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Thought I would say hello

Hi everybody,I've been lurking for a bit, joined up then lurked some more but thought it was time to introduce myself.

I smoked for nearly thirty years which seems mad as I'm only in my forties but there it is. I've never seriously tried to quit before, I've had times when I tried to cut down but thats about it.

Because of my work patterns, I would go 8-10 hours without a cig and unbelievably not think about it or have a craving but as soon as the opportunity arose to smoke I would chain smoke( go figure????)

So two years ago my sister was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer which as everyone can imagine was devastating. Her and my other siblings quit right away using an e cig but well i never but kinda pretended I had. Fast forward till this year,my sister seems to be doing fine and the cancer seems to be held at bay ( whoopee) and I thought about quitting, and some how it just happened.

You will notice that I'm a bit vague with dates I think thats because I didn't think I would quit and think I was that surprised I cant actually put a date on it.

Around 3-4 months ago I bought an e cig, first few weeks were fine, no cigs. Then due to PG allergies I found it difficult to find right liquid. I tried to persevere but found I was having a sneaky cig to get me through. Five/ six weeks ago I read Allen Carr opened my mind and now I haven't had any nicotine from then. First few weeks were easy no cravings or side effects except insomnia but get that often anyway. Then massive problems with bloating, constipation and generally feeling down. I've started drinking herbal tea and using pro-biotic drinks and now feel fine. I'm off on holiday in a couple of weeks and now getting a bit worried that I might start again, I dont want to in fact the idea of it makes me feel sick but if I have a few drinks will I be tempted to have just one. Any ideas to keep me on the straight and narrow?

Just a wee side note cos I work mad shifts I might not answer right away and you might not hear a lot from me as I am quite shy but I will always be reading and catching up with all of you as you have helped me in my quit as well, in fact I think this has become my new addiction. xx

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Firstly huge congratulations to you, brilliant that you have quit especially for your own health, I too smoked for over 40 years and it was only because I had a heart attack that I quit, it's sad that I didn't do it before that event but we can all look back with hindsight can't we? I was concerned about a holiday we had in March for the same reason thought I would fall off the wagon but I didn't also found I didn't even think of them as much on holiday as I did at home, too many other things to do whilst enjoying some sun. You know what I don't think you will have a problem but if you do how about taking Allan Carrs book with you as a reminder to stick your nose in when you feel you may succumb to remind you of why you quit in the first place. Can't say anything about e cigs but lots of others can on here, take some chewing gum, mints with you for a backup always makes my mouth feel fresh should I quiver which I still do and the very best of luck. Above all have a super holiday x


Good Morning Shantimar, it is so lovely to meet you and welcome to this lovely friendly quit support site.

Wow you are doing so fantastically well, massive congratulations to you on your quit, you really are doing brilliantly and should feel so so proud of yourself! :) :)

You are showing true grit and determination on your journey, you are very positive and dealing with the "phases" you go through so well, so I actually think if you remain so positive and proud of yourself, you will actually be fine on holiday. Just turn those words in your head around from "I'm worried I might start again" to "I'm definitely NOT going to start again because I absolutely love being a non smoker" - you are in control of this and you are doing so brilliantly so stay positive, maybe revisit Allan Carr to reinforce the message and you will have a fantastic smoke free holiday! :) :) :) xx


Thanks for replies and advice. My OH still smokes but it actually doesn't bother me, I keep trying to get him to quit but it never seems to be the right time for him. I will take Allen Carr with me on my kindle and looking in on here will help me too. I can't wait to have my first smoke free holiday, just thinking how much time I will have with out having to stop for smoke breaks.

