SATURDAY / DAILY CHAT / 12/04/2014

SATURDAY /   DAILY CHAT /  12/04/2014

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all feeling well. Some of you early quitters have been feeling sad and a little depressed, but dont worry it will pass. Your body is still adjusting to being smokefree. Once your brain excepts there is no more harmful chemicals heading your way you will start to feel much better.

I have lost track on how many days you PIPPS are on but your doing great.

Enjoy your Saturday and stay Happy! :) :)

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  • Good morning Jillygirl and everybody :)

    I hope you are all well and have your sun glasses ready cos have ordered some sun for today to cheer us all up 8-)

    I bought some petrol lastnight, soooooo now I've got no excuse not to mow the lawns :P :D :D so thats my first job today. Mind you, I do like the smell of freshly cut grass especially now I can smell it more with quitting smoking :)

    Hey Jillygirl, you done your supermarket dash yet ??

  • Hey Monkey, watch your back, I'm catching up on ya! You're a week ahead of me and I'm watching ya ha ha x

  • Aup Briarwood, I hope your having a lovely Saturday :)

    Hmmmmm, soooooooo your chasing me eh :o rite I'd best make sure I dont trip up then eh, cos if I do, I know you would be stomping all over me :D :D

    I see I shell have to keep an eye out for you young Lady :o :)

  • Oh yeah, you better believe it and as I haven't been called a young lady for a very long time - I might not stomp too hard x

  • :D :D :D

    Thankyou Briarwood, you are sooooooooo kind :P :D :D

  • Ah, I've always wanted to know what you looked like Monky!!! :D :D :D

  • Hey Chrissie, believe it or not its not far off a look alike. just ask him. :)

  • Morning everyone a lovely day in the North West this morning, sun is shining, blue sky, grass cutting here today as well it's so very long noticed it when I got home from work last night. Hope everyone has a fab day today and gets out in the lovely fresh air, keep smiling x x

  • Good Morning Kaprin, well you sound on top of the world today! Fantastic :)

    Sadly the sun hasn't reached Sheffield yet but I'm sure it will get here eventually! I'm actually thinking of hanging my washing outside today (first time this year) - I do love the smell of freshly dried washing don't you!

    Have a wonderful Saturday sweetie


  • I thought the same Chrissie hung it all out and it decided to rain, just brought it all in and put in the dryer and guess what yep it's sunny again, never mind exercise is good for me x

  • Hi Kaprin.

    Well I'm afraid I never got my washing out, the sun did not shine here at all today and is still very overcast! So you got further than I did! I bet your washing still smells fresher than mine will! xxx

  • Hey Kaprin send a bit of that sun down to Yorkshire its just overcast here. :) xx

  • Did it arrive sent you a bucket load, think that's why it started raining here sent you too much jillygirl x

  • Morning everyone , so you have the sun huh! I read this in the paper last night and thought it was so good I would share it with you all. Life doesn't get better by CHANCE, it gets better by CHANGE. I think that about sums up what we are doing - making changes so life gets better. Good luck with the changes everyone, we are all on this journey together x x

  • Wow Briarwood, that is awesome!!! and yes that sums us up beautifully!!! Thank you for posting it, this will now be my thought of the day! Have a lovely day sweetie xxx :)

  • Good Morning Jilly and Good Morning All :)

    I can barely believe it myself but today is DAY 20 for the PIPPs, we are now in Double Double Figures!!! (day 10 being the first double figure)

    Double Double Figures for the PIPPs is AWESOME!

    I guess we should do a Double Double Dance to Celebrate! :) :D :) :D

    I had the most wonderful evening with my girls last night and I cannot describe to you how proud they are that I've stopped smoking. Emily joked that I only had to get them out of the way (off to uni) to do it and they really believed that this was happening now. I was actually online here when they arrived last night and so I showed them the site and what was happening and they were SO impressed,.They could see what a fantastic support system this was to help people like me - long term smokers who were determined to kick the habit once and for all, and they LOVED it! :)

    So that was lovely wasn't it! :)

    Anyway I left my car at the pub last night so now I have to try to cadge a lift from my ex husband to fetch it, or I've got a fairly long walk , a good part of which is up a fairly steep hill ahead of me! I actually wouldn't mind either, it would really be quite a challenge for me! :)

