Back at day 5

Today is my second attempt at day 5 got this far last week and relapsed but the difference this week is no cravings no missing the demon sticks. I feel more energised more happy my skin is clearing I feel like nothing can stop me now. It can be done me and my kids are much happier and as I have saved some money this week I am treating my kids to a meal out at a restaurant tomorrow after school 😀

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  • Well done Andy, glad you're feeling positive and doing well👍 enjoy your meal out tomorrow coz that's a great way to celebrate with your children😊x

  • I will do briarwood thanks. Woke up this morning feeling happy and positive which is very unusual for me tbh lol

  • thats awesome Andy...You are doing ever so well :) :)

    keep up with the positive attitude :) :)

  • Will do glolin 😀

  • its great to hear you are feeling happy and positive today...Now you just need to get out there and enjoy your day :) :)

  • That's the spirit -- keep at it !!! One day at a time and you'll have another 5 days, weeks, and so on... keep coming back!

  • Enjoy your day Andy and the meal out, you deserve it, x. :-)

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