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Hello everyone, Hope you are all feeling fine today, and your weather is fine too.

Very quiet yesterday, so hoping everyone was that busy they didnt have time to get any nicotine cravings.

Just a reminder dont forget that smoking damages so many things.

Pets suffer, children suffer and imitate adults., decorations of the house yellow.,stale smoke smells on clothing, and in the car. Thats just a few . The main damage it causes is to YOU! So tell those cravings to go away as quickly as they came. :)

Here is a rhyme we had on a while ago.


Why do people smoke tobacco, is it good for you?,

Cowboys have tobacco that they sit and chew,

They look so very grown up, sending smoke into the air.

It doesnt really smell nice, but they dont seem to care.

I wonder why they shout at me when I say can I try,

No way! can you smoke, it will make you die.

Grown ups are odd, as they say we are only looking after you.

So WHY do they smoke? IS it good for you?

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Hey Everyone :-)

Following a rather hectic day yesterday, I've logged onto my computer this morning and on here to find that my post from yesterday is still sat in this big white box waiting to send!

Hopefully today I shall be at my desk for most of the day, so if anybody needs owt, just give me a shout and I should be able to get back to you pretty quick :-)

Yesterday, I have had one great sort out and created quite a mess in the process :o All tidied up and most of it sorted now though. A place for everything and everything in it'd place.... almost! :D

Lovely to see new members popping on, and great to see Nixy and friezfriend back ;-)

JillGirl, it's funny how young people see smoking isn't it? On one hand they get the message that it is bad for you and believe it to be the killer that it is, then on the other hand they see how much difference it makes to their parent's / carer's when they have had to go without their cigarettes - how it can make them so short tempered etc and then 'seem calm' once they've managed to be able to smoke. It really does give mixed messages. As adults, we really are role models for the young people in our lives - whether we like it or not too.

I shall go and pop the kettle on and then see what's been happening round here :-)


Talking of children, where I live is a footpath to and from the secondary school. It surprises me how many of them smoke. But today I saw one boy with an e cig. surely this must be an image thing, what is the world coming to. Or perhaps its me getting old. :O


You and me both jillygirl x


This is one of our concerns here at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, we are working hard to try and de-normalise smoking but with products such as these, smoking is made to look normal :-/


Dont suppose it helps having different flavours


Appreciate what you're saying here but.........there are a lot of people who have stopped smoking with e-cigs. One of the people at work who started with an e-cig towards the end of last year is still going strong, she didn't smoke over Christmas, so that's another one given up. In fact it's two because her husband stopped as well, in fact it was all his idea and has kept her going when she's wanted to smoke. You can't knock 'em I think their success rate in aiding people who want to stop smoking has outstripped all other forms of smoking cessation aids and over a very short space of time too.


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