Hey guys, hope you don't mind me doing this today. It's 6am in a very wet and windy Dundee. Snow is forecast for the weekend. Urg.

So what's on the cards for you today? I think we should all start by taking a massive breath and appreciate our healing lungs.

I've got a commissioned art piece to start today with my Occupational Therapist. I'm brightening up an NHS waiting room with my rainbow obsession.

Oh and midnight tonight is my 4 weeks. Wow. I never thought I would see this day.

I was going to post an inspirational photo but Maia is being so pretty today you get a picture of her instead

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  • Posting this here as after yesterday, I tend to think that people will not read anything I post but I am hopeful that perhaps some of you will read this.

    Whilst I do not wish to scare anyone, this was as is to me very frightening.

    Found whilst scanning the web in The Province newspaper, dated 28th January, from the province of British Columbia, Canada.


    - containing nicotine, are illegal to sell in Canada.

    - they do contain an anti-freeze ingredient.

    - they are not proven safe and people are advised against using them.

    - the way the tobacco companies are getting around the mandatory testing health regulations, is by not referring to them as a quitting smoking tool.

    - A move is being initiated prohibiting the sale of them to minors, after an eleven year old boy purchased some e-cigs (it would seem our government have already done this).

    The paper is; The Province, from the province of British Columbia, Cda.

  • Morning Rainbow :)

    Its a dark grey and wet here in Kent, but I am at work so better during the week than at the weekend :)

    Ooh your painting sounds interesting you will have to post a pic on here when you are done.

    Have a great day everyone.


  • Good morning Rainbow, Thank you for opening the daily chat its nice to see someone else doing it. Sometimes you can get stuck of what to say ,without repeating yourself. Maia looks really gorgeous. :) Well done on reaching 4 weeks. :)

    Morning Klondyke, interesting read, We put similar posts on the other day regarding the e.cig. I think the government will have to get more research /results before either banning or allowing e.cigs. You say they contain anti-freeze , I agree is not good, but they dont contain as many chemicals as a cigarette. We will have to wait and see.

    Morning Pinkie, rainy up here in Yorkshire too. dont

    be working too hard . enjoy your day.

  • Well done on reaching a 4 weeks Rainbow :-). Your cat is class!!

  • E cigs are banned in quite a few countries, but so are certain shampoos! its about what each country finds acceptable for the ingredients in a product!

    Same with fertilizers that go on our food and then we consume, which to me is a massive threat to our well being more than e cigs! France bans one particular company, but the UK doesn't and due to subsidies actually encourages our farmers to use it, and why....because the company are in a quango with the govt, and that is why we are losing bees and eventually wont be able to sustain the island we live on!

    We have been washing our babies hair in Formaldehyde for years thanks to a popular no tears brand! Only in the last week was it removed! A little food for thought.

    The anti-freeze derivative claimed to be in the article klondyke, is it the glycarol part? which is found in hand creams, and is basically the suspension agent? it doesn't say it contains anti freeze, just something that is in anti freeze is also in the liquid used in e-cigs. Just not enough facts for me in that article.

    So as an E cig user, i will continue to take the risk as it is better for me than smoking a real cigarette, and we will have to wait and see what happens on the regulations.( i believe regulation means slapping a massive tax on them personally ) I appreciate that klondyke doesn't see being a non smoker until you are completely nicotine free, but i wouldn't have been able to become smoke free without my e-cig.So sticking with it, as lets face facts, we all knew smoking was bad for us, really bad for us, but continued, so to continue using an e-cig to me is still less of a risk :)

    Jilly stay in and stay dry hun, i guess without the rain yorkshire wouldnt be as beautiful as it is, I always say that about Cumbria, where i am actually from, its always raining, but its not called the LAKE district for nothing lol.

    Have a good day everyone. Suppose i better get some work done lol!

    Al x

  • Well written pinkiezoom, I agree with all you say, and I believe Regulations mean adding taxes !! and the Govt are loosing the tax as more people are switching to e-cigs

    We can read them like a book !!

    Have a good day everyone, :-)

  • Good Morning All and like JillyGirl says thanks for 'opening up shop' this morning Ellie :D

    I'm looking forward to seeing that Winners Badge next to your name tomorrow - you really do deserve it :-) That's a lovely photie of Maia. Have to agree with Al, we want to see a photie of your finished painting I love rainbows too and have many photies of them :-)

    Klondyke, nice to see you popping over onto the daily chat, for the fact that you've taken the time to post then of course people are courteous enough to make the time to read them - although the time it has taken for me to respond and post this, it seems that I may have missed you. Hopefully you'll come back on and I can chat to you via PM to try and encourage you back on as a member :-)

    Pinkiezoom Al, that's an interesting read, thank you. There appears to be a lot of what we wouldn't expect in most products - Usually things are put in to counteract other things - It;s trying to get that happy / safe balance really. Or just try using natural products / foods that don't cost the earth (literally!) :-)

    JillyGirl, lovely to see you getting some time out from opening up - you are a big, big help to me and much appreciated - I mean look at the time - 11.15am and I've been trying to post since I got in this morning! I'm not a very good shop-open-upperer! :-)

    Morning Jmcf81, I hope you are having a nice start to the day :-)

    Idontsmoke, nice to see you over on the daily chat - I'll make you are cuppa to welcome you in ;-)

    Anybody else fancy one?


    It is now 2.10pm and I didn't even post this message!!

    Oh well, a fresh cuppa has just been made ;-)

  • Hey Rainbow,

    Hope the painting is going well :) just wanted to let you know that today has been really stressful at work, but i have been jumping on here and having a quick look at your cat, and have found that adorable little face quite a calming influence. :) Is she quite small? she looks really compact, i have a little ginger female called spoon and she is tiny, but cute all the same.


  • She's a normal size 4.5kg. She was massive and fat when we adopted her!.

    Not started my painting yet, which is bad because it means I'll need to work later than I had planned. I tend to do abstract colour blends so one I've started I have to finish it because it can't dry. Hopefully I'll be able to post a picture tomorrow :)

    Hope your day improves

  • How did the painting go in the end? looking forward to seeing the finished product :)

    Awwww Maia certainly looks in good shape now, she has such gorgeous markings on her face.


  • I'll post the finished product in a wee while. Not overly happy with it, but then again I never am

  • Look forward to seeing your painting. Perhaps you could open the daily chat with it.

    Hope you all have a lovely evening . Its snooker and darts for me tonight. I have discovered I am useless at snooker. Get the cue ball in the pockets no problem. :D :D . Darts I seem to be average with. so catch up later. :)

  • I'm useless at snooker and pool too. I like to go for the 'hit and hope' method. Usually urged on by swearing!

  • I'm like the tail end of the donkey, always last !! Good to see Ellie open the daily chat.Had to go to physio this morning & Sat and made some macrame bracelets this p.m.Weather has been horrible here in the North East,cold & wet ho hum I'm sure spring is just around the corner.Maia is just beautiful,a real lady, unlike one of mine Misty who has been in a real strop all day !! I think the Ecig debate will continue to rumble on but anything that stops you from smoking the real thing cannot be a bad thing.Hope everyone's day was good and smoke free.Hugs to all Hel x

  • Hi H

    you misty sounds like my female cat she is such a diva! oooh what are macrame bracelets? x

  • How's your physio going?

  • Ah she's lovely

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