Hello everyone I hope you are ok. Its a bit rainy here in Yorkshire, but what the heck it`s Saturday!

Al you enjoy your bluewater shopping spree. It just shows how much money we have all wasted on cigarettes. Anyone else doing anything exciting? We have a new member on the questions section who needs our help , so all the ones using e.cigs might be able to advise.

Right housework to do then I will be off to the shops myself. :)

Have a lovely day.

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  • Hey everyone :)

    Well I've had the Saturday from hell and I'm glad for me the day is nearly over!!!!

    Man of the House and I went out on the town last night and we had way too many sips. Needless to say I've had a mother of a hangover! When I woke up I couldn't walk......long story short the doctor thinks I may have a clot. So I'm laid up and having to inject myself with blood thinners till they can do an ultrasound on Monday. Fingers crossed it's just a torn calf muscle!!!

    I'm proud to say tho that regardless of being out and socializing I am still smoke free and at no stage did I get a craving!!

    Weather wise it's starting to look and feel a lot like autumn which is my favourite of all seasons :)

    Hope your Saturday is a bit more productive than mine has been :)

    Cheers x

  • Oh muddles Hun you take care! Sounds scary! X

  • Muddles you take it steady girl. I hope your leg gets sorted on monday and not too serious. You did well to stay smoke free. well done. :)

  • Oh muddles you take care of yourself that sounds scary let us all know how you get on Monday will be thinking of you, well done for not having the smokes too x

  • Hi Muddles, its lovely to see you gal and a big well done to you for keeping smokefree :) :)

    Hmmmm, as for your leg, I suspect you just twisted it last night whilst pole dancing gal :o :D :D

    Speak soon, Pete :) x

  • Thanks for all the lovin'! I'm sure it will be fine.......bloody sore so a great excuse to lie here whilst MOH hangs the washing out!!!!

    And pete..........hahahahaha pole dancing!!!! The thought is just too funny!!!

  • Cuddles for Muddles!

  • :) :) :)

  • :) thank you!

  • Hey jilly and all, morning. Will pop over to questions and see if I can offer any help.

    Have a great day x

  • Hey Everyone, sorry I never made it on yesterday. I'm away with the girls for a weekend in a cottage in Wales (something we do every year) and signal is really bad. I have found a spot in the bedroom where the wifi seems a tad better!

    Mardi, I had too many sips too last night! Really feeling it now :-/ Hope you start feeling better soon Missus xx

    Pete, you are funny :-)

    Hey Kaprin, hope you're enjoying your weekend so far :-)

    Happy shopping JillyGirl, I'll bob on over and look at the questions now ;-)

    Howdy doody Al :-)

    Big waves to everyone else :-)

    I've been trying to post all the above for ever, no signal!!

  • Hi Emjay :)

    Soooooooo, you've not been noddin then gal :o Well I believe you anyway gal ;) :D :D

    You enjoy your weekend away :) :) x

  • Here in Derbyshire we have a lovely sunny but chilly day :) :)

    I'm out in the garden today, while the going is good :) Rite thats tea break over, so back out I go, I hope you all are having a lovely day :)

  • Signing off now see you all tomorrow nite nite. xxx

  • Well, its time for me to climb that flippin wooden hill again :P :(

    So I will wish you all sweet dreams, and I hope all the lovely dreams you have, come true :) :)

    Pete :) xxxxxx

  • Just read this Muddles so VAST apologies for the late reply.((((((((huge hugs))))))) heading your way for a speedy recovery.Hope the ultrasound comes back clear. Hugs as always Helen x

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