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Daily Chat: Friday 31st January 2014

Daily Chat: Friday 31st January 2014

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening Everyone :D

It seems that somebody has already popped another Friday into our week before I've had time to make the most of the rest of the days! :-/

If today is the first, or one of the early Fridays / start of your weekends within your stopping smoking journey, then make sure you think ahead and plan for the weekend.

- Think about the reasons you have chosen to stop smoking

- Think about where it could go wrong for you this weekend - Maybe use any past experiences of stopping smoking and learn from them.

- Think about what you could do differently from when you have relapsed in past quit attempts / practise runs

- Think about who you can lean on within your circle of friends for extra support should you need it, or pop on here :-)

- Work on 'what you say when you talk to yourself'... Positive self talk really does help.

- Practice your breathing exercises - it's better that you know how to use them ready for when you need to use them :-)

If and when the cravings set in, they are a positive sign that your body is recovering from all those poisonous toxins and chemicals that you have been putting into it over your time as a smoker.

Whether you have a cigarette or not - the craving will pass. Choose wisely :-)

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Hi Emjay and everyone , seeing we are having a rainbow theme heres something to go with the cup of tea. :)



That's amazing! Only 24 days till by birthday. *hint hint*

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Is it weird that my craving are worse now than when I started. And I keep thinking about it. Like when I was just in my appointment I kept thinking 'man I wish this was over so I can have a fag'

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Ooooh me likes that JillyGirl :-)

Ellie, nope - it's not weird at all, you are at a stage in your stopping smoking journey where those nicotine receptors are beginning to realise that you mean business, big business about stopping smoking. They believe that if they give you as much grief as possible, you will give in... However, we know that you are strong enough to face up to them :-)

How about you note down the time and what you were doing each time you feel like this. You'll soon see that there are either common triggers that started this feeling off or that the time between each of these bouts will get longer :-)

Keep smoking and remember that there's a healthy pot of gold of health if you keep saying 'no' :-)


Happy Friday everyone,

Hope everyone has something fab planned for the weekend.

My plan is to gut, redecorate and put up a new bed in my sons room.......which no doubt looks like a war zone at the moment, so if i dont get back on, send for the Army as i am probably buried under a pile of boys rubbish :(

Hopefully that will keep me busy as tomorrow is my official quit date and the day i start collecting £10 a day for my treat jar :) now just need to find something sparkly and fab to spend my money on lol.

Have a good un xx

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Well I have just spent £364.00 on my new glasses. Good job I don't smoke anymore as the money saved was the biggest chunk of that so it didn't hurt as much. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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snap! mine were £388.000, collect them on Sunday. Hubby was shocked that I paid in cash...have been squirrelling the money away since I stopped (74 days) so now I will be able to see as well as not smelling of smoke anymore......


Good incentive to carry on. Hopefully the next lot of spending will be more exciting.


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