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Good morning fellow nicotine monster fighters!

It's another windy morning on the south coast here, I hope it's a nice sunny day for you, wherever you may be!

A big welcome to the newcomers, huge congratulations on deciding to quit, if you haven't said hello please come and introduce yourselves, honestly we welcome new additions to the quitting smoking family :)

I'm off to see my nephews today (more baby snuggles for the win)! I hope whatever you decide to do today will be awesome :)

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Good morning everyone , wet and drizzling here in Preston, up early this morning just having a cuppa then off for my Sunday swim before the pool gets packed, hope you all have a wonderful smoke free, Nic free day, when I get back kettle on everyone?


Quite nice in Norfolk today so far. Waiting for a couple of big burly blokes to arrive to help my oh to replace all the fence panels we lost in the wind last week. Had a dinner party last night and even if I say so myself I cooked an amazing Indian feast which they all enjoyed. I love feeding people! There were a couple of smokers but they went outside, even though I said they could smoke inside. I can't hide away from smokers for the rest of my life. Anyway I digress, I drank lots and would normally of smoked lots but I only had one fleeting thought about cigs the whole night is I have proved to myself I can enjoy myself without smoking. On the money saving front, I have not spent £431.91 on cigs but have had to buy new glasses, for my eyes, not drinking out of, and a new cooker which is arriving on Tuesday. Anyway enough waffle have a great Sunday I am

off to listen to the Archers

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Hey kc well done you for the money saved and not hiding from the smokers, I don't trust myself enough at the moment but hoping in the next few weeks I will be able to hang out with the folk who smoke x


Good morning Lenne and everyone.

Yep, grey, windy and a bit drizzly further along the south coast too. I hope to get out for a good yomp a bit later and hope the rain doesn't set in.

KC - respect! You are doing so well, you really have got your quit head on. I think that money is a real big factor these days - don't know how anyone can afford it but the money is always there for it. :o I went out to a quiz last night and my friend who still smokes came along - poo! she did pong a bit after having to pop outside in the break. As her hubbie gave up his pipe last year and me now quit she has to go out on her own.

Kaprin, enjoy your swim - how far do you go? I bet your breathing's starting to improve now. :)

Enjoy the cuddles Lenne and hope everyone else has a chilled Sunday. :)


Hi andi currently doing between 10-15 lengths twice a week, before the heart attack I was doing 20 lengths 4 or 5 times a week but struggling with it and could not understand why I was so out of breath, certainly do now and you are so right the breathing is much better now and hopefully will get back to prior heart attack swimming sessions, walking twice a week and having cardio rehab twice a week to so really trying hard, changed my diet to include more fish and spinach and drinking more water but the best thing I have done is quit the white sticks, huge huge difference because of that and hopeful things will continue to improve. Have a wonderful Sunday all positive today!


Evening everyone :).

Sunday has been very relaxing for me! A lot of couch time! The days are still warm and sunny here so MOH was out washing the cars, mowing etc. my leg is feeling a bit better but I think I'll still go have this ultrasound tomorrow. I'm sure it's nothing and I'm just being a sook!

Reading Andi's post I have to agree about the pong. MOH's father called in this arvo and they were both in the shed fagging away then came in for a cuppa. Bleh they STANK!!!!!

Reading KC's post ( hi by the way I'm Mardi .... I don't think I've met you yet!) another trend I'm noticing is that quite a few on here, myself included, seem guilty of over indulging in the drinks department. Is it because we don't waste time heading outside for a puff?

Anyway I hope you all enjoy your smoke free Sunday :)


Mardi x


Good afternoon all, First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Ellie, have a lovely day. Thanks for opening up Lenne, gives my 1 brain cell a rest. :D

Thank you everyone who put their point across about quit support being a friendly site. I am sure Pete appreciated all the posts. and so did I.

Well got to go as my neighbours husband passed away early this morning so I am going round to see her.

Have a lovely day. xx


Oo-er, how did I miss that? :o

Happy Birthday Ellie, have a great day. :)



Happy birthday Ellie, hello everyone else.

Overcast but dry in kent. Just enjoyed a latte and bacon buttie so now fit for the day lol x


Hi Al, did you manage to spend all your money yesterday? ;-)


Hi andi, I well I came back with 30 quid but really couldn't find anything else I wanted! :)


Happy birthday, Ellie! xxx


Ellie,Happy birthday to you,I KNOW I'm late again.Hope you had a fab day.Mardi,,glad the leg is feeling better but have the ultrasound just to be on the safe side,better safe than sorry.

KC,WOW,the Indian feast sounds fab and we'll done on saving all that money.

Kaprin,you fit person,your exercise routine sounds exhausting but very worth it.

Jilly,sorry about your neighbours husband,you're brave for visiting & I'm sure it'll be very much appreciated.

Really windy up here in the North.Met my hubbies nephews new girlfriend today.Nephew (Alfie) will be 20 on Wednesday and I swear he's about 6'6 his girlfriend like me is about 5'4 : ) She's very sweet.Makes me feel old.

Ben Arfa (one of my cats) ran off at lunchtime and has just come home,maybe he has a girlfriend too !!! : ) Hugs to all,try and stay sane.

Helen x


Awwww thanks guys xx


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