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Things are looking good. *

Hi everyone, Been for a review at my doctors today.

I was greeted by one of the nurses and a 3rd year student doctor.

The nurse remembers me as she has helped me over the last 3 years.

She checked me for Diabetes , blood and breathing. All very good and normal.

The breathing test showed 50%, the poor junior doctor looked puzzled.

I explained I only had 1 lung so 50% was brilliant.

I am still getting chemotherapy side effects, and they could go on for a bit longer yet.

Off to see a cardiologist on Wednesday as my doctor thinks I may have angina, as i keep getting out of breath.

Apart from that I cant wait for springtime to come. Fresh air and exercise.

By the way I probably wouldnt have had 3 years of problems if I hadnt smoked.

So from an ex smoker remember NOPE. :)

Take care everybody. xxxxx

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Hey JillyGirl, You are just simply a top banana :D :D

Great to hear that things are looking good and that fab lung of yours is working at it's best :-)

Yes, get that out of breath looked at - we want to make sure you lessen all risks of having anything extra on top of all the extras you've collected over the past few years! You've come though it all in such a fab way, continuing to be an inspiration to us all.

We luvz ya we do :-)



I am so pleased for you Jilly. Its all going in the right direction.

And you bloody deserve it for all the help, support and hope you give people on here.

You have helped so many of us and you certainly made a difference in my life probably without realising it.

We love you .

Jim x


Soooooo happy to hear you're doing good Jilly, it's brilliant news and I'm delighted👍🏼

You've set us the best example of a positive mindset and inspired us to continue on, no matter what👏🏼 THANKYOU lovely lady💐

Good luck on Wednesday but we don't need a cardiologist to tell us what a wonderful heart you have❤️ I'll keep everything crossed for ya, take care😘


Hi jilly,

That is just the best news :) :)

You are such and inspiration to all of us :) :)

Everything crossed for Wednesday :) :)

You truly are amazing :) :)


Amen! to what all the above members have said .. and God Bless You!

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Wayyyyy Hayyyyyy Hayyyyyyyyy and a massive great big Yippyyyyyy Dippyyyyyy Doooooooo :) :) :) thats just fantastic news Jillygirl :) :) :) ooooooo I could just flippin snogg ya gal, as a matter of fact, here goes :P :D :D


I'm soooooo HAPPY for ya Jillygirl, cos its about time the tide turned for ya and you got some gooooooood news for a change :) :) :) and thats flippin fantastic news, am just flippin loooooooving it :) :) :)

As for you exercising in the Spring, whats flippin up with now gal :o :P you could get a small rowing machine, get hubby to put it in ya bath, fill it, then ya can exercise in the waves :D :D :D

Jillygirl, as all the others have said, you are such an inspiration to us all cos you've helped soooooo many of our members on here to quit, myself included :) :) :) soo come on gal, kick some flippin Buttttt and get back on here flippin sharpish eh :) :)

Plus am flippin missin ya loads see :( :( :(

Take care My Lady and hope to see's ya soon :) :) xxxxx

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Wow that's amazing!!!

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So pleased to hear some positive news 😀😀

Best wishes Ngaire xx


That's good news Jilly - you've done brilliantly coming through all this and staying so positive and supportive.

Hope everything goes well for you with the cardio on Wednesday.

Spring isn't far off now - the lighter nights and warmer weather are a boost to us all.

Take Care

Love Kas



Thank you for all your lovely comments. xxxxxx


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