for the planes to get around to where they're scheduled to so see you all again on Wednesday. :)

Happy weekend everyone. :)


Hi Andi :) :) have missed you loads gal :(

Yeah, snow dosnt seem to bother her at all, although saying that, she is curled up noddin in the warmth at the moment :) but if I go out she will follow me :o :)


That looks better Andi :D :D :D

Hey does that mean your coming home soooooon :) :)

Take care Andi and see you soon :) :)


Hi Andi,

Were're trying to send you all the snow but it's not working :D :D hope you get your cleaning done soon, I hate cleaning but right now I'd love it, I'm bored silly, thank goodness i can come on here :)

Hope to see you Wednesday, weather permitting, enjoy the rest of your holiday :) xx


Hey Sue, erm Susan :) you asleep yet gal ?????


Hi Pete, I'm still awake, did you win your snowball fight :D :D :D


Sue what do you think !!!!! :o :D :D



:D :D :D :D who said cats don't have thumbs :D


Yeah, think mines got biggons anall :D :D :D

I should hope you've bin a good girl and took all your tablets and et all your super :) :)


I have Pete, I need the pain pills, they work really well, they got rid of my pain in the neck hubby earlier :D :D :D


:D :D :D :D naughty :o


He deserved that for being annoying :P :D :D


Good to see you still got your humour Sue soon be Monday take care of yourself lots of love Sue xx


Hiya Sue hmmm which Sue are you then, that Sue, this Sue, or the other Sue :o :D

You wouldnt be trying to confuse me would you !!!!


Hi Sue, think it's because i feel a lot better now, can't wait till Monday, I'll miss all the dish docs though :D :D I hope you had a great day, i haven't caught up with everything yet so don't know what's happening :)


Am sorry Sue, but got to get up that wooden hill now gal, cos if I dont go now I wont reach the top, and that means kippin on the settee, I get a stiffffffff neck then :o :D

So nite nite to both you Sue's and sweet dreams to you toooo :) :) xxxxxxxxx speak tomorrow :)


nite nite Pete, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow luv ya :) xxxx


nite nite all, I'm off to sleep now, see you all tomorrow, sweet dreams :) xx


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