Good morning everyone,

Well its the 1st of February so well done to those who gave up on 1st January and not smoked since. Good luck to those who are just starting.Pinkie welcome to being a non-smoker. :)

Pete I hope you managed a sleep in. 2 Weeks on lates cant be easy.

I hope everyone else has a lovely weekend. enjoy!

Catch up later. xx

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  • Happy Saturday all.

    I'm facing a massive test right now. I'm early meeting the family so I'm sat outside the science centre. Normally when I'm sat outside alone i would smoke myself silly. It's an anxiety thing. Instead it's lots of deep breaths and mindfulness techniques. Would rather have a smoke though :/

  • Aup Idontsmoke :)

    Its lovely to see you on the daily chat and helping a fellow quitter :) thats what this lovely sites all about, helping each other to quit them pesky cigs :o :)

    How are you doing today ?

    Nice one, Pete :)

  • Hi Ellie :) you stay strong now eh, cos you know you can do it :)

    I suspect your with your family now and are a busy little bee :) like you say, you take a few deep breaths now and again if you need to, cos they dooooooo help :)

    Hey, wish your Dad a happy birthday from me eh :) hmmmm, its only 5 days before my birthday, hint flippin hint :| ;) Enjoy the rest of your day gal, speak soon :)

  • It's only 4 days before my birthday Pete hint hint haha :-)

    Don't know what came over me about an hour ago but for the first time since i stopped i was almost gonna go to shop to buy fags. So glad i didn't and i feel back to normal again thankfully!

  • Aup Jmc :) sooooo, your 21 on the 5th then :) I'm 22 on the 6th, cos am a bit older than you eh :o :D :D

    Yeah, I know what you mean about them flippin urges to go buy some fags, but there's one thing to look forwards to, they get less frequent and easier to deal with, the longer you stay quit :) :)

    Stay focused and positive on your quit, keep reminding yourself WHY you want to quit and look forwards to all that extra cash you will have :) :)

  • Haha yeah the big 21 Pete i can't wait :-) Yeah been taking your advice on board and keep telling myself why i want to quit. I've been lazy the last 2 days and not really been making proper dinner during the day. I've just really been snacking. Could it be hunger that I'm mistaking for cravings?

  • Hey, Jmc, sorry I missed you pal :(

    Yeah, you've got it in one, cos I think most of us get a sort of empty feeling inside :o and we try to fill it with snacks !! which does help, I tell you :)

    Maybe if your snacking on sweet things, then thats why you dont feel like a main meal !

    Try snacking on fruit or veg, like diced raw carrot :) or nuts, although they are very fattening, they are jamm packed with protein and nutrition :)

    Try drinking a glass of water when you get this empty feeling, cos that helps to overcome the hunger pains :)

    You be proud of yourself and hold your head up high :) cos I know how hard it is to quit, stay focused and positive eh, cos I know, your going to get there :) :)

  • Aup Jillygirl :)

    I hope you and hubby are of the best health :) and done all your choirs for today, so you can put your feet up now and chilax abit eh :) :)

    Hey, you tell hubby to go put the kettle on if he wants a cuppa eh :o cos your toooooo busy chilaxing see :P :D :D See ya soon :)

  • Hi Pete, Yep been chilling whist shopping . freezing outside. anyway no excuse we both bought 2 jumpers each + 1 cardi for me. :) What you up to today. ok when is your birthday 5th or 6th. and are you 58 or 59? Your a golden oldie. :D

  • Sooooo, your still awake then :o :D :D Yeah, I know what you mean about it being freeeeeezing outside, cos I have to come in now and again to get a flippin warm :) I'm pottering on the idea of digging some of the lawn up at the front to make another veg plot :o

    As for my birthday, I will keep you guessing, cos am not telling you :P I will just say, its not on the 5th, there !! you try to work that one out with your one brain cell then :o :D :D

  • Looks like next week is :-


  • Hi everyone. Glad to see you're still going strong.

    Jilly, he'll be 58 on Thursday and it looks like I'll be back by then so I'll be able to join in the party. :)

  • Brill that will keep him busy. :D

  • Busy doing what :o :D :D

  • guessing what your birthday pressie is. Mind you at your age I suppose you`ve already got everything. :P

  • I will have you know flippin Jillygirl, I havnt got everything :P :P hmmmm, just trying to think now, what I havnt got :o :D :D

  • Can`t buy brain cells sorry!

  • :P :P

  • Oy whats up Andi, has all the flippin snow melted :P :P

    I will have you know Andi, that I am a bit choosy to who I let come to my birthday party, I dont just let any flippin riff raff join in you know :P :P :D :D

    You will have to answer yes to 3 questions to get an invite to my party :|

    Q 1, Are you breathing ?

    Q 2, Can you read this question ?

    Q 3, Can you answer it ?

    If its yes to allllllllllllllllll 3 questions, then I know you only have 1 brain cell like me, so yes you can come to my party :) :)

  • Whohoo!

  • Oh and it's my birthday on the 23rd. Start saving now :D

  • What a popular month. well I dont want to be left out , so its my 48th wedding anniversary on the 26th.

    I think this is gonna be a party nearly every week month. :) .

  • Sooooo, its your 48th wedding anniversary on the 26th then eh :) :) :) Sooooo how long you been married for then ?? :o

  • Hubby says toooooooooooooo long. :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Yay party Feb! The 23rd is also the cats adoption birthday (and it's also my ex husband's birthday but he's not important)

  • :D :D :D

  • Aup Ellie, if I'm invited to your party, then you can come to mine :) :)

  • jelly & ice-cream?

  • yummy chocolate cake and butterfly cakes. :)

  • do we get a party bag to take home?

  • luvverly........

  • OY flippin Jillygirl, you calling me a nanah :o :D :D

  • If Pete doesn't' invite you to his you can all come to mine on the 19th I'll be 25(I just look older because of all the stress !!!!!!) LOL.

  • :)

  • Ha ha ha 'Helen' just flippin loooooooove it gal :D :D :D

  • Well... I just love the lorra yezzzzz....and I think we've got a lot of celebrating to do together ;-)


  • My birthday too this month :). x

  • Thanks Jilly,

    I havent been on at all over the weekend so just catching up now :). Feeling proud to be a proper member now x

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