Good morning, Another Monday and start of a new week. Perhaps you are starting your quit day today. If so get plenty of healthy nibbles around and plan your day so if the cravings hit you have an alternative. Remember you can do it just be patient.

Good luck and positive vibes go out to Yellowsnowdrop with her back operation. Also to Veecatz who gets her results from the chemotherapy today.

Right off to get ready for the coffee morning now. As Miranda says Oh such fun!. :D :D

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  • Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Luck for today's events :-)

    Best wishes for a super speedy recovery YellowSnowDrop, just think how marvellous you will be feeling in a months time :-) We look forward to hearing from you as soon as you feel up to it xx

    Vera, with the positivity that you have portrayed within your journey so far, we know you can deal with anything. We're all with you in spirit at your appointment and we'll be here for you when you can pop on xx

    JillyGirl, enjoy your coffee morning - I bet you are the breath of fresh air there. We all need a bit of fun and nuttiness in our life and I can just picture you being that person there this morning ;-)

    Have a lovely day everyone :-)

  • Me Nutty! Nah. (well alright then a little bit) :D :D :D :D Have a good day, see you later. :)

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Am worn to a frazzle. Today I have walked 4 miles this morning and this afternoon did a 10 mile bike ride. Can't you tell it was sunny all day. Mind you, have done nothing else :o Just been on facebook to announce my achievements and was reading an article on there that said its estimated that half the UK population will be obese by 2050. It basically said the Government should step in with hard hitting campaigns, similar to smoking campaigns (haha, what like sticking a few pictures on cigarette packs that smokers don't take a blind bit of notice of). Many of the comments on there thought that people need to take responsibility for their own health and stop expecting someone to step in and wave a magic wand.

    Anyways while I was out on my bike, feeling grateful that I actually have the time to do this kind of exercise and am not stuck behind a desk 5 days a week it got me thinking. 3 years ago I joined Weightwatchers and lost 3.5 stone. I have now been stopped smoking for nearly a year and apart from the crappy champix at the beginning I have funded all the NRT myself and carried on without the "help" of the useless smoking adviser who encouraged me to go back to smoking when I had a bit of a blip. I exercise regularly and try my best not to eat too much. So as I do all this looking after my health I think I should be able to retire early, because if I carry on the way I am I'll be fighting fit well into my old age and hopefully won't be costing the state much in health care whereas if I have to sit behind a desk 7 hours a day, 5 days a week until I'm 67 or something then all I'll do is seize up and pile on the pounds so that's what I think anyway. Am thinking of putting my idea to the Osborne numpty, see what he thinks. :D

  • I knew it was you cycling passed my window. :D :D

  • Haha, I did look a bit like that :D

  • Am now eating a well earned piece of Parkin. I found it in the cupboard when I was making room at Christmas. It's about a month out of date now but hey, it tastes ok.

  • That sounds good. very healthy (posh cough )

  • I`m eating fruit pastilles what i won on a raffle this morning, at the coffee morning. How sad is that. :)

  • Nooo that's not sad, I love fruit pastilles, have to watch stuff like that with my dodgy teeth tho.

  • Mind you a pack of fruit pastilles isn't much of a prize in a raffle is it, how much were your tickets a penny?

  • We pay 50p for coffee and biscuits and 2 raffle tickets. ( it was a bag of pastilles not just a tube.) Hubby nearly eaten them all already. :P

  • oh right, that's OK then, quite a bargain in fact.

  • Hmmmm, I bet your flippin helping to eat them :P :D :D

    Anyway, whats up with flippin fruit pastilles :o I think there flippin yummmmmmmmy :P :D :D :D

  • Hi Pete I am off to bed now so loves ya. xxx short but sweet eh.

    talking of sweets here you are. :)

  • Hello & yes it is me ...... !!! Who "you" ? "Yes" me. But who the .... are you ??

    Okay so another few weeks have passed and NOT a squeak from Mr Nope .... why ?

    Well I will let you know why.... I have been suffering from a very sore mouth, throat & strong stomach acid / heart burn, all food & drink taste distorted etc etc and it was just getting worse & worse day, week, month after month and I was getting v. depressed about it all !!! So didn't want to post while feeling rather down & put other quitters off because they would think well what is the point !!!

