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Good morning everybody or g day to you southern people.

Christmas eve, and hopefully you have all finished your shopping and ready for tomorrow. At least this year many of you will be smokefree, so no need to worry about have you bought enough ciggys in for the holiday. Plus no more wondering how your going to find an excuse to go and smoke.All the money you have saved can buy you an extra pressie.

So everyone keep strong and focused and enjoy your holiday. I would imagine it will be quiet on here over the next few days so dont worry we will all be back by next weekend. :D :)

Ok now tidy the house , finish the ironing and then chill out. :)

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Good morning Jillygirl and everyone,

I'm so glad all my shopping is done, the wind rain and hailstones here are horrendous today, time to stay warm and cosy :D :)

I hope you've all done your shopping and are chillaxing :) hope you get your house work finished soon Jillygirl :) kettles on if anyone wants a cuppa :)


Thanks Sue, ready for a cuppa. :)


Hey Sue, you got any chocy bickies with this cuppa gal :o :D :D

It sounds like your getting what we had last night Sue :( Like you say, stay in the warm and keep nice and cosy eh :) :)


Good Christmas Eve morning Jillygirl, Sue and everybody :)

About time you tidied up a bit gal and got your ironing done :P :P :D :D :D erm, think over stayed my welcome ''TAXI''


:D :D :D :D


I got choccy biscuits Pete, and lots of cakes too, my hubby but enough food and snacks to feed an army :D

A cuppa on it's way to you and Jillygirl, it might take a while, will be better when I get another laptop :D :)


Good Morning, Good Morning One and All :D

We are having a Mufti day here in work today and I seem to be the only one who didn't hear of it :-/ So I have paid my pound and shall have my own Mufti day here on Friday :D

I think I am about as ready for Santa now as I'll ever be. After visiting the little one's in the morning, there will just be the two of us for dinner tomorrow and then have the whole family at home for Boxing Day :D :D

I will be popping my head around the door tomorrow and Boxing Day so if anybody finds that they are having a trying time, don't worry - I will get back to you :-)

The weather isn't really sure what to do today, we have wind and rain first thing this morning, the sun is now shining but I can spot the darkest cloud ever a little way into the distance!

If the tea is still warm in the pot Sue, I'll grab 5 minutes with you :-)

I'll have a nosie and see if I can find some useful reading bits and pieces to pop up for you all :-)


Oh my word, it is now absolutely teaming it down here now!


Good morning Emjay :)

I hope your keeping dry and warm gal :) If you see Claire or Eye please give em my love eh :) :) thankyou.


Hi Emjay, very cold here but blue sky and sunny at the moment. weird weather. p.s. sent pm for a newbie. :)


Good morning Emjay, there's always tea on the go here, cuppa on it's way :) :)


What on earth is a Mufti or should I not ask :o Well happy mufti day anyway.


I could stand the suspense no longer so I googled it. Unless you have changed your religion its dress down day. Doh, we have those every week and they're free. Dress down Friday. As I only work Thursday and Friday it means I dress casual half my working life. hehe. Aww its annoying when nobody telly you, never mind you'll be all dressed up for Christmas eve, very befitting I think :) Have a lovely Christmas EmJay.


Wow, following a right black sky storm, the sun is shining again now :-/

Shall send a huge hello to Eye and Jarvo when I speak to them next. Claire was nodding away when I saw her yesterday :D

A mid morning accompaniment to our tea....



Yeah you did teach Claire a lot of things, but I think she got the noddin bit off to a tee :D :D :D

Like you said the other day, you love your job :) well, I love you for doing it gal :) :) xxxxx cos it takes people like you, to help us erm, weak ones to live, to point us in the right direction, to give us guidance and support, so that we can get to where WE want to be, that is smoke free :) :)

A big big Christmas thankyou Emjay :) :)

Rite with all this talking of nodding, I will have to go for a nodd myself now :o sooo, I will wish you and everybody else a lovely, enjoyable Christmas Eve, thats smoke free of course :) :)


Should anyone need to know the current whereabouts of Santa if you go on google's home page, there's a link that takes you to his tracker and tells you exactly where he is at the moment, how many presents he's already delivered, the distance those poor old rudolph's have trekked and how the old chaps feeling at the moment. Puts Royal Mail to shame he does. Merry Christmas everyone, yohoho.

Oh and PS, I've not spent all morning spying on Santa you know, guess what - we've cleared the dining table - yay. Much shredding and reminiscing later its totally clear.


Oh he's heading your way Andi, next stop Brisbane.


That's fab Sin, he's now in Yakutsk :D


Hi everyone,

Once again I don't have a good signal and am only seeing 8 posts :( I'm really missing chatting to everyone, can't get a new laptop for a while either :(

So I'll see goodnight to you all, merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful smoke free craving free day, luv yas :) xxx




Pete :) xxxxx


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