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hi everyone not been about for a while been a real busy time with xmas at work and home. but still no cigs. gave up 23rd oct 13. first xmas

without fags!!!! wow even those words felt alien to me before. stopped counting the weeks now it just seems normal not to light up. still vaping away on ecig . dont feel guilty at all using this to give up. use it openly and with pride. its got me off the fags. thats a good thing. i celabrate this and all my family do including my 6 yr old grandaughter who says " your great granma your still not smokin those horrible ciggies" how good does that make me feel!! so to all on site including all the new year newbies. keep goin use whatever you need to help you quit ignor the comments from those who know nothing and you will get there. celabrate every day you go without lighting up. soon those days turn into weeks then months. good luck and pat yourselves on the back i do everyday . i am brill my grandaughter told me so. xx

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Hi Jules , well done on staying smoke free. Isnt it lovely when you dont have to worry when your going to have your next ciggy. Even better when grandchildren are happy for you. Like you say do your own thing if it helps you quit, and ignore those patronising remarks from people who dont really help anyone. :)


couldnt have put it better jilly. thanks


Aup Jules, its great to see you again gal :)

A massive well done to you for getting through your first Christmas smoke free :) That must be lovely to have your Granddaughter tell you that you are a brill none smoking Grandma :) :)

You stick at it gal, like Jillygirl has said, stuff those people who know nothing about quitting smoking, cos your No 1 so you do your thing eh :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


thanks pete. your great. nice to hear from you again.


Fab.x :)


Congratulations, I echo all that has been said! it does not matter how you quit just that you do. Very well done x


Hey Jules, a big massive well done to you :-)

4 week winners award badge shall be rewarded to you in a mo - although you will also be getting your 3 month award badge in a couple of days :-)

Like your Grandaughter, we think you are brill too! :D


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