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Good morning, afternoon, or evening to everbody.

I hope you are all well and feeling positive. We seem to be getting more and more new members on the site, I would like to say thank you for making everyone feel welcome. I think such a friendly site can only attract more people to join us.

Dont forget any problems regarding quitting just go on to the questions section and we will do our best to help and advise.

Meanwhile have a super Thursday. :) :)

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Hi Jilly! Good picture of a cat in a shoe. The only time my cat used to go in my shoes was to pee in it!

Yesterday was the closest I've come to folding. And to be honest i decided I'd go to the shop next door and buy some. Then I realised it was seconds after closing time. Well that one way not to smoke I guess.

I hope you all have a beautiful Thursday


Hi Ellie so glad that shop was closed for you. Please dont throw the past 4 weeks away, your doing so well. Stick in there girl. :)


GOOD MORNING Jilly and everyone. So glad the shop was shut Ellie !!! ;-) :-D hope today is better for you, and you get things sorted, x

Happy Thursday everyone, :-)


Morning mrssunnyside, strange us girls glad a shop is closed :D normally we love shopping. :)


That's true, we can't say no to a bit of Retail Therapy eh, does you the power of good,

but not the bank balance !! :-D


Good morning everyone.

I was just about to say what a beautiful morning it is when it suddenly went black and the sky is emptying itself at the mo.

Jilly, congratulations on your anniversary yesterday - did you have a lovely meal last night? The local chippy or a romantic restaurant? ;-)

Ellie, great that you didn't crack and throw it all away last night - that's what we're all here for, to help you stay on track. It wouldn't have resolved your ongoing situation and you'd have really felt like s**t afterwards. Try to take deep breaths and rise above it. Tell yourself "I don't smoke any more and I am stronger than you" (cigs and husband ;-) ).

Waves to mrs s.

Off to get my hair cut now so see you later. :)


Hi Andi, thats why its decided to rain your having your hair cut. As for the meal we went for a carvery but it was very nice. Did you have your pt session this morning. :)


No, not today, it's Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It was so nice yesterday that I got my bike out in the afternoon, pumped up the tyres and went for a ride. It was lovely but hard work and I managed over 11 miles. I probably won't do it again now til April. I'm hoping to get out for a run later and not get wet - just had a hail shower now. :)


We had hail this morning . not too bad now. Only bike ride I am attempting is the exercise bike is no ones on it. Off to scrabble afternoon now. catch up later. :)


You too my friend you too x


Evening All :D and a very late one it is too! I was working up Reston ways until after 6 today, home for 7.30pm and decided to go straight out for something to eat.

Last night was a late one too after working in Lancaster, I came home, got on the couch, logged on here and fell sleep! Woke up at 11.30 to go to bed :-/

JillyGirl, a happy belated wedding anniversary to you and Mr JillyGirl :-)

Loving your pickie Mrssunnyside :D

Ellie, think of all the cigarettes that you HAVEN'T smoked!! We're all here to help pick you up, brush you down and march on ;-) I saw your nails... Fantastic! You have some skill there. I've not yet watched the Youtube clip :-)

Andi, you're still continuing to be as fit as ever,I'm just a one hit wonder!! :-/ I can't even finish my tea lately, let alone a fitness regime! :-/ :D

Kaprin, I am still keeping up my 52 week challenge :-)

Big waves to anyone else looking in :-)

Hope all is well, off to read rest of posts and check my PM's now with a nice cuppa :-)


Thanks xx I'm so thankful to you and everyone else on this site


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