Pinkiezoom where are you ??Pete how's day 2 been & anyone else got news ??

I see that you've been absent for a couple of days,check in & let us know that you're O.K.Al.Pete,how's day 2 been treating you? I remember that others had doctors to see and exercising to do, how's that all gone ? How's everyone getting on.I've had 3 mugs of Peppermint Tea (Tetley make the best) and 3 digestive biscuits by way of diversionary tactics,seems to be working .I'm off for Physio on my' not so poorly anymore' back tomorrow which I absolutely hate however gotta go & that's the end of it. Anyone got any news good bad or somewhere in the middle.Hugs H x

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  • Oh Helen we do seem boring today. Does winning a fiver at bingo count as news. Pete doesnt get home until late, but I think he will be fine. Think Al must have run away with one of her soldiers. :D

  • LOL.Jilly, posted the above to keep my mind off the Nicotine but I WAS worried about Al,she's disappeared and Pete is also a worry,I feel so bad for him.I guess you and I as the only ones with nothing to do but post on here : ) Not sure why but I think that's quite funny really,even Greedy Benny and Twizzle my cats are both out,ho hum,I really got to get myself a life : ) : )

  • Move to where I am snooker and darts tomorrow, Bingo thursday, Jigsaws daily scrabble thursdays coffee morning mondays Bingo tuesdays what more does a girl want. sad really. :)

  • Not sad AT ALL.Highlight of this week for me is a haircut on Friday!! Might walk to the sea on Thursday,need to chuck some stones into it I think !! I really need to get out to work again,I've grown lazy because of my back.Wrote out a plan of action today for when I can do stuff,back to the gym,voluntary work if or until I find paid work,find outlet for my jewellery ( even if it's just going back to the local market again!) Loose weight and get healthy.Enough I think to keep me more than occupied.Something to look forward to,only 5 more weeks & then I can bend and stretch again Yippee.Stay sane Jilly my friend,catch you tomorrow.Hugs Hel x

  • I have news, ran out of lozenges yesterday and am trying not to buy any more so 1 whole day without them and am climbing the walls now. 24mg e-cig is useless, it's just making my mouth ache, been sucking on the stupid thing all day.

  • hi ya all. and yes i was woundering where al is? anyone herd. no real news here. still on boaring diet. tuna and backed tati f tea, now that is boring! me to hopes petes ok. we are all just one step away from the cigs. its rubbish isnt it. but we are here for each other. sin what sort of ecig you using. is it the cig type or the tank type with eliquid? anyway take care all x

  • Hi Jules it's a tank with fluid. I don't think it's nicotine I'm addicted to, am sure there's something else in those lozenges.

  • Are you still necking them lozenges gal, at your age tooooo :P :D :D

    TAXI !!

  • mmnnnn must be happy sweets. maybe like the one you can get in holland! hi hi only joking. keep u chin up. tomorrows another day :-) :-)

  • Helen, I've PMd Alice and Ellie, just hopping they will come back to us eh :) :)

    Thankyou soooo much for your support and thoughts :) Peppermint tea :P :P but the digestives, just cant fault you there gal :) :) xx

  • Sorry I am here just struggling with stuff at moment but lifted my spirits to see at least some people care. Thank you xxc

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