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Good morning /evening.,

For those of you who are visiting this site for the first time welcome to quit support. Today many of you will be on your first day of quitting, this can be quite daunting if you are not prepared. Plan your day , get your nicotine replacement at the ready. try keep your hands busy, get plenty of healthy nibbles ready. Drink plenty of water. Stay positive and be proud of yourself. You can do it! If you need support just bob on here for lots of advice and support. Good luck. :) :)

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Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening wherever you are :D

Just a quick popping on from me this morning as I need to be on the road to Preston by 10.00am.

I did try and get on here last night but for some reason I had quite a bit of a challenge with regards to my scrolly down thing on my phone. Shall have to speak to HealthUnlocked about it!

Pete, you take good care of yourself and don't work too hard :-/ Stay strong, we're all rooting for you :-)

Positive vibes being sent to Al, Ellie and Mardi - we hope you are all okay - Give us a little wave to let us know you are all okay xx

Bestest of wishes for everyone taking part in today's National No Smoking Day, even if you just try and not smoke for today - then at least you will prove to yourself that you can do it :-)

Keep smiling everybody and I'll pop my head round the door later this afternoon :-)


Hi Emjay the problem scrolling on a phone or tablet has been going on for weeks am sick of it myself. You have to scroll right to the bottom of the page then back up and it eventually displays the rest of the comments.


Good morning Jilly, Emjay, and everyone, Every year I used to feel so guilty with smoking on the ' No Smoking Day '. and here I am this year now smoke free, it's a great feeling :-) Good Luck to all who are smoke free today, and hopefully always, :-)


Hi all

I so agree with you mrs s it's brill to be smoke free on no smoking day. Good luck to every starting or thinking about starting to stop. Go for it, it's worth a try. X


I gave the 'evil eye' to a SCHOOL kid smoking outside the local shop at lunchtime,he looked about 15 or so,how long does it take for these kids to learn it ISN'T cool,it IS bloomin expensive and it WILL kill you.Just makes me very very sad,another victim for the tobacco companies to leech from.


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