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Still a non-smoker

Hi everyone, I have emerged from the dark December days(which I hate) I think my last name should've been Scrooge!! Anyway, still going strong and I can now say I stopped smoking early last year, something like 263 days. Anyway, for all the new ones stopping smoking it is hard - but well worth it. I hate it when folk say if I can stop - anyone can. It is entirely - in my mind - you will do it when you are ready. I stopped a month before I got diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Despite the disease, it didn't make me want to start again, and I am still glad I'm smoke free. I have a scan on Mon 13th to see if all the chemo and radiotherapy has worked. It has been a long and arduous journey, and it isn't over yet. Lung Cancer is usually symptomless until it has grown to a larger size. So keep at it and don't even have a puff of a ciggy. It usually used to set me off again on the many times I had tried to stop. Anyway, I am feeling positive and by the end of next week I will know what the outcome will be.

It is so nice to come home and not have the smell of stale smoke lurking on everything - so keep at it - I wished I had stopped sooner - but as I said - must not have been ready! :) :D

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Hey Vera, you are most definitely a mind reader! Every single time I have thought about messaging you to see how you are doing, you seem to hear my thoughts and then pop up a post!

Good to hear that you have an outcome on the way. You've worked really hard at keeping up the positive momentum throughout your treatment. You've had one hell of a roller-coaster ride :-)

You are an inspiration to us all :-)



Hi Vera, Happy New Year! I am sure you will have one with your attitude. Keep thinking positive thoughts and your a winner.

Will send lots of good vibes to you for the 13th.

Please let us know how you get on.

Just got my appointment for the 6 month check up (just over 1 year ago) so we can both keep positive. :)

love and hugs. xx


Hi Veecatz, Yes its one hell of a journey, I have just started my cancer journey. Like you I stopped smoking a couple of weeks before I knew I had cancer, I am a few weeks into my attempt but sometimes I want a cig, however I won't have one as I know I would start again. Hope all goes well for you in the future, we seem to spend a lot of time waiting don't we. x


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