Well folks I have reached 6 month as a ex smoker and must say I am really very proud of myself,having been diagnosed with copd moderate stage I was scared to death and don't even miss the dreaded cigi still feeling quite breathless that I am assuming is the copd as not really coughed much rubbish out from smoking just thought I would update.

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  • Hey Sukeen1,

    That's excellent. A massive well done to you. I'm just over six months and still get a little breathless at times, but I am also coughing up loads of rubbish still.

    Again, fantastic news. It won't be long before it becomes a year :-)

  • Well done Sukeen, that is brilliant :) x

  • Massive CONGRATULATIONS Sukeen - that is amazing! And it sounds like you've done it so well :)

    Well done you !!!!! :) :) :)

  • Hi Sukeen1, lovely to hear from you again. BIG well done on reaching 6 months. :)

    New Badge please Emjay !

  • Hi Sukeen, 6 months, what a brilliant achievement. Hope you're singing and dancing to celebrate! Well done to YOU x

  • Congratulations Sukeen :)

  • Congrats Sukeen on reaching six months quit, and so you should feel very proud of yourself. Happy No Smoking x :-)

  • Well done to you. It's a massive achievement. I should be there to a week on Saturday. Well done!

  • Hey there, lovely to hear from you - I better sort your 5 month badge out pretty darn quickly! :-)

  • Hey Sukeen! Wowser, get you! Congratulations on making it so far :-)

    Now, let's get that badge sorted :-)

  • Yes congratulations sukeen awesome achievement

  • Thanks for all the support,it really means a lot and well done to all the above for achieving targets so far.

  • Hi Sukeen and congratulations on getting to this milestone. No going back now. :)

  • Hey my fellow cyclist, where's you bin hiding, not seen you for ages.

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