    Anyway cutting a long story short - my mouth & tongue went red & painful and it just kept on & on, acid & heart burn all the time and then I realised that this might be because of some eye drops I was taking and would you believe it .... about 2-3 years ago (probably because of smoking) I started taking eye drops to try and help my eyes that kept getting sore....these last 8 months or so I have been taking Opatanol eye drops. In the eye drops is, among other things "hydrochloric acid & sodium hydroxide" and I think it is this that has been causing all the damage. Well I gave up the eye drops a few days ago and already I am starting to recover !!!!!!! (I think).

    I have been to 3 different Doctors about this & have been given pills etc BUT NOT flipping once did anyone say it could be the Eye Drops !!!! PAIN & this all makes me rather cross !!!

    You give up Smoking to feel better & I did for a while but this has all been a bit SHIT !!

    Anyway I am back on the road to recovery now & feeling more like myself again ..... praise the Lord....

    and will try and post a bit more and give encouragement to other fellow NON smokers ... because even with the flipping "eye drop carry-on" giving up the smokes still remains the BEST THING I HAVE DONE IN MANY MANY YEARS.

    Best wishes to you all & back soon



    P.S. Please do NOT say I should have read the leaflet carefully before taking the drops because I now know this now (as of three days ago!!!): "skin inflammation, redness,itching, sinus infection, bad taste ..... " & may I add "acid burn to brain if you have one, mouth, throat, stomach & total taste wipe-out!!!".

  • Hiya Jonathan, Great to see you back on site. HAPPY NEW NOPE YEAR! Sorry about your eye drop problems sounds nasty. Like you say who reads the leaflets, I do that when its too late. As long as your on the mend. Did wonder what you were doing and we missed you. Anyway there are a few new members who I am sure will benefit from your positive posts. :) :)

  • Aww, that's not nice Jonathan. I seem to remember someone in my family, I think it might have been my daughter you know, who had to use eye drops and they said they could taste them all the time. Y'know your GP should have realised this. I don't know, there aren't many Doc Martin's around these days are there, they sit behind their computer looking your symptoms up on the internet and don't have a clue, useless, you might as well google your illnesses these days for all the use going to the Doctors is. Glad you're feeling a bit better now. My hubby suffers with acid reflux. Has done for ooh about 20 years or more. He was told to stop smoking and it would improve, so he did about 10 years ago, didn't make a scrap of difference!

  • Aup Jonathan, thought you'd won the flippin lotto and zoooooooomed off to America or somewhere :o :D

    Am sorry that you've had some probs, BUT its great to hear your STILL Jonathan NOPE :) :) not one puff everrrrrrrrr, :) :)

    I hope you've got it sorted now pal, you stay focused and positive on your quit eh, good luck Jonathan, I hope you get a whole lot better pal :) This is the last flippin time am sending you huggs, rite :o so you make the most of em :) :D :D

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • Any one else use this site on a mobile phone? Have you noticed that when you click on the button to reply in posts, it's really difficult to hit "reply to this". No matter how much you increase the page size and no matter how carefully you try to hit the "reply to this" button it keeps doing the "Recommend" button instead. It's getting on my nerves. The dynamic links hidden away underneath the buttons must be overlapping each other. Please sort it Healthunlocked, it makes me gnash my teeth and say all sorts of rude words.

  • Sinfree, ermmm, when did you have your eye's tested last :P :D :D :D

    Thats me done :o am out a here TAXI !!

  • I've got my piggin glasses on :o You've got a Samsung, look on your phone and try to reply using the buttons - s'rubbish. Never used to be like that.

  • Yes Sinfree, I doooooo know what you mean gal :) am sorry :( :(

    I think thats why Sue - Loopygran dose'nt come on here now, cos her laptop broke down dint it, and she told me that she can only see 8 reply's on her mobile, so, any more than that, she couldnt see them :o

  • Yeah, I've had that problem, happens on tablet too. The replies do eventually appear if you wait long enough, seems to take an age to fully load the page on a phone or tablet.

  • Hey, Sinfree, 1 of my Auties always says piggin this, piggin that and piggin the other gal :D I supose its like me using flippin eh :o

  • :D :D Piggin is just one of my repertoire of ummmm colourful words shall we say :D

  • Aup gal, talk to me in English will ya :o reper flippin toire !!

    It will be about Wednesday come Thursday before my 1 flippin brain cell works that 1 out gal !!

    Be gentle with me, cos its only Monday :D :D

  • :D ok. Well am going to piggin bed soon so I'll bid you and everyone else night night, sleep well.

  • Nite flippin nite Sinfree :) and I hope you have a lovely sweet dream, or should that be a piggin lovely sweet dream :D :D

    Take care gal :) speak soon :) xx

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