Good morning, afternoon .,or evening, wherever you may be . Yorkshire has the rain today, so wont be going too far.

How is everyone today,It seems fairly busy on here recently so anyone new to the site just pop a question on and we will be with you a.s.a.p. Otherwise just join in our daily chat. Anybody fancy opening the daily chat , please do. I only open it to try and help Emjay. Volunteers needed.

Right off to make a cuppa now, if anyone wants to join me. :) :) Have a good N.O.P.E (not one puff ever) day. :)

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  • Morning Jilly and everyone

    Great - we are heading to the weekend again so less stressed out (maybe!!).

    I don't really know what I have been going through these last few months but just starting to feel better again and eyes, mouth, throat & stomach seem to be improving.... cutout eating bread recently and maybe this has helped... oh I don't know !!!! Is it possible that all this was related to damage caused by smoking and this is still all about the body trying to recover even though it is nearly 6 months without now ????

    Anyway I am somewhat relieved to be feeling better and I will hold onto this because it makes a nice change !!!

    May I wish everyone else well and I guess whatever we have to go through "is what we have to go through" and I now think the smoking could so easily have taken me out completely if I had carried on... time is the great healer when it comes to recovering from this HORRIBLE FILTHY DANGEROUS ADDICTION.

    Best wishes



  • Good morning Jonathan, So glad you are feeling better. Onwards and upwards. I know what you mean about is it smoke related, I think I feel the same. Got rid of my cough so the antibiotics must have worked. Just a slight tickly cough now and again. Last weekend I sounded like a barking dobermann. :D :D Have a lovely day. xx :)

  • Thanks Jilly "Onwards and upwards" it is then .........I guess I am NOT allowed to feel tooooo sorry for myself although ....... !!!



  • Hi

    Its great to know you are still smoke free.

    coming up to 3 months and starting to feel less need for NRT times have been bad but all worth it!

    I do think we have a right to feel sorry for ourselves we have changed a life style

    good luck


    LIZ XX

  • Like Emjay says we should have a pity party.

    Mines pity i didnt stop earlier. :)

  • Hey Everyone, it certainly is getting busy around here - Really nice to see and hopefully we can keep hold of the personal touch within it :-)

    JillyGirl, you have been amazing support to me as have a number of you, especially those who post regularly :-) I understand that you can't be around all the time - although you do seem to be :D :D

    We do have our regular posters here and your input is very much valued as this is what makes this community work. I think having the daily chat is like 'opening up shop' each day and as you've said - if anyone fancies opening up, then please do so :-) All volunteers welcome :-)

    Jonathan, lovely to see you still NOPE-ing away and in fine spirit despite your eye-drop challenge amongst other things. Just keep on keeping on and think of the pennies and the health :D It's okay to have a pity party once in a while, not forever though. It's when you realise you are the only one turning up all the time, then it's time to do something different ;-)

    Liz, you are doing amazingly well and it's really nice to see how positive you are. A true winning spirit :-)

    I'm having a quick catch up here and then off out to Preston for a meeting at 2, so shall be back on later this afternoon and evening :-)

    Anyone fancy a quick cuppa before I go?

  • Preston that's my neck of the woods, should have said I could have made you a cuppa Emjay

  • Thanks Emjay .... (changed my post!!) you got me thinking .... decided "pity party now over".

    Good one & best wishes



  • Sorry got the posting & delete bug today !!

  • Evening All :D

    Just popping my head round the door to see how you are ;-)

    You post away Jonathan, it's nice to have you around :-)

    Hey Kaprin, we could have had a right 'ole chinwag too :-)

    I hope you're all having a nice evening. I can't believe it is Friday tomorrow - I feel like somebody has stolen my Tuesday and Wenesday :-/

  • I've just discovered a new button at the top... Not sure if it's activated yet though... Hmmmm.... I wonder how it'll be used...?

    Has anybody else noticed it? :o

  • Do you mean the tags button? will have a go with something useful.

  • Ooooh no, I've not seen that... Click on your name at the top and look what drops down :o

  • Done that all my posts . is that right. I thought it did that before.

  • Wow found the correct one now. invite friends pretty good eh. One big problem my bestest friends are already on here. :)

  • Aaaaaaawwwwww that's a lovely thing to sa, same for me too ;-)

    I wonder if it would allow for people to be added like from Twitter or Facebook then....

  • I will be interested when they have sorted it. :)

  • okay you lovely people, I am going to get ready for a bit of snooze time now. So night night everyone. See you all tomorrow. xxxxxx :) :)

  • Good Night and God Bless JillyGirl :-)


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