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I'm home!

I'm home!

Hi there everybody, I'm back all safe and well (and fortunately wasn't on that plane that crashed only a few short days before I did the same flight out of Khatmandu!!!) :)

Thank-you Pete for your welcome back blog and also your best wishes Sue. I haven't had time to catch up on everything that's been happening yet but if you were behaving yourself Pete why have you got a new quit date?

Jilly, I did catch that you've had some really bad news and I'm so sorry to hear it. I hope everything goes ok for you and you know we're all rooting for you. (Big Hugs)

Emjay, just seen you're off for a couple of days, have fun up there in jockland (sorry Sue and all Scottish people!) How's the running going - have you done that 5k yet? :D :D

I had an amazing time and it's always so enlightening to see how most of the rest of the world lives.

I see we've got a few new people on here - always good to see - especially when they help Jilly, Sue and myself to keep Pete on the straight and narrow. :o :D

Think it's going to take me about a fortnight to catch up with everything on here, anyway, speak soon.


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Hi Andi

Welcome home, it;s great to have you back, we've missed you on here :)

you must have had an amazing holiday, i'm soooooo glad you weren't on that plane

can't wait to here all about your fantastic trip

speak soon :) :) xxxxxxxx


Hi Sue,

Nice to see you. Glad to see that you're managing your quit quite well and I bet you were glad that once you decided again that you didn't wait for Stoptober. :)

I wouldn't know where to start on here talking about my trip, didn't seem to have much spare time at all for relaxing or swimming or anything. We spent a lot of time on the road, especially in India and I think that's the best way to see it as the Indians seem to live their lives on their front door steps. Didn't have any time for exercise so have got to psyche myself up to getting going again. I'm sure my weight has re-distributed itself into my belly and midriff and out of my muscles! :o :D The main problem was eating lateish (7.30 or 8 in the evening) then going straight to bed at 9-ish cos up early at 5 (if a sunrise trip!) or 6 with brekkie soon after. :o


Hi Andi,

Sounds like you had a great time, even though you had some early rises :)

I've had friends say that as well, that they spent time on the road as the best way there, not been myself but will be going to Thailand in a couple of years to visit my brother-in-law, so looking forward to that

I'm sure you won't have lost a lot of muscle, just start tomorrow with the exercise, you'll soon get back to where you were :)

Speaking of eating late, i'm away to have a late tea, for me anyway

will chat soon :) :) xxxxx


Had my tea, pizza yum :o :D in the house on my own so couldn't be bothered cooking, and no dishes either :D :) xx


Spooky-time again - I had pizza too - something else I've got to get back into - cooking! I did have it a couple of times whilst away as a bit of a respite from curry. :D :D


:D :D def spooky,

it does beat cooking, i love eating, unfortunately, but hate cooking :D :D i'd rather do DIY :D


I'd love to stay on and chat but I'm really tired so have got to go to bed. Hope you sleep well and I'll speak tomorrow. Shame Pete's late home from work but hopefully will catch up with him then.

Nite nite all. :)


nite nite Andi sweet dreams :) xx


Hola!!! Hey Andi welcome back :D

India is my mst favourite country in the world, so much to see and understand. Life s so simple too.

When you get settled, you have to tell us about all your travels, where, how long, what you learnt... We'd love to hear :D

Was it a different trip in anyway because you've stopped smoking? Did you feel it in anyway.

I've not braved the running yet but did spend the day cheering everyone on at the Liverpool marathon whilst you were away... Is that a start?

Welcome home :D


Hi Andi, big big huggs to you gal and welcome home, :) :)

i havnt missed you one little bit so there :P :P and hey dont you listen to this lot, cus it wasnt me, i didnt do it :o :D

I've been doing plenty of exercise as in running, cus this flippin lot have got spears now, and they keep chucking them at me :( :(

Huh as for Emjay running, all she can do is splash around in some wellies and yap for a couple of hours ;D :D think its time i wasnt here. whoooooooooooosh

Speak soon and you get a good nites sleep gal, luvs ya xx :)


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