Loving being smoke free, hope i manage to stay that way !!! worried about the effect a lower doze patch will have on me, any advice???

having to go on a lower dose patch now after being on the highest for the last 3 month, Do you notice much of a difference??? They have really helped me to the extent I haven't found giving up too hard, which totally surprised me as i have been a smoker for 34 years, stopped for a year about 10 years ago but ended up back on them, Tried quite a few times since but have only lasted a couple of days so I had given up giving up, but hey ho here i am 3 month smoke free, I know after that experience that i cant afford to have even 1 puff, so pretty chuffed with myself, hopefully I will see this through this time

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  • Well done Maffa 3 months is brilliant. I didnt use patches when I quit but I am sure there will be other members who have. Sounds like your doing great, I think you will be fine even on the lower dosage. Emjay our advisor should be able to help you . meanwhile have a browse around the site. :) :)

  • If you type in patches in the search bar top right of this page there are a few old posts regarding patches.

  • Hi Maffa, quite rightly so that you are chuffed with yourself :D

    Having given up a number of times in the past you have obviously learnt from your experiences and are using all the positives for this time round :-)

    With regards to moving on to the next strength of patches, see it as a 'natural promotion'... you are obviously more than at the ready for this next stage and are on your way to living that life of full freedom.

    A common mistake that most people make is that they wholly rely on their chosen NRT product and don't realise that it is themselves who are the success behind the product working.

    Most folks build up a psychological attachment to what they see as the stronger one and so it's quite normal to feel a bit 'panicky' when moving onto the next stage.

    All nicotine products (NRT) take the edge off cravings and will never do for you what a cigarette will do, however it will keep you at a more even level. It will never send you as 'high' as smoking will but all the same, it will never let you sink to that 'low'.

    Don't think about it too much, remember it is you that is in control of how it goes for you and you are doing really, really well :-)

  • Thanks EmJay, you're right, It is all psychological, I don't even change my patch everyday as it is, so why am I getting all worked up over a smaller patch,

    thanks for making me stop and think !!! I don't let cigarettes rule me any more and neither will the patches, ;-) THANKYOU

  • Ive had several attempts to quit. Personally I find that dropping to a lower dose patch isn't too bad. After a couple of days of slight cravings and being irritable I'm ok again. Keep it up sounds like your doing brilliantly x

  • Hi, going down the step 2 didn't bother me, then I did step 3 and that was fine I am now cutting step one into 4 bits and using one inhalator cartridge a day, I hope my next step is no patches and just one inhalator cartridge a day, but if I feel as though I need a patch I will have one at the ready just in case. I also have one regal King in a packet in the drawer ( I have now had it for 6 months )

  • Thankyou all so much for these bits of encouragement, absolutely loving this site, so glad I found it, so good to know there's somewhere I can go if I'm feeling a bit off and need a wee moan or need a bit of reassurance, I've learned so much having a wee nosey at all the comments, we should all be very proud of ourselves, I was quite amazed that it was when I had decided that I would never be able to give up ( and I was thinking that for a good while) that I actually did !! so anyone out there thinking like that, don't give up, If I can do it you can too. by the way I have a beautiful new wee grand daughter and I love that I can cuddle her any time without having to think "do I smell of fags!!" and my other grandchildren love the nice fresh smelling granny too haha,,

  • Well said Maffa

    3 months is an amazing achievement and gives inspiration to us all. I hear what you're saying about hugging your grandchildren. I have two and half year old boy and it's so much easier having big cuddles without worrying about him smelling the rotten smoke of my clothes :-)

  • Well done on the 3 month quit.Sounds to me like you're more than ready to drop to the next patch down.Stay strong & you'll be fine.

  • Well done I stepped down and to be honest didn't really notice it! now stepped off completely! you will be fine x

  • Well done on 3 months. I hope your step down goes we'll you can do this! The fact you've got to the 3 months mark is more down to your strength than the patches.

  • Hey well done you,

    I packed up on patches about 10 years ago, found it hard when patches finished but lasted about 18 months. This time I'm on the E Ciggs and they are brilliant, and you can keep one handy in case you need one now and again. Good look with your quitting, im sure you will make it.

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