    Have a wonderful Saturday everyone :)


  • Hi Chrissie, glad you enjoyed your night out. Hope you enjoy your walk ha ha. Congrats on double figures, keep up the good work x x x

  • Ha Ha ha - thanks my friend - but it's Double Double figures you know! That extra double is so important! :D :D :D

  • Aup Chrissie, Day 20 now then eh, wow, thats gone sooooo quick and a massive big well done to you :) :) hmmmm, I see I will have to watch you too, otherwise you will be catching me up as well as Briarwood :o :D :D

    Am sooooooooo glad your night went well with your Daughters and you enjoyed it :)

    My '' Now 87 '' CD has just come, so am going to listen to that for a bit while I do a bum wiggle dance for you :D :D :D

    Hey, you flippin walk for your car, about time you did some flippin exercise gal :P :D :D :D

  • Hey thank you Monky Minky! Yes I'm pretty proud of hitting the double double figures now! So EXCITING!!! :)

    hey I'm happy your NOW 87 CD has arrived - I stopped buying them when I didn't know any of the artists who were on them anymore :) :) :)

    And you are so right - I really should walk to fetch my car back - it really is lazy of me to ask for a lift - it would be very very good for me to text my fitness too (although that hill scares me a bit!)

    I shall let you know if and when I do it! :) :D :)

    Enjoy the happy dancing - I might join in if you do it again tonight

    And have a great Saturday :) xxxx

  • Hi Pete, aww I was looking at that CD in Asda the other day. They were playing it and first I heard Tsunami which I love but like Chrissie am rubbish with names so I used my Track ID app on my phone to see what it was, then Calvin Harris came on which I know so I thought ha! compilation CD and went and found it. Enjoy your bum wiggle dancing, though Happy and Hey Brother am just a tad sick and tired of hearing so I don't think I'll buy it myself.

  • Hi Sin, sorry nearly missed you. Hope your ok. I too am rubbish with names. remember the songs but not the artists. Mines old age. :D :D

  • Hi Jillygirl, oh, I just remembered reading yesterday that you didn't sleep too well cos of cramps and stuff. Hope you're feeling a bit better today and that you managed to catch up on your zzzzz's last night.

  • No cramps in bed but got one whilst having morning shower. Hopefully get sorted on Monday. Thanks for caring, :) :)

  • Hi ya Sinfree, so sorry gal, I must have missed you before :( ermmmm, am not sure how I did that :o :D :D

    just wondering if you have heard '' All of me '' by John Legend :o I bought this CD cos it has 46 songs on it, it cost me £13.99, sooooooo, what I do is, sort the songs I like, maybe 20 - 25 and burn them to a CD :) if I bought these songs single, then it would cost me at least £20.00 eh :)

    Ha ha ha yes, Hey Brother by Avicii is on it :P :D :D

    you take care now gal :) :)

  • John Legend = All of Me = AWE SOME!!!! :)

  • :) :) :)

    You have my taste of music gal :) :) xx

  • In which case you have excellent taste!!! So where are you on motown because I just luuuuuurrrrrrve that! :)

  • Yep Chrissie, I like motown too, Stevie Wonder, Dianna Ross and the Supremes etc etc :) I love all music really, good music that is :)

    Have you ever heard of the '' Ink Spots '' ??

  • Just listening to them now - "If I didn't Care" - it sounds sooooooooooooooooo Old! It sounds like the sort of music they had on Downton Abbey or something like that!

  • I think these songs have been covered more recently - is that right? :)

  • I have heard of the Ink Spots, I don't know what for but I have heard of them. You're going back a bit there.

  • You taking the mick with these Ink Spots Pete, they're absolutely ancient.

  • ha ha ha - I totally agree Sin!!! :D:D :D xx

  • Hi Sinfree, yeah there ancient gal, but when I was young, my Dad always listened to them, and when I had been dumped by a ermmmm, female, I used to listen to them and they eased my sorrow :)

    If you highlight it, right click on it and '' go to '' you will see it :)

  • Ah, that's actually sweet - I still don't like them though (sorry!) :) :) :)

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • I've realised what they reminded me of - Ivor Novello - very turn of the last century! But honestly if they make you happy then that's good isn't it :)

  • Awww, :D


    Suppose its not toooooo bad eh :|

  • Yeah. This is good too, I love this

  • Now that's more like it, I love this one too Sin! :) Could definitely dance to this! xx

  • yay, I only like dancy music.

