Daily Chat: Friday 6th September 2013

Daily Chat: Friday 6th September 2013

Happy Friday Everybody!

The weeks are turning round so quickly now, our first week of September is almost to an end!

I hope everyone has a day filled with whatever it is that you would like to be doing. If not, I hope that you hurry up and get the things done that you don't want to so that you can enjoy some quality 'you time' :D

JillyGirl, I hope you are feeling heaps better and that there's no sign of any headaches as you get ready to go and see the bright lights of Blackpool :D

Big waves to Veekatz, I hope you are looking in and seeing how we are all routing for you :-)

Pete, you can do this - be good and stay calm :D

Jonathan, NOPE... NOPE... NOPE...! Stay good :-)

SimbaSue... Remember that planning is the key to success and that we believe that you can do this :-)

Sin, we've just had a campervan pull up outside work and it reminded me of you - (It is you who has a campervan isn't it?!) 8)

Sue, how's the weather looking up in sunny / not so sunny Scotland today then? We've had a massive downpour this morning, it lasted about a minute and then switched itself of like a tap! 8) :-)

Have a lovely day everyone :D :D

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  • Good morning Emjay and everyone,

    Our weather's not too good today either, but at least it's not humid :)

    I'm off out to see Nairn soon, can't wait, can't believe how big he's getting either :) then the work starts, decluttering, going to look at a flat on Monday, hopefully it's okay and we can move soon :)

    I hope you all have a great NOPE day, see you later :) xx

  • Good morning Emjay, Sue and everyone.

    Yep, summer's gone down south too - looking forward to watching the grass turn green again now. :) I made the most of our last summer's day yesterday and got to the beach for a bit and a last dip.

    Good luck to all of you out there with your planning and continuing you quits. Like Jonathan always says "NOPE".

    See you later. :)

  • Hi / hello / good day and all that

    Emjay, Sue & Andi - NOPE (Not One Puff Ever..... ever again).

    I have been feeling a little off colour last few days and not sure what it was but hope it has now gone away. Not at all good at being remotely ill and always think I have about had it !! (Not so brave huh !!). One thing I do think is that the nicotine killed lots of bugs and sometimes helped with my asthma (sorry ...strange but true) and now I do not have any nicotine I will probably get ill more often, my chest does feel a little strange at the moment !!

    Oh well that is that whinge out in the open and off my chest..... sorry !! The big problem with Mr Nic killing all the bugs was he was also killing me and the rest of us smokers.... can you see the positive now returning !!!

    Anyway it is NOPE NOPE NOPE - going out tonight so need to be on my guard more NOPE NOPE NOPE I think !!

    Have a good smoke free afternoon / evening everyone

    Best wishes Mr (just got) Postive (again)


  • Good afternoon all, Jonathan have you thought it might be you who is more aware of your breathing and how your chest feels, rather than the nicotine. Why don't you ask the doc to check you out. I feel very similar with my chest and I think I am a bit paranoid having 1 lung. but I get the doc to check me out every so often, just for peace of mind.

    Emjay I hope its brightening up over there , its horrid weather here. Anyway will still enjoy the break.

    Sue, How you doing. you will have to update the photos of Nairn. Bet he doesn't know he has a fan club already. :D

    Andi how you doing. You must have a good sun tan now. :) I don't mind the summer being over but could do without the rain. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  • Hope you have a good time in my favourite place Jilly, and hope the weather gets a bit better too or you'll get blown away.

  • Hi Jilly

    "Yes" I did see the Doc and he gave me some antibiotics, but these have now finished.

    I think you are correct and I am miles more aware of how my chest / lungs feel & of course I am doing much deeper breathing now - just all feels rather raw sometimes...... Thanks Jilly.


  • Hi everyone,

    Just got back from visiting Nairn, and fed the hungry hoards, aka, hubby and son :D :D

    I hope you feel better soon Jonathan, I think Jillygirl has hit the nail on the head there, just keep an eye on things in case you need a second course of antibiotics, that's happened to e a few times.

    I hope you've had a good day Andi, you never know you might get one last summer day, we've had warm weather in October :o although not for a few years now.

    hope you've had a nice easy day Jillygirl, how you getting on with your house now, I'm going to look at a flat on Monday, as long as it has a shower cubicle I'll be taking it, I can't get in and out of a bath now :D :D. Here's some more pictures of Nairn for you




  • Aww look at him sitting up now, so cute.

