Aup Garry where are you pal?????????

We've not heard from you for a bit Garry, just wondering how you were doing, look if you've had a relapse and gone back to the ciggie, dont be ashamed, i've done it and loads of others have too!!!!!! you've just got to collect your thoughts and decide whether you really want to pack it in, and if so, focus on another quit date, only you can do that, and when your ready to, please let us know your ok pal!!!!!!

Pete :)

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  • Just echoing what Pete has said Garry... If you're doing well.... This is the place to shout about it and share your hints and tips... If your're struggling, then let us know and we'll share the journey with you, leading the way when need be :-)

  • Morning to you all NO relapse still going strong at present now over 3 weeks still on patches seem to have pick up a chest infection but now seems to be getting better Thanks for your help Emjay and Pete Hows things going for you Pete?

  • Aaaah, thats great news :-) Garry. Almost a month means you are doing really well.

    Try and see the chest infection as a kind of healing process, however if it last more than a couple of weeks make sure you pay your GP a visit just in case you need some antibiotics. Had you carried on smoking, you may still have had the chest infection but the symptoms would likely have been masked by the smoking, so you wouldn't have known to do anything about it.

    Great to hear from you Garry, Pete will be well pleased :-)

    If you need any help or support at all, you know where to fnd us!

  • Aup Garry, great to see you again, thats fantastic news, you've prooved me WRONG, magic pal, 3 weeks eh i've done 2 weeks and dont i know it!!!! but with the help from Emjay and all the others on here i will make it.

    Keep in touch pal and let us know how you are doing from time to time. Your not alone, we are all with you Garry, dont you forget that pal.

    Pete :)

  • Cheers to both of you and well done Pete being leaving the patches on for longer for example 24hour patch did not change it until 40 hours still seem to be ok so next step drop down to 14mg I think i am ready stll training for my bike ride think i will feel the benifits of packing up when chest infection clears seems to be getting better now keep up the good work Pete

  • Thats great Garry. The 24 hour patch is also licenced as a 16 hour patch too so this means you can either leave it on or put it on each morning and take it off when you go to bed, whichever suits you best. However, if you are ready to drop down to the 14mg, I would recommend that you change it everyday and put a fresh one on, until you know how you are with it.

    Only 4 months to your bike ride now, you'll be as fit as a fiddle :-)

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