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Good morning , afternoon, or evening whatever applies,

Rainy here in Yorkshire, but at least there aren`t any floods near me. What weird weather everyone seems to be having. We seem to be getting some new faces on here so BIG welcome to you all. I am posting an older post about smoking and pets . Those of you that have been with us for a while may have already seen it.

Enjoy your smokefree day. :) :)

Passive smoking harms pets too warns PDSA

Following the call by senior doctors for a ban on smoking in cars, leading vet charity, PDSA, says the measure would benefit the health of the UK’s pets as well as people.

“Pets, just like humans, can be affected by inhaling second-hand smoke,” said PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Sean Wensley. “When people smoke in confined spaces, any passengers, be they people or pets, will have no choice but to inhale the toxic fumes.”

Research* shows cats that are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke in the home are twice as likely to develop feline lymphoma, a potentially fatal form of cancer. It can also cause breathing problems, sneezing and coughing.

Dogs are also very susceptible to smoking-related respiratory problems; studies have linked exposure to tobacco smoke to both nasal and sinus cancers**.

“The negative effects of passive smoking on human health are well known, but many smokers don’t realise that their habit may also be damaging their pet’s health,” added Sean Wensley.

“Prolonged exposure to smoking will eventually take its toll on our pets, who may go on to suffer the pain and distress of chronic breathing difficulties or cancer. So we are urging owners to think about their four-legged friend’s health as well as their own before they light up.”

Birds don’t escape the effects either. They have very sensitive respiratory systems, so cigarette smoke can be extremely harmful to birds kept indoors.

For more advice and information about pet health visit pdsa.org.uk/pethealth.

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I never smoked in this flat, part of that was because of the cat. Years ago when I had house rabbits and smoked in the flat, they used to get sneezy coughs. Still feel guilty that I was the one making them ill


Know what you mean , I did the same with my dog and a budgie. Just dont think at the time unfortunately. :)


Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening All :-)

Thanks for reminding us of this JillyGirl. Most people don't realise the harm that can be caused to our lovely pets. I think sometimes we can forget that they have lungs and other vital organs just as we do. A prime example is of a budgie in a cage, the owners smoke rising, little budgie breathing it in or even after the smoke has settled on their feathers they then have to clean themselves and so ingest quite a lot of toxins from doing so. Bless their little feathery ones eh?! :o

Morning Ellie, you're now making changes for the benefit of Miai so that's a huge thing that you don't need to be feeling guilty about anymore :-)

I've had a busy morning so far, I don't know where the morning has got to!


8 today, it's getting hard now! Can you still do them without a break? :o ;-)

I know I'd get told off cos I'm not going low enough but if I keep it up I might even manage that. I'll be happy if I can keep going for one month - or til I get back. :|


I just tried it. But with knees on the floor (bad shoulders from years sat over a computer) did it without stopping but I've not been doing them the other 7 days. You can do a version of pressups against a wall stood up. Might be easier as the days turn into weeks.


I like doing wall press-ups best of all. :) As I'm not doing any other exercise at the moment I feel I've got to go the whole hog. :o Emjay will have to be careful that her neck doesn't go out again. :D :D


Good afternoon everyone.

I was thinking along those lines too Jilly, as all our new members seem to have pets of one kind or another. :)

We had a window in the weather this morning so I had a quick walk along the seafront. I can't believe the amount of rubbish that's been washed up. Most of the sand seems to be on the prom too. Spotted the bit where a bit of cliff collapsed demolishing some beach huts. The sun popped out briefly and it felt lovely and warm. It's gone grey again now and started raining. :o In that case, I'd better get back to my packing. :)


Have you managed any photos yet. :)


Yes, I got some pictures but haven't got a clue how to get them out of my machine and put them on here. :o :D :D


Afternoon All :-)

I've not done today's yet Andi - Up to now I can still do them in one set. I'm probably not getting as low as I should but I am doing my bestest :D and like you, I'm sure I'll improve. You'll have to make sure yours are done before you get on the plane :D :D

Sin, why don't you jog in with us two, seeing as you managed today's easily enough ;-)

I've also decided I'm going to make a start on the 52 week challenge suggested by naburn. That will most definitely get harder for me as time goes on!

A cup of tea is most definitely needed, so if anyone fancies one - the kettle is on!


What's the 52 week challenge then? - I think I missed that. Will you be doing that alongside the press-ups? I'll probably do mine tomorrow after I arrive at my sister's - I'd probably get carted off if I drop on the floor in the airport to do it. :|


Yeahhhhh, you do it in the airport Andi :P :P :D :D :D


:P :P


Yeahhhh, also, when you do a press-up, you are supposed to touch the ground with your nose very nearly and your elbows at 90 % :P :P :D :D


You'd better behave yourself while I'm away, I've got my spies out! :o





:D :D :D

I see keyhole Kate is even there :D :D :D

Anyway, I always behave myself :|

I wish you a safe and pleasant journey to your Sisters :) I hope she knows your coming :P :P :D :D


Thanks, got to go now, nite nite. :) xxx


Nite nite Andi, you have a lovely time :) :)

HEY, and dont you get doing anything I wouldnt do, OK :P :D :D

Take care gal, see ya soon :) xxxxx


Enjoy yourself love going on travels x


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