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Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Thought I had better show my face again. Sorry not been on site but felt a bit off it this last 2 weeks. Turns out I have got an infection in one of my wounds (yukky) :( Anyway on antibiotics and loads of visits to see the district nurses. So hopefully will feel more back to normal soon. Next couple of weeks off to hospital appointments. 7th. 10th, and 15th. So will see whats next on the agenda.

I am planning to try and get out for a short walk each day as from today, as not been anywhere for ages.

Might just bump into mad busking. :D


You all take care of yourselves and each other. will catch up soon. luvs ya. xxxxxxxxx :)

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Hiya Jilly, sorry about your infections - that's just the pits isn't it? :o :P Hope you enjoy your little bit of fresh air but please don't overdo it - and keep away from all those terrible lurgies out there! It might be a bit early to be busking as well. :D :D

Lovely to see you about, take care and see you about again soon. xxxxxx :)


Aup Jillygirl its just great to see you again :) :)

Ha ha love the pic gal :D :D hmmmm dont like the looks of that sy___ erm needle though :(

I hope the antibiotics kick in soon and get you sorted :) :) yes a bit of fresh air will do you good gal, you take care Jilly and luvs ya toooo xxxxx :) :)

Rite back to taking the decors down :( speak soon :) :)


Hiya Jillygirl, so sorry you have an infection, hope it clears up soon :), like Andi says don't overdo it. Hope all goes well at the hospital, will be thinking of you :)

It's brill to see you on here, take care Jillygirl :) xxxxxxxxx


Hola Jilly, its lovely to hear from you, sorry about your setback, hope it soon clears up and your feeling a bit better. Good luck for next week I really hope you get good news. You can meet me when your feeling better and we,ll go buskin together, we,ll have a laugh, I like a good laugh. A little walk and some fresh air will do you the world of good, its awful being stuck in the house all the time, when I couldnt get out I would sit on a chair in the garden a few times a day and just do some deep breathing, or sometimes sit in the car by the beach and watch the world go by.Thinking about you,

Take care



Thank you all for your kind wishes. Its lovely to hear from you all, really cheers me up. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;)


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