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20 weeks on from day 1 of quitting

20 weeks on from day 1 of quitting

Well this week I have done something that I have never actually done before, aside from when I was a child. I went away on a short break as a non smoker. It was so nice to enter the room we were staying in, see the non smoking sign and not being affected by it.

I do still use my e-cig but less and less. I spent a couple of days down in Dorset this week. We stayed in Highcliffe so were able to take in the beach area and a little of the New Forest. All in all we went for 3 walks during Thursday. I was able to see just how much my fitness level has improved because I am not smoking anymore. In the morning we walked along one part of the beach at a place called Mudeford and incorporated a walk around part of the Mudeford Quay. Although it had been raining that really didn't matter because it made the temperature perfect for walking. It's a really unspoilt place, I think.

After a spot of lunch we headed off to the New Forest. The only other forest I am familiar with is Epping Forest, which is local to where I live and a place I love. I think the New Forest is just as beautiful, I have to say. We kind of headed off into the forest and it was quite hilly. I loved the fact that I didn't have a problem with that, from a breathing point of view, I was able to just enjoy it. As I wasn't distracted by any real physical problems I was able to enjoy the vastness of the trees and even spot a solitary beetle from afar. I'm quite observant in that way. It was just stunning.

In the evening we had planned to have a meal at a resturant that overlooked the sea but when we got there, were so taken in by how amazing the sea look and that part of the beach that we went for a walk instead. That was when we encountered Highcliffe's answer to Watership Down. Rabbits in abundance. I've never seen so many. It was a lovely sight and I think because they must be used to people we were able to get up quite close. In the distance we could see the Needles rocks. I got all excited because I've never been to Dorset before and I correctly identified the rocks which ofcourse meant that we were not that far from the Isle of Wight. You could say that I was quite like an excited bunny.......lol.

Lastly I will say that it's the first time that I have had a break from work and not constantly thought and talked about work. My partner agreed. Usually when I am not working I am still just as stressed and anxious. I barely mentioned work, if at all. Admittedly I was still a chatterbox but not about work. Which brings me to my current thoughts about what has changed about me because I am no longer smoking. I think that I am beginning to think more clearly. I still get stressed and anxious but I can identify why. When I smoked, I believe that clouded a lot of things which in turn made finding solutions more difficult. I certainly don't have all the answers and wouldn't expect to but I do have one less thing to worry about, and that is the effect that smoking was having on my life. A very huge worry that is fading away.

Sally... :)

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Thats just brill gal, ace it is :) :)

Love the pic gal, but have just donned my specks and cant see no bunnies :o erm perhaps if I crack a cannie open I will see some eh :D :D :D

Pete :)



I'm getting to know you a bit Pete, any excuse for a cannie.... :)


Hi Cleopetra.

You sound as though you have had a lovely relaxing break. Like you say no need to worry when your going to get your next ciggy. You must be really proud of yourself. Well done.

As for Pete and his cannies well I think I have just spotted his drinking buddy. :D



Thanks jillygirl. I really did enjoy myself.

Pete's buddy looks they're enjoying themselves too.......lol.


Hi cleopetra, glad you enjoyed visiting my part of the world. :) Yep, shame about the rain last Tuesday. I'm guessing that you were in Chewton Bunny when you saw all those rabbits. :D :D


I can't believe that you didn't see any ponies in the forest. It always seems a bit of a misnomer The New Forest cos most of it is wise open heathland. Ah well, now you know where it is you can always pop down for the day. :)


Hi Andi,

It was really a very short visit so there wasn't really time to travel around. We did see horses in an open space when we went for a walk in the forest and some ponies as we were driving along.

Now that you have given me the information about Chewton then yes, that is where we saw the bunnies, purely by accident.

It is a lovely place and I will definitely go back some day.

Sally.. :)


Glad you had a good time Sally. When people mention Dorset I always think of West Dorset - Bridport, Burton Bradstock, Weymouth and Portland. I love it there. I love walking along the coastal path high up above the sea just past West Bay. I suppose that's because its the part I know best. I think I've only been to Bournemouth once and we went to Poole when I was about 5. That was the year I developed whooping cough while we were there and we had to come home early. In fact I didn't have the best time then. My Dad went to see a friend who he did National Service with when he was based at Blandford Forum. I got out of the car and fell in a ditch full of nettles. So what with Nettle stings and whooping cough I don't have the fondest memories of Bournemouth. :D


Hey, come and visit me (with your bike) and I'll show you that it's really quite a nice place to be. :) BTW how's your running legs? :D :D


Ooh I don't do running, not even for a bus :D


Sinfree, you are a one gal :o :D :D :D

I also have been to Bournemouth in my, erm younger days eh, Once I got sun-burnt so bad I had 3 days in house being erm, camomile lotoined :o

An other time, I went in the sea, and got stung by a jellyfish :P :P :D :D I wasnt a happy chappy :( :(

But I can remember havin the most lovely walks, early in the morning :) and at night :) :)

It's a lovely place, but its just me being a prat, sorryyyyyy :) :)


Thanks Sin. :)

This is a beautiful part of the world that we live in and if the sea is nearby I always love it. My grandfather was from Plymouth so I have always felt that there is a bit of the sea in my genes.

Oh my, a ditch full of nettles and whooping cough.


Meant to say earlier Cleo, congratulations on getting to 20 weeks - WOW! that must be nearly 5 months and so nearly half a year. You must be so chuffed with yourself! :)

Keep up the good work. ;-) :)


Yes, I am very chuffed.

Thanks Andi. :)


Yes congratulations Sally, and you sound so positive about it all too. :) Well done you.


Well Sin, like the song says, I Try.... :)


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