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Second Day

Hi everyone

I am on my second day of been a non smoker!!!!!! My hardest parts have been the typical first thing in the morning and after a meal. Yesterday after my poached eggs on toast I didn't know what to do with myself. It felt as if my meal wasn't finished, I think my cigarettes must have been my Full Stop. I have my vapour thingy but trying not to rely on it too much. I am still not very good on how to use this site, where do I find all the smiley faces that Pete uses?

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Hi naughtynan, if you point your cursor over the smiley face :) it will show you what key to use . Make sure you have a space before you type your smiley. Have a practice as you can always delete if it doesnt turn out.


Aup Nan, a massive big well done to you for taking the plunge to quit :) :)

Yes I think the same as you gal, first thing in the morning and after a meal is the worst times :(

As for first thing in the morning, ( well don't flippin get up first thing in the morning then :P :D :D ) Try to change your routine ! :)

After a meal, I know you seem to get an empty feeling :o Well have a bit of choc or something, just to fill you up :)

Your doing ever so well Nan, so you flippin keep focused on your quit eh :) :)


Thanks I'm going to stay in bed for a couple of weeks lol


Hey NaughtyNan, well done to you :D

The reason that most people struggle after meal times is because it is the usual time that (as a smoker) you would have a smoke and so this is a common trigger point. Same for first thing in the morning too. You've had lots of repeat practising of this act of smoking over the years, you just now have to learn to do things differently :-)

Once you finish your food now, make clearing the dishes away as your new full stop. Drying them and putting them away will lead onto a nice tidy kitchen :-) and no clutter. You could also then go and brush your teeth but by then I reckon you'll be okay :-)








Gives you this :-)

: - ) but remember not to put any spaces in between them

I'm rubbish at explaining :-/ so I'll bump up an old post of Pete's for you about how to do different smilies. If you are using an iPad or some sort of tablet, then you can't hover your curser over the smilies to see what they are.


Thanks I'm on a lap top :-)


Hey there Naughtynan,

I'm glad you took the jump into being cig free. WELL DONE. My worst times were first thing in the morning so I just altered my routine a bit like EmJay says.I washed dishes or hovered or polished just anything to stop me thinking about having a smoke.The first couple of weeks,are the hardest but then you get into a NEW routine that doesn't involve cigs.GOOD LUCK.Hugs H


It is good to know that you can talk to people who have done it, Thanks everyone x


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