Hi, I'm new here and not entirely sure how to use this correctly but hey ho...I'm a week of the demon baccy now, cold turkey and to be honest I feel great...this is my 3 rd serious attempt in 25 years and I know I will never smoke again, because if I have one I am back in the clutches of addiction and I need to do this for myself, I want to be free. Got a friend on here....where are ya fire crow ???? Good luck all this is a hard thing to crack but just tell our minds we already have and rest will follow ??? 

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  • Hi marmalade and welcome to quit support😊

    Congrats on 1 week cold turkey, great achievement so well done👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🍀

    Yes we are all only a puff away from a pack a day that's why our motto NOPE not one puff ever works🚭🚭

    Lots of advice in the pinned posts and unfortunately it's hard but definitely worth it. The nicotine is out of your system now and it's just your brain that needs a bit of retraining to cope without lighting up. Be proud and shout if ya need anything😊 Good luck, one day at a time and you'll get there🍀

  • Thank you briarwoodand how lovely, with good sound advice, it's all about training the mind I think...Well done on 2,years pretty impressive.

  • Hi Marmalade well done on getting to week one smoke free that's the hardest week done and cold turkey is impressive so congratulations. What u going to spend all that money on? Let us know if u need anything 🚭

  • Thanks Andrew for support.

  • Hi marmalade, well done on a week of not smoking . How Fantastic is that. You have made the right descision we are all here to support you shout out if you need yo chat always someone to talk to . Stay close we all know what you are going through , you can do this :)

    Stay strong Maddy x

  • hey Marmalade :-)

    delighted to see you on here. it has been really helpful for me.  

    if you message your quit date you get a badge saying how you are doing  I got my 5 weeks today. 

    been inspired by people's stories, and hearing tips has been really helpful. especially about drinking water.

    was back at Bikram tonight. intending to keep off alcohol and do yoga to reduce some of the weight ive incurred! 

    good luck, youve got this!! xx

  • Well done Firecrow 5 weeks yeahhh way to go Fantastic x :) 

  • Hello , marmalade and congratulations on your quit,  I feel exactly the same way as you one puff and am back ,,,, really understand it this time. if it's any consolation I don't really know if I'm using this site correctly ?  but everyone has been so supportive and it's really helped,  this was the first time I've ever been on a form and I'm glad I picked this one 

  • Nelly your doing everything right I.e posting . Glad you are with us . Stay close we are here for you x

  • Thank you ,  and my quit  journey going just fine , 

  • Congratulations and well done ... welcome aboard!

  • Thanks Dun, hope it's going well for you too

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