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Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well. I am posting an older post what Emjay had put on previously.

Cheating as I am off to dentist in half an hour. :) :D

Stopping smoking is the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health. That is a fact.

Unfortunately, not every benefit is visible and you can be left thinking to yourself that you don't feel any different.

However, there are a lot of changes going on behind the scenes that you may not be aware of, but you can rest assure that your body is busying itself away and repairing as much of the damage that smoking has done to your body as possible.

Your body will begin to repair itself as soon as you stop smoking and you'll go on feeling the health benefits for the rest of your life.

20 minutes after stopping, your blood pressure and pulse rate will return to normal. Circulation improves in hands and feet, making them warmer.

8 hours after stopping, nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood will be cut by half and oxygen levels will return to normal. Chances of a heart attack start to fall.

24 hours after stopping, the level of carbon monoxide in your body will be that of a non-smoker and your lungs will start to clear. You could always ask at your local pharmacy or GP surgery and see if they can check your carbon monoxide levels for you.

48 hours after stopping, your body is becoming free of nicotine and your sense of taste and smell is improving.

72 hours after stopping, you should be breathing more easily. Airway passages in the lungs begin to relax. Energy levels increase.

2 – 12 weeks after stopping, your circulation is improving, making walking easier.

3 – 9 months after stopping, your lung function has increased by up to 10%. That means less coughing and wheezing and fewer breathing problems.

5 years after stopping, your risk of having a heart attack is halved.

10 years after stopping, your risk of contracting lung cancer is halved and your risk of having a heart attack is the same as if you’d never smoked.

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Good Morning Everyone,

Looks like we are making progress here now and slowly but surely everything is getting back to normal.

Apologies if I've not got back to anybody as of yet, I'm still finding posts that I've not come across :-/ So please feel free to give me a nudge if there is anything pressing :-)

I think it's about time I popped the kettle on and had a cuppa with you folks if there is anyone around :-/ :-)


Just missed you , back again for now. will join you before my bingo session. :D :D



Erm, just wondering Emjay, am I a tad too late for that cuppa gal :o :D :D

As for it being quiet on here, hmmmm, I think it must be somebodies Birthday or something, and their all buying pressies eh :o :|

Speak soon gal and you take care now :) :)


Hey there :-)

Hope your peggies were alright at the dentist....


:D :D


Thanks Emjay all ok at dentist ta. sorry your pic wouldnt open. catch you later BINGO! time. :D :D


Jillygirl, try again and click on the site it says go to :P :P :D :D :D

I'm glad all ok at the dentist :)

Hey, if you win again at bingo, I want some ;) cos am chanting for ya see, Come on Jillygirl you can win :) Come on Jillygirl you can win :) Come on Jillygirl you can win :) Come on Jillygirl you can win :)

Just let that pen do the talking eh :D :D


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