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Recent non smoker!!!!

Hi all just stopped - had my last one yesterday at 7.00 am - so been piggie free for nearly 36 hours - wow! Using patches but wonder about those little mini tabs advertised on the telly - or are they just for cutting down? Definitely need to keep busy - thank goodness for the dog and long walks with him.

Did have a massive urge to go the shops and buy some earlier on but it is raining so overcame the need! Have to say that wouldn't have been the case if I hadn't been on patches - would have walked in hail, rain or snow for a pack if I'd ran out.

Been checking out blogs for a while now and read the advise and support offered - great stuff.

Let you know how I get on.

LTP (lilly the pink)

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Hi LTP, i'm Pete nice to meet you, i can see that you have been reading some of the blogs on here, due to you using PIGGIES :D :D

I am also using patches and find them very good, but have also got the inhalator !! for the real bad times. :(

I'm not sure about the mini tabs, but if you go onto the question blogs- and look at Emjay's NRT blog, I think she talks about them there!! if not?! blog a question yourself, and either Claire or Helen, who are support advisers, will answer you. :)

Hey you are doing great :) you've made that first crucial step in quitting, and now you have to keep quit !! :D easy :)

There is loads of help on this site, and we are all very friendly, and try to help each other, also we try to have a laugh as well, so please come and join us, on the daily chat if you like!! :)

Speak later and good luck :)

Pete :)


Thanks Pete - - I'll check the questions out for that and will join in on daily chat as it does look fun and helpful.



Hi there Lily, Andi here and welcome to our community. It seems to be growing every day. It's great that you've been following us for a bit. It was finding this site accidently and reading it for a couple of days that spurred me on to finally give up the dreaded weed! I think it hadn't really taken off much then as we were on weekly blogs til I suggested daily ones as it was getting a bit tedious going up and down the screen all the time. Mind you, looking at yesterday's, it does get a bit busy some days - at this rate we'll have to have morning, afternoon and evenng ones!!! :D :D

Anyway, it's brilliant that you've nearly made it through your second day - it's just so tough that first week but with all our help you're hopefully on track for a new kind of FREEDOM lifestyle.

Good luck, Andi


Hi Andi

thanks for support



Hi lilythepink, pleased to meet you. I am jillygirl (usually the first one up in a morning) Pete will probably say the daftest too.

Anyway well done! :) you have made a good start on quitting. Like Pete says if you look on the questions blogs you will probably find it helpful.

Emjay, claire and helen are brilliant for advice . :)

You cant beat this site for keeping you focused, and a good laugh at the same time.

If I get an urge for one of those piggies I log on to this site and the craving soon goes. Usually because i`m laughing at the remarks on here. :D

will catch up soon .


Thanks jillygirl



Hi andi , just read your comments to Ltp.

I`ll take the morning chats if you do the afternoon, or perhaps cos we are both up early we share and give Pete the afternoon and night shift. :D :P

Hope your calf muscle is ok. its not nice is it.:(

I bought new sandals today, been wearing them instead of slippers, for my swollen ankles. Seems to be working at the mo. :)

Wonder if Pete has any leg problems? Dont want him to be left out. lol. :P


Morning LTP and a big massive well done to you. How are you feeling this morning? 8-) I hope your finding all the support to our online quitters. Like Pete mentioned Emjay put a question on a couple of days ago wbout with Nicotine Replacement Therapy to use (http://quitsupport.healthunlocked.com/questions/306796/Which-NRT-or-other-therapies-do-I-have-a-choice-of-using?ref=home). This is a really useful aid in helping you consider which may be best for you. The products can be used to quit and alongside the patch. Try speaking to your local Stop Smoking Service about combination therapy. The Microtab and Mini Lozenge (aswell as the others) can help take the edge of cravings as the patch gives a steady dose of nictone over the day.

Please also visit the 'Where is everybody up tonin their journey' question and put your quit date on.

Be back soon ;-D


thank - had a message from Finley and think I may try the inhalator as well as I do miss the hand to mouth thing.


Hi LTP I'm using patches and inhalator too but did use the niquitin minis when my pharmacy ran out of my inhalator cartridges, I liked them actually, they work fast and did relieve my cravings. I still prefer inhalator though cos I miss the 'hand to mouth' thing. Best of luck :D


thanks Finley - thnk I do need something as well as patches - think I might try inhalator - as you say its the hand to mouth thing.cheers




I'm just going into my 11th week of not smoking and I used the mini lozenges. I found they worked a treat as it's the instant relief they give you, especially when you go into a shop and think shall I or shan't I? I think one of the major things about stopping smoking is getting out of the habit of buying them and anything that stops that craving is a good thing.

As said earlier on here, there is an awful lot of support on here as people have experienced exactly what you are going through!

Good luck with the rest of your journey.

Andi xx


thanks Andi



Hey LTP, welcome to the group and a huge congratulations on kicking the smokes! For me the first couple of days were the toughest while you establish your new routine but you eventually just shrug off the cravings. Some hit harder than others (the ones you aren't prepared for) so make sure you prepare yourself for potential craving scenarios by having a backup plan on how you get through it. I like to review my reasons for quitting list then shove a handful of mints in my mouth to remind myself that instead of stinky rank smoker's breath it's all minty fresh ;)

Keep up the fantastic work and don't forget to feel smug, you deserve to be proud of yourself for your hard work!! xx


thanks for support Lenne -



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