DAILY CHAT/ FRIDAY/ 21/02/2014

DAILY CHAT/ FRIDAY/ 21/02/2014

Good morning here,from sunny Yorkshire., Hope its the same for you wherever you are. Nothing much happening today doctors first thing get a new inhaler. then off to spend my £8.00 bingo winnings on some new underwear.


I am sure some of you will have a more exciting day than me. Let us all know. :)

Catch up later. :)

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  • Hello All,

    I think buying underwear is much more exciting than being stuck in work :(

    But i do only work until 12.30 on a friday woooohooooo :)

    Lovely and mild and sunny here in Kent, long may it last.

    Hope everyone has a good day x

  • Morning Al, have a lovely day. :)

  • Good morning Jilly, Al and everyone.

    Yep, sunny here too but the odd cloud coming over too. Not used to this cold in the mornings. :o I got up at dawn and the moon was still up and there was something shining in the east. Does anyone know if it was a planet or a satellite? It was very bright and didn't seem to be moving.

    I had a pt session at 8 but went for a quick look over the sea beforehand. Apparently, another load of cliff collapsed last night but I won't have time to go and view it yet. Supermarket run and now waiting for the window cleaners - it'll be nice to see out of them after all the muck that's been thrown at them of late. :o I'm also planning to settle in to watch the curling final. :) I'd really like to get my bike out. I'd record the curling but the BBC have this habit of changing stations for no good reason! :-P

    Hope you have a good day and manage to get out and drink in the lovely fresh air. :)

  • Andi are you sure it wasn`t the sun appearing this morning. As we have been deprived of it recently. :O

    Enjoy your relaxing curling. you deserve it.

    Catch up later. :)

  • Morning all, Yeah it's lovely to see the Sun makes such a difference to how you feel !!

    Hope everyone has a craving free day !!! We can but hope !!! :-)

    Take it easy, x. :-)

  • Hi mrssunnyside, hope your ok. weather changed here heavy showers now. never mind its still sunny in between. xxx :)

  • We've got a kinda nothing day weather wise.

    I have to admit that at 11:45, I'm not long up. I was still awake at 4am so I think it's allowed.

    Today I'm driving through to Edinburgh then tonight I'm going for a curry night then out for a proper drinking session. This is going to be the hardest night yet. I'm armed with lots of inhalator cartridges (normally I only use 1 a day, tonight I'm allowed more)

    Hope you all have a good day and fun Friday night xx

  • That sounds well dodgy. :o Just make sure you don't succumb to the real ones. We'll send you positive vibes so you don't crack. Have fun and be good. ;-) :)

  • Thanks Andi. I guess we all need these challenges. How are you?

  • Hmmm, pretty good thanks but I'm watching the curling and this box of chocolates was just winking at me so I just had to eat some. I'm trying to be good at the moment but my friend brought them last week and the box is too big to hide in the drawer. :o

  • Hmmmm sounds good.

    I've just arrived in Edinburgh to find they got humped at the curling (technical term)

  • Ellie glad your armed ready for tonight. like Andi says we will be sending you positive vibes. enjoy a smokefree night. :)

  • Oooo Jilly, that's just where I was just over a year ago. ;-)

  • Bet you loved it. did you have a curry too. :) :)

  • I might have had the odd one or two. :|

  • Have a fab night x

  • Aup Bev, how you feeling now gal ?

  • Felt better monky but hey will be fine thanks

  • My special feel better huggs heading your way Bev :) xx

  • Thanks was much needed yesterday feeling better this morning, stopped feeling sorry for myself, what a wimp eh

  • Lovely morning so I went for my allotted walking time,got home to find a district nurse (????!!) on my step.Mistake by the surgery,she'd come to change a,dressing I haven't had for 3 weeks : ) Beading earrings this p.m(circular brick stitch) got to about 3/4 of the way thru & my thread got a HUGE knot in it ,so I had to cut it all aaaaaaaggggghhhhh.Will try again tomorrow!! Hugs to all. H x

  • Hmm ..... trying to picture in my head "beads with circular brick stitch"........ Nope, not got a clue! ;-)

  • Reckon we need a photo. :O

  • Just googled brickstitch, looks very fiddly to me. Think I will give that a miss.

  • Thought this was a bikini top first of all. :D :D


  • :D :D :D

  • Good evening everybody :)

    Helen, hmmm, brickstich eh :o down in my neck of the woods, we call it a wall, see, :D :D :D


  • Good evening Pete. :)

  • Good evening too you too Andi :)

    Did you watch the curling, or go for a bike ride, or eat the full box of chocs :o :|

  • I watched the curling, ate some chocs and am still on the sofa. :o

  • Did you have a good day? Spring must be coming, I hear them talking about chitting potatoes this week on the radio, have you done yours yet?

  • I dont grow spuds cos they take toooooo much roooooom up in my garden :o

    Although saying that, I'm thinking of digging some more lawn up to make the veg plot bigger :)

  • How about growing them in bins or bags instead of the ground? :)

  • Hmmm, it had crossed my mind :o Maybe I will try it with some earlies :)

    I'm also thinking of making a strawberry wall !!

  • Would that be using brick stitch then? :-) :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • What you up to tomorrow then ? exercising, running, biking or just taking it as it comes :o :)

  • Yep, hoping to run in the morning then take it as it comes. ;-)

  • Am thinking about running in the morning too, probably only to the bathroom eh :o :D :D

  • It will be the first day of the rest of your life. Maybe you should give it a go. :) :D :D

  • Perhaps if its not raining eh :o ;)

  • If you're worried about getting you 'tache wet, a peaked cap might help. :)

  • :P :P

  • Hey Andi, you done anything to your garden yet gal :o

  • Nope, either too wet, too windy or today it was too bloody cold. Oh, and I had to watch the curling. ;-)

  • Pete,brick stitch in these parts involves nothing more energetic than dragging a needle with beads thru other beads to make a circle type pattern,you have however put ideas in my head for when I have to try n find a job, hod carrier maybe ?? Andi,you superfit person going running,am superjealous,I've always wanted to run but never been able to (hubby hopes maybe I'll start by running away !!!Yippee,it's the weekend x

  • Why have you never been able to then H?

  • I only started after I gave up smoking and I'm older than you. :o

  • :D :D :D

    Hey, H, I hope your keeping ok gal :) and your hubby isnt working you toooooo hard eh :o :) :)

  • My seeds have arrived today, so I will have to get my sweetpeas chitting now, that means another trip to the garden centre for some compost, damned more expense eh :P

  • Haven't you got any in stock then?

  • What :o :|

  • Compo..........st! :D :D

  • Right, think it's time I went and got horizontal.

    Nite nite Pete and everyone, sleep well and see you tomorrow. :) xxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, you enjoy your horizontalis zzzzzzzzzzz gal, cos you will need them for tomorrows run eh :)

    You take care Andi, speak tomorrow gal :) xxxxx

  • Yes Andi, have got some, but not enough for what I want !

    Also need some fertilizer cos sweetpeas are like runner beans and cauliflowers, they just love munching :) :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, Helen and all you lovely people on here :) :)

    Sweet dreams and try to get a goooooood nights sleep, huggs heading your way, if you need em :) xxxxxxx

  • Nite Nite all, see you all tomorrow.H x

  • Night all ....looks like I missed the whole convo :( ah well hopefully catch you all tomorrow xx

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