Not really cig related but still about giving up ... a rant.(You have been warned)

I stopped drinking alcohol about 10 weeks ago,just because I wanted to see how long I could go without a drink and also because I honestly shouldn't have been drinking with my pain meds anyway.So,for one reason and another I REALLY wanted a glass of wine tonight but again because of my meds I haven't.

Just feeling really fed up & somewhat cheated,just having one of my 'everything I like has gone' days (how feeble is that!!) but today has been HARD.Rant over.SORRY H x

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  • Helen, A flippin massive, massive well done to you gal :) :) yippy flippin dippy doooooooo :) :)

    I know what you mean Helen, as in Everything we like, - is bad for us eh :( :P

    H :) maybe, say you have a treat night, just one night a week, when you can let yourself go eh :) have a glass of wine and a nibble of something ermmmm, naughty eh :) this way you will have something to look forwards to :)

    Just a thought H, :o and I tell you gal, if you want a rant, then come on here and flippin RANT :) :)

  • Pete,have I ever told you what a treasure you are,coz if I haven't then I should've.Just being a bit of a mizzle coz it's rained all damn day again & my poor mam has been super confused,not knowing what day it was and asking where my sister was when she knew yesterday that my sister was away.It just really makes me so sad and I used to drown my sorrows (too often I'm afraid!!) In the bottom of a wine bottle.Hence the reason I stopped.I think my liver quite likes the new me !!!!! : )

  • Yep, know just what you mean Helen, cos its blowing a gale and erm, persisting it down here :P :( I think the weather is getting us all down at the moment gal :o

    You say that your Mam gets confused, well, so does mine gal :o your not on your own with that one :) My Mams 95 now, but with all the troubles she's had over the last 10 years, she's still firering on all 4 cylinders :) well, most of the time eh :) Bless her.

    I think your liver may well like the new you now gal :) :) I bow down to you Helen for the courage and determination that you have gal :)

    Speak soon H :)

  • Hey Helen, well done for not giving in on the drink front, imagine what could happen with mixture of painkillers Hun. No point getting all healthy to do some damage for the sake of a wine. Don't think about as missing out, but be really happy that you are a none smoker who has so much inner strength that you saw sense and didn't have a drink! Just think how good it will be to have a glass once you are off the pain killers as it will be worry free.... Blimey by then half a wine gum or a sniff of the corker and you will be dancing on tables :)

    Funnily enough I am teatotal, gave up drink 23 years ago and it never bothered me at all, shame fags are not that easy!!

    This weather really seems to be sent to try us all, but with support from the site we can get through it :) but being stuck in is driving me slowly insane :(

    On a different note ... Have you ever done cross stitch? I ask as I know you have skills. I need something to distract me and was wondering if they were hard to pick up! X

  • Cross stitch are pretty easy when you get into it. It's the chart that usually throws people so maybe buy a children's one first? Good practice at the counting. You tube is full of tutorials too. If you needed I help I'd be happy to help (sorry I kinda gatecrashed this conversation)

  • Thanks Hun will look for an easy one tomorrow x

  • I totally dig cross-stitch! It's fun, keeps fingers busy and you can watch telly whilst you stitch. I used to design my own patterns out of photos which is challenging but fun. You can make birthday cards with cross-stitch patterns on them, bookmarks, plenty of things to keep you occupied. My kitten picture is my current stitching project :)

  • ahh cool Lenne, i am going to have a look for one this weekend x

  • Last drink i had was in Prague last March on my birthday.I didn't drink every day but, i guess when i was with friends i made up for it. I can honestly say, i haven't missed it at all.Now, i was amazed, to discover that my cholesterol level had shot up at my last blood test in August. I never fried food but, eggs were my weakness. Since then, i have had no bread ( so i don't have butter ), no eggs, no olive oil, no bacon, liver or fatty foods. I have to say, i do crave eggs. Still, i have my porridge with banana, every morning, fruit during the day, and chicken salad at night and i do enjoy it. I realise that when my cholesterol levels are normal, i cannot go back to consuming a tray of eggs a week, but, giving them up is worse for me than packing the cigs up.My one treat is baby fish and chips. I meet my friend once a month and we go off for the day and have fish and chips. She rang yesterday and, because i'll be away for my birthday said, we'll have a meal .. not fish and chips.I said, no, i want fish and chips. We shall see.

  • Oh man you have had to give up so much! Have you tried those cholesterol reducing drinks like benecol? I don't know if they work or not x

  • Hi Yellowsnowdrop.I stopped drinking 27 years ago on the 25th April this year. mainly because it was costing me more than money and plummeted me into depressions.Like the cigs which was 17 weeks yesterday, I stay stopped one day at a time. It was one of the best things I ever did,I have never given up anything lightly,but sometimes I ask myself "Why am I doing this".If i'm honest with myself.I know what I need to do.This may or may not be helpful to you but it has helped me confirm why I'm still willing to respect myself.Thank you

  • Al,I did try cross stitch but was rubbish,kept looking my way.I have some pics of the bits of jewellery I've made this week so will try & post them soon,gave the stuff to my sister in law and my sister who were happy I think.YouTube has loads of really useful stuff,check out some of the beading vids,buy some cheap beads and off you go.I learnt Peyote stitch in 20 mins yesterday.Hey there,surrendertowin,good to see you again,how goes things? Hope,hope,hope that your pain is a bit better.Let me know.On a lighter note,it's my birthday soon & I got £40 to spend on seed beads(I'm like a kid in a sweatshop,so many beads and so little time LOL!!!)

  • Ooh h can't wait to see your jewellery Hun. I have made wine glass charms and handbag charms as my wedding favours from beads ( wedding never happened but sold well on eBay lol.....every cloud ) ooh birthday treats how exciting :) x

  • Al, huggs huggs and more huggs to you gal :) :)

  • aww thanks pete i love a good huggle x

  • Hello Yellowsnowdrop,I'm doing ok thankyou.I keep having a peek at this sight to see what everyone is 'up to'.I'm getting a bit more mobile now but in a lot of pain.My right foot is still swollen and is driving me nuts.Although it is very pink and I suppose thats a good sign.I have to see the specialist on Thursday this week to asses me.I hope that he thinks I'm progressing ok as it feels never ending.I keep getting 'cabin fever' and long so much to be able to get a rucksack on and flee the 'madding' crowds,ha ha I live in a small village on the edge of the yorkshire dales.A crowd is two people and a dog. I hope you are feeling better and thank you for your inspiration, along with 'Monkey' alias Peter.

  • Al my flower,birthday treats all very well & good but when your birthday numbers add up to 10 when added together it's maybe not so good.Sad thing is I still feel 24 inside it's just the outside that lets me down !!! The last sentence in my last post should read 'kid in a sweetshop' I swear on all that is good and right this bl###y Kindle & it's clever predictive text is going in the bin !!!

  • So if your birthday numbers add up to 10 then you are 19... 1 + 9 = 10 :) awesome.

    I know what you mean hun, I cant believe how the years have crept up on me either, :( i am sure there must be some mistake :) My son is 21 in April.....21!!!! how did that even happen. It makes me smile as the folk at work obviously thought i was younger than i am, so when i said it was his 21st this year, i could see them doing the maths, and when i came back from lunch they asked how old i was when i had him lol, i nearly said 12 hee hee :) x

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