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Hello everyone, I hope you all slept well and feeling positive today, Those of you further south (Australia) I hope you`ve had a good day and ready for a lovely sleep.Very grey wet and dull here in Yorkshire, but never mind it may brighten up.

Anyone with any cravings or problems, dont forget you can search in the hints and tips on the right hand side of this screen, or simply put your query in the search box top right of the page. Otherwise post a question and one of us will reply a.s.a.p.

Right! priority kettle on. Cuppa anyone?

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Good morning Jilly

I've got a question. When i was smoking i would have a cup of coffee and ciggie first thing in the morning. The past few days I've still had my coffee but without the ciggie. Is this the right thing to do or should i avoid the coffee altogether. I think i read ages ago that by still having the coffee without smoking that it breaks the association of having coffee with smoking. But at the same time maybe the coffee can bring on cravings? Maybe it's different for everyone else but so far my morning coffee hasn't been too stressful! On day 4 now and can't believe I've got this far without any NRT :-)


Like you say everyone is different. If you find you are coping with a coffee and no cig thats good. Sometimes its breaking the routine rather than a craving. I used to have a ciggie with my early deink , but I never had breakfast. Now I have cereal and a cuppa. I dont think the coffee will bring on the cravings. I think your brain relates coffee and ciggies go together I think you have broken the connection already. Day 4 is brilliant carry on the good work you are a winner. :) :)


Thanks Jilly to you and Emjay you've been a great support :-)

I have many motivations for quitting but it's strange that among my greatest motivations for quitting is my 2 and a half year old son but he's also the main reason why i want to light up again! His tantrums and totally unnecessary whinging is really testing me today. Have had to leave the room a few times and take deep breaths and count to 10. It's almost like he's deliberately testing me!


Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening :D :-/

JillyGirl, I haven't had a cuppa since about 7.30 this morning so one is much needed now :-)

Hey Jmcf81, you are doing amazingly well at the minute and I'd echo what JillyGirl has said really. If having your regular drink in the morning is causing you no bother so far, then why worry. Stopping or changing drinking your regular drink is something that we recommend usually because it is a common 'trigger' to wanting to have a cigarette. It sounds that you have 'trained' yourself to be able to accept caffeine without the nicotine :-) Keep on keeping on and you'll be celebrating having made it through your first week before you know it :-)


It's funny how we look at things isn't it? It all depends on what is happening within our lives at the time :-)

Quite often our reasons for wanting to smoke become our excuses for wanting to start again.

Don't let your reasons become your excuses and remember that how you are feeling is only temporary. It will all soon pass :-)

You're doing amazingly well, you just have to remember that :-)


Signing off for now as I am going out for a meal with family, then games night back at the flats. (Oh ! such a busy person) :D

I would just like to say its lovely to see so many new members as well as old members helping each other. :) :)


Hey Everyone,

I'm just trying my best to keep up with you all here, lots of posts between you all and as usual tonnes of fantastic advice and support :-)

You really are absolutely fantastic.

If you think I've not answered you, I may have whizzed past your post in between meets :-/ So, just give me a gentle shove and I'll be on it!

JillyGirl, have a lovely meal :-)

I'm around here until 6ish and then going to visit an old friend straight from work but I will pop back on once I'm home :-)


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