  • Hey, why not start a new post called Party Time, and we can add our fave dance tunes???

    I'm off for a bath now but will be back to join in :) xxx

  • haha, that's a good idea. Have a nice bath :)

  • Well, Sinfree, are you going to start the party time eh ?? or shell I ??

  • Been Hypnotised by the love in your eyes - :( it's all gone a bit naff now. Sounds a bit eurovision song contesty. How about this

  • Hey Chrissie, if you want your back scrubbing, I'm ya man gal ;) :D :D

  • Hey Sinfree, what about this then ?

  • :o 2hours 57min, I'll have Mr Tesco shouting for using all our broadband up :D I like the first one up to now.

  • I remember absolutely ages ago, when we were all putting video's on off youtube, I put a series of songs on all lamenting my sad loss of old nic. Oh well, never completely kicked nicotine into touch anyway, she says typing away with e-cig hanging out of her mouth. They're flipping heavy these things to have hanging out of your mouth. haha not that I ever used to go round with a fag hanging out of my mouth :D

    Is anyone watching BGT on ITV at the moment, those light people dancing were good.

  • Hi Pete I think you went off to potter in your garden :D. I had a look on Amazon, CD2 is the better out of the two for me. John Legend :0 dunno, will have to look back on Amazon.

  • Stupid tablet, will have to wind up the laptop. :D this has done my faces all wrong

  • I just found it on Amazon, John Legend, nope, in all honesty despite I listen to radio 1 have never heard it, but.........I may well not have noticed it, not my kinda music, too slow. When I got married (my 32nd wedding anniversary coming up on Wednesday) the useless DJ at the reception never asked me what I would like for the first dance, what did he play? 3 times a lady!! Lionel piggn Richie, I hate, hate, hate that song soooooo much.

  • My Love - Route 94 is better than All of Me, me thinks.

  • Hi Chrissie, glad your not sad anymore and had a good evening. Congrats on reaching day 20. fantastic. :) xx

  • Hi jillygirl, the voice of experience. You are here to keep everyone on the straight and narrow, you are like our Mother Hen looking after her little chicks! We all need a little looking after at times, so thanks Mother Hen for looking after us and setting such a good example. 2 years - we all want to follow in your footsteps x x x x

  • I second that Briarwood :) Jillygirl, mother Hen eh, I wonder if she lays golden eggs then :o :D :D :D

    Rite am off out to do some more pottering cos my tea break times over see :P see ya soon :)

  • oops! where did that come from !

  • ha, I could do with one of those hens. :)

  • hey, me toooooooooo Sinfree :)

  • Thanks Briarwood, I used to be a community carer and a lot of my patients used to call me Mother. xxx :)

  • Hey there Jolly,

    GOOD to see you.Love the poster caption at the top of your post,so very true.Hope you're O.K. and staying well.Hugs H x

  • Aup Helen, I hope you are well :)

    Just wondering if you have your party frock on, cos we got a party going :)

  • Re: Pete, Chrissie and Sin's Saturday night fever. My favourite dancy tunes:

    Sub focus - Turn back time

    Disclosure - F for you

    David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) ***favourite****

    Ok, all on the floor now, are you ready hahaha

    Now where's my handbag for dancing round

  • Listening to the 1st one now with the volume up high.........let's go girl! xx :D

  • YOU GOT OOPS UP SIDE YOUR HEAD !!! Let's all start rowing !! Flippin' heck does that ever take me back a bit,LOVE LOVE LOVE it.H x

  • :) I thought I'd throw that one in. I loved it too. Did you see Jools Holland's Hootenanny on new years eve just gone, one of the original Gap Band did that hit, haha, it was really good to say he must be knockin on a bit now. I love Hootenanny, watch it every New Years Eve, sooooo much better than going out. It's on youtube if you want to look.

  • Oh my gosh, this one takes me back :)

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