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2 weeks and 1 day being a non smoker

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missy198516 Months Winner
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Hi all! I read Alan Carr's easy way to stop smoking and for the first time in my life without using any other stop smoking aids (zyban and champix) have stopped smoking very easily. The only thing I am having trouble with is sleeping and it's driving me crazy - I go to bed at around 11 or 12 and awake by 4 - 4:30 sometime 5am if I am lucky. I know I should try get to sleep earlier but it's not always possible.

Anyone know how long this continues for and if there is any natural remedy that will help me to say asleep.

Look forward to hearing your suggestions and what worked for you.

Cheers Missy1985

9 Replies
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Hi Missy and welcome to Quit support. Congratulations on getting through your first 15 days as a non smoker :) :) In regards to not sleeping, that was something i had huge difficulty with when I first quit. For me the not sleeping went on for the first couple of months. I cut back on coffee tried relaxing techniques but nothing seemed to have worked for me. Hopefully it wont be so bad for you. Most of the symptoms that i experienced lasted for about a month.

Have a read of some of the info under the topics heading to the right of the screen and come and join the daily chat,

Many of our members have read the Allen Carr's Easy way to quit smoking and it sure has helped out a few. I read about a month after i quit and even though the book is not that well written it did help me put a smoking habits into prospective

Again.. A massive congratulations on making the best decision that you can for your own health :) :)

and all the very best of luck on your quit journey :) :)

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Hi ya Missy and a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support forum, where we all try to help each other when the going gets tough :o and a massive well done to you for reaching 15 days quit :) :)

Hmmmm, yes quite a few of the members on here like Glolin have said, they cant sleep properly after they quit :( I'm afraid its sort of the part and package of quitting, but your body will get used to it eventually :) But all our bodies are different, soooo, just please hang in there Missy :)

Erm Missy, you could try having a cup of Camomile tea just before you go to bed, its a herbal tea that seems to calm your active brain down a bit :) or you could try one of Emjays breathing exercises that may help you, I will post it up for you :)

As you can see, you have a new sparkly winners badge after your name, just court it this morning and shonnnnnned it up for you, I hope you like it :)

Rite, am off to find this breathing exercise for you and I will add you to the Wall of Winners :)

Speak soon, Pete :)

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Hiya Missy welcome to quit support and huge congratulations on your 2 week quit :)

You are doing so well and unfortunately not sleeping is a difficult one to cope with :)

Camomile tea is supposed to be very good and there's also a herbal tablet which I think is called sleepeaze not sure if I have the name right but you'll get it in any chemist. I find lavender also very good to sprinkle on your pillow. Hope some of these suggestions can ease your problem a little bit :)

Take care :) x

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Hi Missy :-)

I was the same, I use the ones briar mentioned. They belong to the antihistamine group which help you sleep. They helped me return to a regular sleep pattern, I tried other ones but found they worked best, you can purchase them from Boots if your in the UK.

I work shifts and my sleep pattern is mad at the best of times but the first month or so of my quit, I hardly slept at all :-( hope you get a proper sleep soon. Give tablets a try and see how you go :-)


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orfordholly2 YEAR WINNER

Hi missy, Well done for bring smoke free for 2 weeks and 1 day. You are doing really well keep it up :D xx

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Anaverageman2 YEAR WINNER

I know in PREVIOUS ' quit ' attempts.. I have also found that making my BODY physically as tired as possible before going to bed, can help at this stage too.. a) additional exercise good for preventing weight gain.. and b) By making yourself actually physically tired kind of helps you to re- establish sleep pattern, ?


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missy198516 Months Winner

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support - I think I might give the tabs a try and see how it goes. have tried all the teas already. It feels wonderful to be a non smoker, even minus the sleep :)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to missy1985

Yes Missy, its a great feeling not to be at the beck and call of that flippin mr cig eh :) :) its just soo lovely to go out somewhere and not worry about where and when you have to get your next fix :o :) :)

Stay strong and focused Missy, cos your doing ever soooooo well :) :) As for your not sleeping, it will get easier for you, just dont try to hard, just try to let yourself drift off eh :) :) cos some times the more you try the harder it is :o ermmmm, just wondering, have you tried counting sheep :o :D :D


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Hi Missy,

Congratulations to you!!!! You are on the way. I quit 8 months plus 18 days ago after 35+ years as an addict. Insomnia and weight gain were the first two "gifts" and have been the most aggravating. Jillygirl wrote a note on how to deal with the sleeplessness. It's weird, isn't it? You'd think we would sleep better. I swear I wake up at between 1:00 and 3:00 am every day and bewildered.

Don't lose sight of the prize. When I wake up like that, I decide to thank God for helping me quit and for one more day of not smoking. Thank your Goddess, Buddah, the Forest, the Stars when you wake up and try to relax.

Unfortunately, I do not have a good answer to the insomnia but do know this: it is worth everything and all discomforts to have been able to quit.

Oh, an interesting aside...a lung doctor came in to the shop I work at and somehow we got on the topic of quitting smoking and I related all of the struggles. Folks....you may not like his answer...but he said everything would be "back to normal" in about two years. I (and I hope you) won't let that be a discouragement. Look, we poisoned ourselves for years...the body must heal. The courage to quit is huge.

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