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Good morning, Another hot day today in Yorkshire. I hope it is fine for you wherever you are.

Vee I hope you are coping ok. I know when I had a pet scan it made me chuckle thinking of a dog or cat having a scan. Its amazing how may different scans there are. You will be fine. Positive vibes been sent to you. xx

Pete by your getting later each day with work. dont be working too hard, do you hear me. :) miss ya. :(

Jonathan I hope your having a good NOPE day today. Sue take care of hubby, Andi hope your friend is ok., Sin and Sally have a good day.

:) :) :) :) :) xxxxx

Have a lovely day everyone and catch up later.

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Morning Jilly and all.

Have a great day.

Sally... :)


Aww hi Jilly, you have a good day too, have a rest today if its too hot for you, the work in your flat will still be there for you when its raining. Hi Sally hope the rain left you alone last night.

Good morning Jonathan, another day of NOPE for you and thinking of Vee today, hope they soon have your treatment sorted for you x


Hi Sin,

It was a dry night thanks. How's the diet going?


Very good, its been a bit showery here this afternoon. The diet is going OK thanks, haven't cheated yet, though logging it all in a diary is a bit of a chore. Also ridden 38.5 miles since Sunday, most of it up hill so was very pleased to see I've lost two pounds already in 3 days. Probably sweated most of it away, its been very muggy and was 25 degrees on Monday evening when I was out on my bike.


Well done. I'm trying to not put on any more weight.


Good middle of the day to you all

Thanks for helpful comments.

On the madness scale of 1-10 (with 10 being totally nuts) about 5 !! So doing very well today .... slightly less light headed than yesterday ... but more light headed than tomorrow (I hope) !!

Have a great day everybody & enjoy the freedom of being free from the deadly weed + paper they put the weed in !!

Best wishes


NOPE ever ever again


Keep it up Jonathan... :)


haha, I think probably we're all somewhere around a 5 on the madness scale :)


Good afternoon Everyone, I have had trouble getting on here this morning, I did actually think it was something to do with my PC at first but I've just discovered that I can get on by using Firefox... Hmmmm...

Vee, lovely to hear back from you. We have been thinking about you :-)

Hey Sally, good to hear that you are getting the hang of this new site, I'm like JillyGirl in that I think I'm getting there and then BUMP! A gremlin shows up and I forget everything I think I've sussed out!! :-/ I hope you have a lovely day :-)

Jonathan, being on a scale of 5 is great, you're heading in the right direction. If your still being a space cadet, I hope the journeys not too bad ;-) I'll pop up an older post about vivid dreams for you :-)

Sue, how is Mr Sue doing :D Any news about when he'll be home? :-)

Betts, lovely to see you back. Let us know when you are ready to set a quit date again and we'll help you to plan towards it :-) Maybe you might want to consider cutting down first, or maybe just start planning a fresh quit attempt - Either way, let us know and we're here for you when you are ready :-)

Jimigolg, I know you are about somewhere and have struggled to find this part, lets see if you get here today ;-)

Sin and Andi, what exercises do you have lanned today? Running? Cycling? You should both have a catch up on one of your bike rides together :D Both pedal towards the same point, stop, have a chin wag and then head back :D :D

Big waves and smiles to everyone else out there looking in :D :D


Hi EmJay, yes I am finding it easier to follow. I'm reading a book at the moment called Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, It is all Small Stuff. I think it is beginning to have a good effect. I just decided that I wasn't going to let snowball...lol. The effect that is.

Sally... :)


A book called Being Happy by Andrew Matthews is a good read if you're into those kinds of books. A lot of it is common sense and yet when you read it you think ummm, now why didn't I look at it like that. It has a lot of humour in it too and best of all it not American so very down to earth and sensible.


Thanks Sin, I'll add that to my reading list. I do like those kind of books.


haha, well I've just looked on Google maps and though I don't know Andi's exact location I estimate its about 130 miles half way so we'd best get pedalling. Am just pondering now whether to go out for a short ride out as I've already done 38 miles in the last 3 days and my knees are hurting but got the fun factory for the next two days so won't have much chance to get out and about. I hate sitting in one place for 7 hours when I'm at work after I've been out and about all week, makes my feet swell up.


Hi everybody, I've been really busy the last few days, finished decorating the living room, been baby sitting, and going up and down to the hospital, hubby got home today, thank goodness, I'm exhausted :D :D he's doing really well, got plenty of pain pills, and Nora Batty stockings, except there white :D :D

I'm thinking of you today Vee, I hope you get treatment sorted soon, I think I've been a 5 all my life Jonathan :D :D keep going your doing great, another NOPE day tomorrow for you :)

Hope you've been taking it heat in this heat Jillygirl, there's plenty time to do your house :) Way to go with the weight loss Sinfree :) that's brill :)

That sounds like a good book you've found Sally, glad it's helping you :) What have you been up to Andi, whatever it is I hope you had a great day :) Hey Pete don't let them work you too hard, you need some down time, we miss you on here :)

I hope the gremlins leave you alone now Emjay, if not my spears are at the ready :D :)

Hope you all had a brilliant smoke free day and are having a lovely evening :) sorry if i missed anyone out, I'm that tired i can't think :D :D :)


Hi Sue glad your back. You must shattered doing all those jobs. May be you can find some Sue time now. :) Looks like Pete is working too hard again. I feel mean but I am so tired by the time Pete manages to get on here. Sin that book sounds interesting I shall make a note of that.

Sally sounds like you hae a good book there


Flippin gremlin posted my comments without asking. I was about to say I think the gremlins have gone to Emjay, and what did it do showed up. :O



still doesn't like piccys. Please themselves not bothered. Am not really!


Yes Jilly, I like it because it's the kind of book you can just dip into. Very short chapters. I do tend to get anxious at times and like anything that has a calming affect. Sometimes a few words can do that. It really does take a long time to get used to not having cigarettes and whilst I have been lucky in that I haven't really craved a cigarette, I do think the withdrawal has affected me in other ways.

I'm still in decluttering mode. The spare room at the moment. Mind you, I am in my element. I love creating order out of chaos...lol.


Hi Jillygirl, It's great to be back, I missed you all :) Apart from looking after hubby, till he's more mobile, I'm not doing anything but sit with my feet up, my son will be on the cooking :D :D

I'm the same Jilly, too tired to chat to Pete when he's that late on, I hope he's still doing okay with his quit, how long has it been now?


Right, I am going to bid everyone goodnight. I've been on the go all day, one way or another. Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Sally... :)


Nite nite Sally, hope you get a good nights sleep, see you tomorrow :) x


I'm off to bed now, I need a good long sleep so I can come on here tomorrow :)

nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, love and hugs :) xxx


I see you've all gone to bed now. I've been out again taking advantage of the sunny evening, though it did get a bit worryingly black when I was on my way home. Glad to hear your husband is OK Sue, I wondered where you'd gone, I have a very short memory. :)

I've got 271 calories left out of today, can't decided between a yoghurt, chocolate, a couple of rich tea biscuits or a piece of toast, ummm decisions, decisions...........


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