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Almost 3 months in being a non smoker !!!!!

I am wondering when does a person start to feel better. I find I am tired and coughing a lot still after 11 weeks of no cigarettes.

I do notice my lungs do not ache like they use to so that is positive, and I have not had a lung infection so far like I use to often. too often! I am using the E-Cig it has been a miracle for me I have never made it this far as a non smoker My hubby is so proud of me and I am proud of myself. I noted in a earlier post that I was 3 months as a non smoker but oops I was ahead of myself ,one more week and it will be three months.

So when has other people started feeling better after becoming a non smoker. I smoked for over 40 years and use to only make it as far as 7 weeks so this is quite an a yahoooooo for me!!!!

I find I am wheezing a lot lately and have sinus issues as well is this all part of my body trying to recover from the damage I have done as a smoker?

Regardless of not feeling well I am still going strong as a non smoker and taking it one day at a time. I do not want to smoke ever again. So with that mind set I think I will be successful this time.

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Hi La,

Sadly, there not a one size fits all - we are all different in our recovery from not smoking,

Like you, I too smoked for 40 years - I noticed positive changes after around that 3 month mark. I never had a cough or wheezing - Maybe a trip to your GP would be worthwhile to rule out any underlying infection etc.

We really have to be patient as you can't change a life time of all those nasty chemicals in just a few short weeks :) :)

Enjoy the befits as the come :) :)


Hiya la, you're well on your way to 3 months quit, so well done😊

As Lin has said we're all different but you will see the benefits of your quit, there's no doubt about that. Give your body time to heal and it will, in the meantime be very proud of yourself😊x


Aup La, the girls are spot on, cos we are all so different :o

La, you have already noticed that your lungs dont ache now :) can you taste your food now, can you smell things better, do you smell better, do your clothes smell better, just ask hubby about that eh :o :) :)

As for the wheezing and sinus issues, quite a few of our members have found these get worse before they get better :o but if in any doubt then please nip to your GP :)

La, your going great flippin guns gal, am soooooo PROUD of ya :) :) so you keep that mind of your's set and focused on your quit and you will do just fine :) :)

La is your quit date 9th August :o if not, jusy flippin slap the backs of my legs and I will sort it :) :)

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Whooooohoooo la, fantastic quit you got going on and a double whammy that hubby is thrilled to 😊

I agree with the others, get your chest checked out 😊😊

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Yahoooooooooooooooooooooo! I hope you are feeling better before you even read this! That said .. it is somewhat unpredictable among individuals. A sense of humour helps immensely!

PS: For nagging or worrisome physical issues it's quite OK to see your GP.

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Congrats👏🎉🎉🎉. I don't feel 100% yet either. Our bodies are healing from the damage we did I have to be patient and not look back. Keep going


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Congrats for ur three months of quit...

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Thank you for all of your support I am very happy to find this community to support and encouragement .I am amazed how this cigarette addiction not only effects our lungs but our mind as well.

I don't know if any one has had these experiences , like thinking did I put my cigarette out? , when you haven't even had a cigarette, because your not smoking anymore , or pick up a lighter and go looking for a cigarette when there are no cigarettes to be found and then realize what I am doing and smile to myself and think I don't even want to have a cigarette .I am a non smoker now.

I have to smile and think yes I am going to do this and be successful.

Going to the doctor to find out what is going on with the wheezing I mentioned in an earlier post The wheezing isn't every day now sooooooooo its getting better as well

Thanks to you all and everyone hang in there it gets better and easier as time goes on


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