Good morning everyone, Well the last couple of days we have found out we are healthier and wealthier, all for making the desicion to stop smoking.If your just starting to stop smoking have a browse around this site we can help if your stuck. Dont suffer on your own get support from Emjay our advisor.

So have a good day and be happy. :) :)

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  • Morning Jilly,

    Hope you are fighting fit this morning :)

    I could have done with an extra hour in bed as soooo tired today, ah welll early night for me tonight.


  • Good morning lovely lady, and good morning to all the other lovely people here on the forum!

    I remember when I first quit smoking the sheer panic I felt letting go of smoking and embracing a new way to try to cope with whatever life throws at me. I never thought the day would come that I would scrunch my face into my scarf or hold my breath if I pass by smokers and feel sorry for them as opposed to jealous. It was a battle to get to where I am now but I am so grateful that I had such wonderful support- this forum, the nurse at my doctor's surgery, and my friends and family.

    If you've just quit recently and you feel yourself struggling use the tools available to you- write a post here, call a friend or family member, drink a glass of water, go for a walk, have some mints, the craving won't last long and you've come this far so don't go backwards because you know being addicted to smoking is so not worth it, and you ARE worth it!

    Anyhoo enough waffle from me, it's time for bacon and eggs. Rawr. xxx

  • Brilliant advice indeed :) ps i am starving, any chance of a bacon buttie? :) x

  • Good morning girls,Hope your not nodding at your desk Al, :D Good advice given Lenne. Now I am fancying a bacon sarnie. But better not, need to lose some weight. :D

    Have a lovely day. :)

  • Good morning everyone, Oh no I can now smell the bacon !!!! :-P but had it on Monday with ' eggy bread ' yum, so mustn't be tempted again this week.

    Sooooo glad I don't have to be going outside for a ciggy anymore, it's chucking it down here, and blowing a gale :-( .

    Here's to a Happy smoke free day :-)

  • I'm normally a good girl but I have to finish off this packet of bacon before I go back to my healthy sugar-free Alpen *grins*

    PS eggy bread= om nom nom! :D

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