Will let you know how I get on x


Hi Shantimar, welcome and just have to say I picked up on OH smokes but it doesn't bother you, well I take my hat off to you because I wish I felt the same as that, you are one amazing person to say that :) you are doing brilliant and you can have a terrific holiday as a non smoker :) I had my first holiday at 8 weeks quit and was worried like you but it was just great not to be a smoker and I know you will feel the same :) well done and enjoy your holiday :) x


Hi Shantimar, its lovely to meet you and a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site :) :)

You are doing ever so ever so well, so you stay strong and focused on your quit eh :) The Ladies have given you some great advice :) and all I can add to that is, maybe write a list out on a piece of paper of why you want to quit and the benefits :) Then when you get on holiday, stick it to the mirror in your room, Then each day when you wake up and go to put your face on, you can read it and hopefully it will stay in your mind for the rest of the day :) :)

Hey, dont you keep flippin lurking in the back ground gal, come and have a chat with us eh :) As for hubby, please dont push him, when he see's that you can quit, then perhaps he will give it a go :) tell him to come on here and we will help him from start to finish, there a lovely bunch on here, they really are :) :) xxxxx

Hope to see you soon, Pete :)


Hi Shantimar and welcome :D Firstly a MASSIVE WHOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to your sister that's great news :D

Your doing fantabulously, your 6 weeks smoke free so WHOOHOO to you hun :)

As for the holiday - it will be fine, you will smell drop dead gorgeous with fresh breath and your other half will smell like an ashtray :)

Don't hide away either, we may come across as complete bonkers from time to time, but that's only because we are complete bonkers... :D who in there right mind would spend years lighting a bit of paper stuffed with killing chemicals....So come on and join in the madness and the serious stuff, you have a lot to offer others who are going thru the same thing or maybe thinking of giving up :)

Please keep strong.... you cant go back now after all this effort you've made :D Please keep us posted on how your getting on and we want pics from your hols... coz some of us don't get out much ;)


Hey there Shantimar and huge congrats on your quit.The best thing you could ever do for yourself.

Holidays are a problem & I think the first hol without a cig is gonna be the hardest.We went on holiday for 10 days when I was 2 months into my quit and I'm not gonna lie and say it was easy because it wasn't but my way of coping was to drink plenty of water during the day and in the evenings enjoy a drink or two and take some time to enjoy a good meal in a (if possible) smoke free environment.It's getting harder,even abroad,to smoke in public places,so places like restaurants tend to be smoke free.Not sure what you think but maybe take a disposable Ecig for those times when you're really tempted.

I was getting to the stage where I didn't really like the smell of it anyway,so using my ECig was O.K. You've got a really good quit under your belt don't lose it over a holiday,buy some lovely duty free perfume or make up with the cash you've saved from not smoking,you'll smell lovely and not of stale cig smoke!! GOOD LUCK,enjoy your hol and let us know how you get on.


Hi Shantimar and well done on your quit. Keep up the good work and don't be so shy, just dive in with the chat, it will help you stay focussed and maybe give you a laugh along the way. :)


Aup Andi, I hope you have had a nice day :) has the ermmmm, that bright thing in the sky been out down there then :o :) :)


Thanks again for all the good advice, its weird but I feel I know you all already and thanks for making me feel welcome. Briarwood when I said his smoking doesn't bother me, I have to say the smell does but it doesn't make me want to have a smoke. In fact the smell makes me gag. (And this from someone who smoked up to 30 a day at times) I'm glad that you enjoyed your first smoke free holiday and I hope I will to.

Yellowsnowdrop thanks for being honest and i was thinking of getting an e cig with no nicotine in case of emergencies hopefully this will help.

And droopyJ you are right a definite WHOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO for my sister the most bravest and positive person I have met. And me quitting is as much for her as myself.

Monky I have to say I enjoy reading your posts (when I was lurking ha ha ) and you offer good advice.

I will try to overcome my shyness and keep you posted about my quit and my hols.

You are a great bunch of people xxxx


I am sorry about your sister--truly

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Thank you Madame T my sister passed away a year ago in November, still very much missed. I keep my quit going in her memory



Yes Shantimar, I saw that Im so very sorry--My sis hasn't spoken to me in over 10 yrs----but if she passed away--it would be like a piece of my soul--we are linked forever-I am glad you two had a relationship-I have lost quite a few friends and an ex husband (father of my youngest daughter)of lung cancer--I don't kno if you ever get over it--Time just kind of numbs it--but sometimes the longing just to see them one more time is overwhelming--My mom passed 10 yrs ago and still feel that way--sometimes I just have to sit down and cry--I like your dedication in doing this quit in her memory--Both of my parents died from smoking related conditions--so Im kinda doin that too--I kno it could happen to me exactly as it did to them Hugs and blessings--MmeT

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