  • llove the photos Sue. Good luck with the flat on Monday. )

  • Sue just love the new pics of nairn gal :) :) and I hope that flats got a shower in it :)

  • Hi Emjay, yes its me with the campervan. Not used it much this year though :( Never mind there's always next year. You could have knocked me down with a feather today when someone at work (a man) who absolutely loves smoking has bought himself an e-cig and actually likes it and thinks its OK. Even more shocked, cos he smoked twice as much as I ever did and you can hear it in his voice how much he smokes has got 11mg liquid and says it still gives the nicotine kick!!! I've just bought some 24mg liquid and get no kick whatsoever. Am going wrong somewhere, I must be. And the girl who I said was on holiday when the other two got themselves e-cigs, I told you she's never one to be left out, she's back on the e-cig now. So let me see now that's one person who gave up completely in January using Champix, me, 2 other ladies who I work with and now a man - all stopped smoking - wow, look out tobacco companies, you're about to go bust! It's becoming a bit of a fashion statement at work to kick the nic - well maybe not the nic quite yet, but from little acorns and all that........

  • Evenin' all.

    Sue, those pics of little Nairn are just adorable - you are lucky to have such a happy little chap in your fold. :) I wish you extra luck with your viewing on Monday and hope that the flat is just right for you and your family.

    Jilly, hope you've got your packing finished and can now relax before setting off tomorrow. Hopefully the weather won't be as bad as those rogue weathermen "predict". (We didn't get that much rain last night and had none during the day today!) :)

    Sin, shame you didn't get out and about in the camper - other events took over I guess - as in your grand-daughter arriving and taking up all your spare time, never mind all the family crises. :o

    Jonathan, I think your lungs are getting used to being clearer of all that tar clogging them up and finding their own level for how they work as they're supposed to work. I guess a certain amount of adjustment is bound to happen - just think about how you can feel it and how it's all to the good. Perhaps it's time to give them a bit more exercise to strengthen them more. :)

  • Hi Andi, Today has done nothing but pour down. so your weather is different down there. My brother always says doesn't it ever stop raining in Yorkshire. He lives in Essex. Anyway I am determined to have a lovely break. First one since I had the op. Packing done so off in the bath now. Take care of everyone like you always do . xxxx :)

  • Hi Andi, so you reckon you had your last dip in the sea yesterday then :o you never know, we might just get an Indian summer :) :) like we used to eh :)

  • I never swim in the sea here after my birthday (it's on Sunday ;-) ). I was only saying yesterday that I don't think I could be one of those people that keep swimming all year round - we call them Spartans down here - I think you have to swim EVERY day to be able to keep going, not just once a week. The water's cooling down already but still not as cold as when I first went in in July though.

  • Hmmmm so your Birthday is on Sunday then, which Sunday is that then :o :| :D :D

  • Typical that is, had to pick the best summer we've had in years to have a baby - tsk.

  • Good evening everybody :) flippin rite yukky weather here :P :P today, cold wet and miserable.

    Aup Sinfree nice to see ya gal :) it sounds like your works will soon be a none smoking place eh :) good on ya for starting them off on there quit :)

  • Hi Pete, weather pretty rubbish here too - 11 degrees all day, tsk positively winter.

  • Hi Pete, Hope your day went well. Glad I caught you before I sign off. Now you behave next week, cos Nora aint around to wallop you with the rolling pin. ok. Andi will keep an eye on you. :D :D

    Going for my bath now. Bring you some humbugs back from blackpool if your good, and may be a cannie. :) xxxxxxx

  • Hi ya Jillygirl :) am going to miss ya gal :( :( hmmmm am not sure about Andi keeping an eye on me, think I may have to go and hide somewhere, not sure where yet :o :|

    You enjoy your nice break at Blackpool gal and make sure hubby hasnt got any moths in his wallet eh :D :D :D I hope the weather is kind to you and see ya soon :) :) Nite nite Jillygirl, sleep well cos you will need to keep an eye on hubby so he dosnt get lost driving to Blackpool :o :D :D xxxxx

  • Hey Nora, you have a great week now, and don't scream too much when you're on that roller coaster at Blackpool. ;-) It'll have to be Sue in charge next week cos I'm off to sunny Spain on Monday and I'm sure Sin said she was away for a few days. We'll all be keeping an eye on Pete telepathetically (if that's such a word :o ). Emjay will have to up her game next week - it might even be "Blokes rule"! :D :D

    Sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxx

  • Have a nice holiday next week Andi. I'll be around at least until next weekend, am not sitting in that campervan in the rain, its all we've ever done since hubby made the bloody thing in 2011. Anyways have got to take my new bike to a bike shop next week, as the gears have never been right since they delivered the thing grrrrr. In the meantime I'm touring the world in a campervan with my nice family in the book I'm still reading "The Long and Whining Rd". We're in Syria at the moment - eeeek. They left Syria just a few weeks before the uprising. Brilliant books so far.

