Good morning, I hope everyone is feeling ok. Weather here in Yorkshire is sunny at the moment so will nip to the shops soon before it changes. Anyone watch the program on tv last night about placebo tablets and medicine. Reminded me of cigarettes and nrt. I think once your brain says you will feel better you will feel better. Replacing nicotine with other things seems to help. Hard to do at first but with support it can be done.

I see we have a lot of new members again bringing the total up to 1.125 . It would be lovely to see some of the new members on here.

Have a lovely day everyone. :) :)

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  • Hi Jilly,

    Not too bad here in Kent either, a little overcast but at least the rain has stopped :)

    I caught the end of that programme last night, came in at the bit where the guy was getting his tooth removed.....<shudders> :)

    Hope you and everyone else is well, have a fab day

    Al x

  • Hi Al that fella at the dentist was amzing. I was cringing watching it.

  • Hey Jilly!

    I haven't checked the weather yet, I hope it's nice because I have a long walk to my brother's house today to meet my newborn nephew. So excited!

    I hope my sister in law is still off the cigs, she stopped when she got pregnant.

    Big hugs to everyone, be safe and happy :) xxx

  • Hi Lenne, have to put a photo up of your nephew. BiG cuddles heading your way. :)

  • I am ashamed to admit I have no idea how to upload photos here *blushes*

  • oh how exciting Lenne, make sure you get plenty of cuddles x

  • Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening All :-)

    Lovely blue sky here today in Liverpool, I even watched a couple of wood pigeons this morning looking for nesting material - is this a sure sign that spring may be on it's little wayingtons? Hope so :-)

    I went out for a family meal last night, (a very tasty Italian place - beautiful) so didn't see any TV - shall have a look and see it on catch up later. I'm a great believer in the power of the mind - What you out in is what you get out - This can work both positively and negatively. So think about what you say when you talk to yourself ;-)

    JillyGirl, its amazing how much our community has grown and it seems to have definitely gained momentum over the past couple of months. I love how you make every effort to welcome our new members too. Really appreciated :-)

    Hey Al, I hope things aren't as manic for you at work today. Although if you are anything like me 'tis something that you are used to and probably how you work best :-) Have a lovely day!

    Morning Lenne, enjoy your baby snuggles with your brand new nephew. Congratulations :-)

    Pete, I know you are probably at work now but we can catch up tonight. Understanding how difficult it must be / it is living at home with not just one, but two other smokers - you've done amazingly well at quitting for so long.

    Sometimes we have to take a long look around us, weigh up the chances of;

    A) whether or not anything in our lives are going to change and then

    B) either accept it or make a plan that works better.

    So, in your case -

    A) Is it likely that Mrs Pete and your brother in-law will ever consider stopping smoking? It appears to be a no here at the moment, but lets keep in the back of our mind that over time things could change.


    B) Accepting the outcome and deciding what you want to do for yourself.

    Do you have an option of making one room (Not assuming that you live in a mansion :-/ ) smokefree? It may even be worth asking whether both 'her indoors' and your brother in-law would consider this? This could also be a place where you could go when things become a bit too much for you.

    If this is not an option, do you think you can see a way in that you can lead a smokefree life at the same time as living with other smokers?

    You are so, so supportive to everyone around here and now it's your turn to get that support back.

    You know you can do this, we know you can do this. It may not be an easy ride but we will get there with you Pete.

  • Thank you Emjay :)

    I'm sorry, but I havnt quit yet, I've just got too many things on my mind at the moment :(

    Thank you for your help and advise, I will surely be looking into them in the very near future. I will let you know the outcome.

    Thank you again Emjay, luvs ya gal :) xxxx

  • We have a lovely fella here, whose name is Pete

    We all think the world of him and wish that we could meet

    He keeps us on our toes and send out love every day

    So if anyone dare upset him

    We will send them on their way

    He is loyal and fantastic, jokes and laughs all day

    and seeks out advice for us all in his own special way

    So Pete dont you change just stay as you are

    Because Pete you are our shining STAR!


