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From now I am a Non- smoker

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is doing great..

I have tried quitting a month back but it did'nt really go well due to some reasons. But here I am again.. And this time results are gonna be different..

I need suggestions for an alternative for smoking for initial few days.. Patches and gums are not working for me..

Please suggest...

Very happy to see a lot of you continuing the winning run and lot of new non-smokers emerging...

Keep up the great effort ....:)

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Hi Sibyj10

I found I needed a 'ritual' to replace cigs so, what worked for me was exotic flavoured tea. I know it sounds a bit daft but think about it......

You need a reward (say after dinner or completing a job)

You want to use your hands (like if you were smoking)

You desire something oral - that tastes good

And, you would rather not put on weight

My personal favourites are Salted Caramel and Buttermint. The twining's website sells more than you see in the local supermarket.

I quit cold turkey after 40+ years and I'm coming up to my 18 month badge. Also, I only put on one pound. It worked for me, it might work for you! Good luck with your quit....I promise you it gets easier and easier. Hold on in there.



Thank you so much Rozi for the wonderful suggestions.. I will definitely try some of them and will share the feedback..


Hi Sibyj10.

Good on you for not giving up on quitting - Use the last time as a practice run :) :)

Maybe one of those e-cigs might help you, it certainly has helped a lot of other members.

To be successful you have to have a very strong determination so that when the cravings come, you have the strength not to give in to them.

Try writing down all the reasons why you want to quit so you have the constant reminders around your home :) :)

Drink lots of water and get some exercise as this help flush out all the toxins :) :)

Keep this site nice and close as the support here really does help :) :)

Believe you can and you will :) :)

Turn all negative thoughts into positives...Under no circumstances do we NEED a cigarette, we may think that we do..and the cravings will try and convince you that we do but ACTUALLY we dont :) :) you just need to change you thinking.

If you have not read Allen Carrs Easy way to quit smoking this too may help you as it does put smoking into prospective.

I wish i could help you some more, but i quit cold turkey after 40 years of 30 a day and i believe it was a combination of my strong determination and the support here that got me through :) :)

Good Luck


Thanks Glolin.....Your words are truly inspirational... I would really not give up for all the cravings and breath peacefully..


Well done Siby for getting back on your quit, you can do it😊

Fruit was my alternative, small pieces of any fruit chopped up and keep in a bag in the fridge. Every time you get a craving open the fridge and take a piece of fruit. It really worked for me so hope it helps you as well. Also if you can manage to fit some excercise into your day, it will be good. Keep busy and stay positive, here's to a healthier future😊x


Thank you..:)


Hiya, well I am only on my second day and I am using a patch, so we can help each other on..........I have a little white inhaler that comes with filters to fight off the worst craving, which I find works for me, so far anyway, I drive a lot and smoked in the car a lot, stuck in traffic, bored etc. so having the inhaler works, although I don't put any filter in, just use it to take long deep breathes through it, really helps.....

My friend cut up straws and used to smoke straws, worked for her.......All the best to you :)

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Oh and another friend used to eat and apple every time she really craved a cigarette, it takes a few minutes to eat, long enough for the craving to leave her, that worked for her, although she isn't a big apple fan anymore, she is a non smoker! :)


ohhh thank you Janglee...Cheers buddy.. Lets do it together,,


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