  • Crikey, I thought you finished that book yonks ago! :o :D :D

  • haha, no it takes me yonks to read a book. Mind you have mainly been reading it at work, and those pesky callers keep interrupting expecting me to keep answering the phone all the time, anyone would think I got paid for doing it :D At home I've been reading another travel book, forgot what its called about two lads cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats.

  • Now the weather's gone cooler I'm hoping to be able to sleep better tonight. It'll be lovely to be able to snuggle under the duvet and not have to fling it back off after a few seconds. :o :D :D

  • Yep I know just what you mean Andi, about the duvet I mean :o I put a ceiling fan in our bedroom a couple of years ago, I tell you, its a God send gal :) :)

  • I've got a ceiling fan too - doesn't cool it down but it does feel better when the air is actually moving a bit. Weird how all this year it's been windy all day long and at night there's been no wind. (I'm talking about the weather, Pete, not under your duvet! :o ) :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • It's all that cavity wall insulation. I've not had any problems with it being too hot all through the summer. But....omg soooo not looking forward to those dire temperatures my bedroom goes down to in winter - around 10 degrees with the heating on :o I only just put my hot water bottle away just before Olivia was born in June!

  • Weird message tonight when posting, eh? :D :D

  • Sooooooo your away as well Andi, hmmmm blokes week, hmmmmm perhaps we could take over :o ;) mind you, Emjay has got Eye on the front line now, am not quite sure how good she is with a rolling pin :o :D :D :D

  • My dog Sam will keep an eye on everyone, that's him in my profile pic. We found him on a street corner one Christmas, wish we'd left him there to be honest, he has an amazing likeness to a Dingo and acts like one too.

  • Whats up with flippin dingo's then :o :P he looks gorgeous :) :)

  • He's hyper active, he's been pacing around and generally faffing since about 7.00. He's been out, had his tea but does he sit down and sleep? No. D'you know he can carry a pressure cooker pan in his mouth - have you felt the weight of one of those, absolutely mad he is.

  • :D :D :D

  • What weird message is that then? Not that bad gateway thing again?

  • no, it says they're embarrassed or something - look next time you post. :)

  • haha, I've not seen it. Are you using Firefox web browser or Chrome, that sometimes says "well this is embarrassing, something's gone wrong" or words to that effect

  • Oh, I'm on Firefox this evening as Google doesn't want to work/open for some reason. It says I've got to do something but I haven't got a clue where to go on this new-fangled computer with Windows 8. :o :D :D

    Just needed an ice cream. ;-) :)

    God, my legs are driving me nuts - I went to Poole Park last night to run a Magic Mile and the mozzies were out in force. I've got about a dozen bites on my lower legs and they're itching like mad! Grrrr! :o

  • Do what the computer tells you to do :o :) easy :P :P :D :D :D

  • Aup Emjay, nice to see you open up gal :)

    I will have you know young Lady, that I am always good, well, nearly always then :o ;) :D :D

    To be honest Emjay, this quit has been the easiest so far, not sure why, maybe cos am more focused and positive this time :) I've had the odd bad time, but I just get on my rowing machine and give it hell gal :) :D and that seems to sort it :)

    At work, am ok :) am down to 2 bits of gum, which I have after my breaks.

    Driving, am ok too :) I just have a couple of puffs, ermmm I meant tuts of my inhalator now and again.

    Its when I get home the trouble starts :P :( but over the time I have learnt how to deal with things, mostly by exercising to get rid of my erm, anger is it ?? frustration ?? emptiness ?? longing for something ?? or is it the discomfort ?? I dont know really what a craving is !! cos it dosnt hurt like somebody hitting you does it !! Well I think I'm getting out of my depth now, so I will say nite nite to all you lovely people on here and hopefully we will all get a better nights sleep tonight :) :) luvs ya all :) :) xxxxx

  • Oh well I'm going to bed. I'm cold and fed up of stupid football. Might just dig out my hotwater bottle too, feet are piggin freezin. Have a nice sleep Andi, Pete and everyone. Night.

  • Nite nite Pete, Sin and everyone, hope you all have a good night's sleep, see you tomorrow. :) xxxxxx

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