Good morning everyone, 1085 yes thats how many members we have on quit support. What a lovely thing to think that we all help and support each other with guidance of Emjay. This community is growing pretty fast. Which means more non-smokers. :) I hope you are all fine and not struggling too much. Any problems just go ahead and shout.

Meanwhile enjoy your NOPE (not one puff ever) day. :) :)

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  • Morning Jilly,

    All good in my camp this morning, although woke up thinking I could do with a smoke, but had my shower and it passed :)

    Annoying as when it didnt matter if I had one or not, it never bothered me!! Sneaky mind tricks lol x

  • Amazing what tricks your mind does isnt it. You certainly doing well. When is your birthday? and are you up in Cumbria this weekend. bet you cant wait. :) :)

  • hi Jilly

    My birthday is tomorrow, so last day of work for me today until next tuesday woooohoooo <throws filing in the air and does the conga...hmmm not the same on my own lol >. I am traveling up home early thursday morning and not coming back down until monday :)

    My mind is sure testing me today for some reason......stupid brain :( ... doesnt help that work is quiet, I just keep checking on here, to see if there are some posts to keep me occupied lol!. But really feeling the cravings today, but i know its ridiculous, because all last week when i could have picked up a smoke it didnt bother me at all, well apart from the one after the evening meal...which is still there for me, but I have changed my routine. Just washing my hands and having a drink of water every time my mind is trying to trick me :). Or just staring out my office window, I am opposite the soldiers barracks so i get to look at half naked men all day....and get paid for it lol!!! Not all bad huh :) x

  • :D :D :D

    Al, I just cant fault you gal, just cant fault you one little bit :) :) Luvs ya ermmm, hun :) x

    You keep the good work up gal, cos I tell ya, your doing just ACE :) :)

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    JillyGirl, I can't believe that we have so many members already, wowser :-)

    Thank you to you all for supporting me with the running of it and looking after each-other :-)

    You are all fabtastic :-)

    I'm away out this afternoon and so won't be on here until later this evening - I'm delivering a workshop in Preston and it doesn't start until 5, so - I hope you all have a stress free and smokefree afternoon :-)

    Al, you did the right thing - by letting the moment pass.. It will get easier :-)

  • Hey guys.

    This week is a strange one so far. I spent Sunday thinking it was Monday, Monday thinking it was Tuesday, and so far I keep thinking today is Monday.

    I've just been to a hospital appointment and got to feel smug. My NHS trust is no smoking on any of their grounds. It means that I passed a group of people hiding in bushes having a sneaky fag. That used to be me. Not anymore

  • Hi Ellie , I know what you mean about getting days mixed up. (think its a senior thing ) :D

    I know what you mean about not worrying about smoking in hospital grounds. So you should feel smug.

    I wish we had leaflets to hand out telling them about quit support. Have a good day (whatever day it is :) )

  • Yes today will be a nice Thursday for us all xx ;)

  • LOL its a nice short week for me :) whatever day it is. I will feel smug when i get off the train on Thursday and dont have to dash outside to light up, but might feel a bit weird too, as that is what i always did after any journey. x

  • I imagine that'll be the strangest feeling. Maybe towards the end of the train journey you keep reminding yourself that you are a non smoker. And have your ecig at the ready.

  • Thats a good plan, i will do that :) x

  • Hey Jillygirl,

    1085... whoop whoop. That's awesome. I have to ask, but where do u find tgese images?

  • I just go into images on google then right click and either save image or copy image url. if you get really stuck ask Pete he`s the expert on pcs. :)

  • Hi there all,Al,safe trip home,Ellie,well done on not being one of the ones hiding in the bushes,yep it used to be me too!! Jilly &EmJay,it's you that keep us going so flowers and hugs to you both,I absolutely KNOW that my quit would've been 100 times harder had I not stumbled across the website when I did.A minor non smoking victory for me today in that I managed to walk 3.75 miles (according to my trusty FitBit) the furthest I've managed since my Op 3weeks ago.Must admit I never thought that walking just 3 & a bit miles would feel so good,painful,but bloomin brilliant really.Doing a real happy dance here,Woop Woop !!!

  • We'll done hel, that is quite a distance so soon after your op :) x

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