Sorry not been on much lately, still working, although probably not for much longer and have been exceptionally busy with my poor demented Mum. :( There are so many new faces and people who have just stopped good luck to all of you), I absolutely agree, today would be a terrible day to be a smoker, BRRRR!! Can you imagine? I too am about to curl up in front of the fire having been sent home early from work because of the dangerous winds. Well on the 29th of this month it will be six months I can't really believe it, I am beginning to think that I will always quite like to smoke but will have no intention of doing so again. I've now weathered some pretty grim storms and have managed to get through them without the evil weed, (even though I would have liked to!) so things are on course. My heart goes out to those of you who have just stopped, it is absolutely horrible but so worth it in the long run. I have decided that on the 29th I'm going to start lowering the NRT I haven't dared to before now but think I might be able to do a reduction now. I know I'm not as tough as some of you. Nice to be back on and have a read around, and as for coming on and having a vent, it is simply the best place in the world to do it! Signing off Good Luck and lots of love for all of us. xx

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  • Hello Friezfriend, Lovely to see you back again. Still a non smoker which is brilliant. Give our love to your mum your obviously busy with her. Mums are special aren`t they. Good luck for the 29th you will be fine. :)

  • Hi Jilly how are you doing? Have your moves settled down now, hope you are now comfortably 'potted' and happy, thanks for your message, going to go and have a soak now on this wild and windy night! Thankfully still got power for now! :)

  • I'm so very glad you're back coz I was wondering how things were for you.I'm pleased all is relatively O.K.tho I'm sorry about your mum,mine is in the very early stages and is just very forgetful at present.Not easy.Good on you lowering your NRT very worth it,I cut mine totally when I had my back done so 4 weeks free past Monday,don't miss it but do have the odd time when I think it would be nice to use my ECig again,just won't now.Don't know where the time has gone,doesn't seem like 5 mins ago we were the newbies and you're nearly at six months,I'm just over five.Time flies.Stay safe and keep in touch.Hugs always H x

  • Hiya! How is your back now are you getting there? Sorry about your Mum too. Good on you for giving up the E cig, no point in being hooked on anything is there. I'll have to get my brave up.xx I know it has gone really really fast hasn't it? Take carexx

  • Just go at your own pace and don't do ANYTHING before you're ready because that way lies disaster. I only gave up the Ecig because I absolutely had no other option for the 5 days I was in hospital and it just seemed daft (tho very tempting!!) to go back once I knew I was nic free.My back (thank you so much for asking) has it's moments !! Can't bend/stretch/twist for another 3 months at least which is quite annoying really. Still on my 2 15 minute walks a day but have been doing quite a bit more (bad Helen!!!) Pain wise I'm much much improved and only need tramadol now and then to keep me happy.Stay in touch and Love to you and a hug for your mum.Hx

  • Auuuuup Friez, its great to hear from you again gal :) :)

    Sorry about your Mam and troubles you have had, BUT hey gal, you GOT through it :) a massive big well done to you Friez nearly 6 flippin Months gal :) :)

    I know its harder for some of us, but I also know, you've licked mr nic gal :)

    You and your Mam take care now eh, Pete :) xx

  • Well done on 6 months. It's inspiring to hear from people doing so well

    Dare I be a pain in the neck and point out a flaw with the 29th plan?

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