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Good morning all, Cold and frosty today.We even had a bit of snow yesterday evening. I hope the weather is fine for you wherever you are. Welcome to all the new members who have joined us over the past few days. Its lovely to see you all and hope you will join in our daily chat now and again.

Anyone doing anything exciting today let me know, as I have a boring day planned today. May be a bit of ironing. thats all.

Kettles on so if anyone wants a cuppa this way..>>>>>>>>>>>>> :)

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Morning All,

<grabs jaffa cakes and heads over for a cuppa>

Not doing anything exciting today as its work for me, but only half a day wooohooooo <does happy dance>

Quiet weekend for me this weekend but only because its a week before payday, all that is left in my purse is some fluff and an old button lol!

Oh today is my first attempt at a completely smoke free day and so far so good!!! I am vaping though, so i know its not totally quitting, my actual quit date is the 1st of feb, but thought as i was hardly bothering with real fags, i would have a practice run, see where the pangs get me etc.

Have a fab weekend all.



Well done Pinkiezoom, I think you should be fine when you decide to quit on the 1st. sounds like you have virtually started already. At least this way you wont find it as hard when it comes to the 1st. Good idea seeing when you gets cravings then you can see if there is a way of distracting them for something else. (hope that makes sense) . Have a quick and good day at work and a super weekend. :) :)

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Morning all, nothing exiting planned for me either today, ironing to be done here too !! The hairdresser coming this afternoon hubby and I having trims, and I'm having my roots done !! Dam Grey hair !!! :-(

Pinkiezoom hope all goes to plan quitting the cigarettes, just carry on vaping, and reducing the nic level slowly, its working for me after 45 years smoking the cigs, :-)

Happy Friday everyone. :-)

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Hi Mrssunnyside,

Oooh that is promising that vaping has helped you, once i am vaping only, i could probably do with some advice on when to reduce the nicotine down, as i want to be completely smoke/vape free eventually. But thought i better realistic, and get myself of the fags first, and then set a date to get off the vape. x


Friday, Friday, Friday :D :D

Although it does only seem like a week since the last one! :-/ :D

Pinkiezoom, you are heading in the right direction as planning and preparation are the best feet to put forward :-)

Mrssunnyside, don't mention the roots word here - Lily Savage springs to mind when I look in the mirror :D :D Shall get my appointment booked actually. Have a lovely smokefree Friday :-)

JillyGirl, we had hailstones yesterday but not any snow, maybe it's on it's way. Then we can build a snowman! :D :D

Kettle is now on again, although I'm going to enjoy a few slices of lemon in hot water :-)


Good morning / afternoon all

I wish you a very good Friday and a great weekend all SMOKE FREE !!

For those of us who have quit and some months have gone passed let us NOT forget what an amazing achievement this is. It is so easy just to get wrapped up in all life's other problems and NOT see all the good things around us and the best is breaking this addiction / reliance on the dreaded weed, every 20 minutes always wanting the next one or worrying about running out and having to go to the shop etc etc....

I have decided to make the move from being negative to much more positive and it seems to be working already.

So wishing everyone well and especially those just stopped or just about to stop - you can do it and it is all so worth it.

Best wishes




Good afternoon Jonathan. Glad your on your Positive mode. lovely to see you encouraging others. Have a great day. :)


Happy Friday all. It's a dreich day here today. The kind of day when I'm glad I can cozy on the sofa and watch trashy TV.




Snap here too... Only I'm nice and cosy at my desk :D

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Evening All :D

I hope you're all doing whatever you're wanting to do and all is going according to plan. For those of you just going with the flow of seeing how your evening turns out, I hope it works out fun for you :-)

I'm having a night in (I hear the new going out is staying in!) and so will be around if you need owt :-)


Emjay I am watching Piers morgan show with liz mcDonald . pressie for you. encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/...


Aaaah ta very much JillyGirl, perhaps you'd care to join me :D

I've recorded Piers Morgan, hope it's worth the watch, apparently Lz has led a very colourful life :o :D


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