  • brilliant :) x

  • Aww, that's nice Jilly :)

  • Thanks Andi, just loooooove the pic gal :) xxx

  • ^ what she said ^

  • And so say all of us, :-) :-)

  • Thank you Sunny :) xxx

  • Ditto xx

  • Thank you Beth :) xxx

  • Saw some of the placebo programme which I thought was really interesting, didn't get to the bit about the dentist (thank goodness,think I might've had a bossy fit,I don't much like dentists) Jilly,poem is brilliant,bet Pete will be well chuffed.Al,I don't believe for one second you have a,son of 21, tell me your secret,you look honestly too young.Have those nicotine gremlins been a bit quieter? Pete,I reckon you need to ask her indoors and he brother If they would mind smoking outside,other folk who live with non smokers have to so why not them?Maybe over simplifying stuff but it makes me cross that you have to suffer for their bad habit.Anyway,I'm really weary tonight coz I haven't been sleeping too well so a couple of chapters of my book and then a very early night.

  • Night Helen, sweet dreams to you. xx :)

  • Nite nite Helen, I hope you have a lovely nights sleep gal :)

    H, I've only got 1 brain cell, not sure how many you've got, but this works for me !! just shut your eyes and think of note :o it works well for me :) xx

  • Am well impressed with stopping smoking today. Went out on my bike this morning and did the best ride ever without actually keeling over and dying which I would have done a couple of years ago. 8.8 miles, average speed 11.7mph but cycled up to Summit without stopping, a climb of 98 feet in less than a mile. Helped by the fact that I overtook some lad on a mountain bike and couldn't then lose face by stopping further up for a rest so had to keep pedalling, had a quick glance back when I was nearly at the top and he was still there just behind me - yay he was only in his early 20's. Here's a pic of the ups and downs of todays ride.

    imageshack.com/a/img69/866/... You see the big drop at the beginning, when ever I go out, no matter which way I go, if I wanna go home I've got to end up at the top of that hill, no wonder its always cold and cloudy up here.

    Am going out in a minute for another walk accompanied by Robbie Rivera and Juicy Ibiza on the earphones. A brilliant consistently fast beat to stomp along to, did my fastest walk ever to that on Sunday night 2.36 miles in 36 minutes. 15.28 minute mile - well apart from when I had to run to the hairdressers cos I was late when I managed a 14 minute mile. It's about the only good thing about stopping smoking but am loving all this record breaking. So come on Pete you've got to stay stopped so you can smash some records on your rowing machine.

  • Thats a fantastic achievement Sin, you must be chuffed I wish I could manage a quarter of that. Anyway making an attempt on walking more and small goes on an exercise bike. So well done you. xx

  • Aww, that's good Jilly on the exercise bike. Pop on some nice music that you love to keep you motivated. Hopefully you'll be able to get out walking a bit more soon if it ever manages to stay dry for more than a few hours :)

    We had some solar panels fitted yesterday and as it was a bit sunny this morning I managed to do a wash load completely free of charge,hehe, may the sun keep on shining on our roof - lol.

  • Sinfree, you are one of an ACE Lady gal :) :)

  • Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou :) :) :) for your lovely comments and help, although you bought tears to my eye's, thankyou so so much because their happy tears :) :) :)

    Jillygirl, Thankyou sooooo much for the poem gal :) :) that went straight to my heart gal, it did :) :) am just mopping up now :o :) :)

    I havnt quit yet !! just cant get my head around it :o there's just too many things going around in my head, I just cant seem to get focused on my quit :( I'm sorry :( When I get my 1 brain cell working, I will let you know my new quit date :)

    Take care everybody and luvs ya allllllllllllllllll ta bits :) :) xxxxxxxxx

  • No rush Pete you know the routine, just remember we are all here for you. xx :) :)

  • Am just all mixed up in my head at the moment Jillygirl, :o

    Thank you for being here :) :) xxxxx

  • xx :) : BIG hugs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and cuddles. :)

  • Oooooo, I aint been cuddled for years gal, thank you :) :) xxxxx

  • Jillygirl, you should be in the land of nodd now gal, so you go and get some zzzzzzzz in eh :)

  • Ok night night and sweet dreams. you take care. xxx

  • You take care too Jillygirl, sweet dreams to you too and thank you Jillygirl for staying up late for me :) :) xxxxx

    I promise you, I will try to be a good boy in future :o :)

  • Hey jillygirl and everyone :). As per usual I'm a day later than everyone but never mind :)

    We've had beautiful weather here today. Nice to hear that your weather is starting to improve too!

    Ive had a lovely few days. Man of the house had a wisdom tooth out and so hasn't been able to smoke!!! Hopefully once his mouth is better he will be strong enough to keep going in his quit journey!! Either that or every few days I'll just get the pliers and rip another tooth out hehehehe

  • Great stuff Muddles

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