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Hello winners!

I have a question that I am struggling to find the answer to so decided to just ask the experts. So I am on my 9th day of going cold turkey after 13 years of smoking and I have been experiencing the majority of the nasty withdraws and I just can’t wait for this to be over!!! This made me think, if I get nicotine via second hand smoke, would this prolong the withdraws and the detox process? And how much second hand smoke do you have to be exposed to in order to really affect you?

My live-in partner smokes 2 or 3 cigars a week and i don's want to hide in the other room when he does..

PS: thank you for all your posts! I love reading them and I find great comfort!

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  • Difficult question that one MilaP, I dont think there are any statistics on this . However the more you can keep away from passive smoking the better it has got to be. I would imagine its a low percentage in terms of you clearing your lungs. If I find any information on this I will let you know. :)

    P.S. your doing well , soon be two weeks. :) xx

  • Hi I would see if your partner would smoke away from you. As you can be diagnosed with lung problems through passive smoking. And it not really nice of your partner to still smoke in front of you. You can still be affecte with your partners smoking. I myself was dx with COPD through smoking and I have to stay away from people smoking and smoky places. And I know people who have never smoked but been in smoky environments and been dx with lung problems.

  • Thank you for your reply and i am really sorry to hear about your COPD.. 30 months is quite impressive and i hope you are better!

  • I have COPD as well. I use two different inhalers. My husband smokes outside, but it still bothers me. I have 42 days smoke-free today!

  • Sorry to hear you have it too. You are breathing in the smoke off your husband so it will affect you. What stage are you at I am stage 2 but my symptoms are stage 3. But I do try not to let it rule my life. Well done your 42 days. I have had COPD since 2006. Xx

  • Hi 👋 MilaP

    My husband still smokes, I've had words!! with him 🗣🗣 and he now only smokes in 1 place .... away from me 😂

    I don't think it prolonged my detox, it was just annoying, especially when I was craving 😫😩

    Stick with it because it does get easier xx

    Karen xx


  • Thank you all for your replies and encouraging words! to be honest it is not bothering me at the moment as the cigar has a different smell and I never enjoyed smoking them. However, I have a massive problem with my sleep (very unusual for me) and the only night i had a decent sleep was the night he had a cigar. I know second hand smoking is addictive and dangerous as Nottobad pointed out, and i have seen people complain of longer withdraw periods when using NRT so i wondered if there is a connection.. that i got a little bit of nicotine that eased my insomnia for the night..

    In other news, first week was mostly physical but i think i have entered the angry yet depressed emotional state since yesterday. Crying helps but not nearly as being here!!! i feel that i can't say it enough.. thanks again!!!

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