Hello everyone, I apologise for not coming on the site over the weekend, but developed a chest infection so decided to rest up. Anyway got antibiotics this morning so hopefully on the mend now. I see we have had a lot of new members over the last few days, which is really good news. Also supporting each other. So well done to all. We now have 1.030 members.

Anyone need any help just shout we will be here. :)

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  • Happy Monday One and All,

    JillyGirl, you take extra care and look after that little lonesome lung of yours xx

    Yep, lots of new members and lots of activity going on, I keep coming across posts that I've missed as well as members who have not yet received their Winners Badges.

    I should be around properly for the best part of the day now so if anybody needs owt, just shout :-)

  • Thanks Emjay, I did have the doctor laughing though, when he asked if I was allergic to anything I said

    only chemotherapy. He then said he would let me off with that one. :)

  • Hope you get well soon Jilly!

  • Thanks Ellie

  • Hi Jillygirl. Sorry you've been proper pooly, hope you soon get better. :) I put a 'like', well a recommend as it is on here, on your post today because even though that is a very positive statement you've put on there, and as you know I don't really do positive, but that really struck a chord, its so true.

    What a totally beeyoootiful day it is out there, already done a 2 mile walk to the hairdressers, then Grimmy on Radio 1 informed me that it was 9.30 and I had another 10 minutes roughly of walking to get to the hairdressers so I had to do multi jogettes. Interval jogetting, was still late tho, but hey, I did an average 14 minute mile so my fastest ever walk to date and it took hardly any recovery time to get my breath back. This time last year, even though I wouldn't have dreamt of walking all the way to the hairdressers anyway, a walk and run like that would have had me gasping for air once I reached my destination and in need of resuscitation never mind a hair cut. So, yes What you do today can and does improve all your tomorrows. Off out for a bike ride to Lidl this afternoon to get an electric stapler for hubby to finish off camper van upholstering.

  • Thanks Sinfree

  • Hi Jilly,

    You take good care of yourself hun x

  • Thank you. xx

  • Hope you're feeling better soon Jilly :-)

  • Thank you. xx

  • Hi everyone.

    Sorry you're a bit crooked at the moment Jilly, you must have got it from our Compo - too much snogging going on and you've caught his man flu. :-o :D :D I hope the anti biopics kick in quickly and you're feeling better soon. :)

    Emjay, it looks like Sin is the most active member at the moment. ;-) How are the press-ups and the other exercises going? :-o I've taken the afternoon off today as where we were skiing got a bit too hairy for me! I haven't done my press-ups yet today. I now do them in sets of 10 +. :)

  • :P :P :D :D

  • Jillygirl, you get better soooooon yeah :) :)

    Cos am missin ya naggin at me gal :o :D :D

    Time I scarpered, me thinks :|

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