Good morning everyone, I hope you have all woken up to the beautiful sunshine. Well its holidays over for most of us and back to work. Remember stay positive and you will be another non smoker. Just think this year when you go on holiday , no more wondering where and when your next smoke will be. So lovely to relax and not worry or feel like a leper when you light up.

Have a lovely NOPE day. :) :)xx

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  • Morning nice and sunny here in Kent, I am off to see Dancing on Ice tonight at Wembley :) cant wait. I have seen it already in Manchester, but looking forward to seeing it again.


  • Morning Al, Have a lovely time tonight. :) :)

  • Good morning Jillygirl thanks for the lovely tulips. Hi pinkie, lucky you going to a fab show tonight, wish I was going too. Have a great time. Morning everyone else, enjoy your day whatever it brings. Wednesday is grandchildren day so it will be a busy one for me. Catch up with you all later. X :)

  • Good Morning All,

    Beautiful tulips JillyGirl, are they from Amsterdam? :D

    Have a lovely day with your Grandchildren Briarwood - no smelly old Granny there! :D

    Al, have a lovely time tongiht. I've never been to see Dancing On Ice before but know a couple of friends who have who really enjoyed it. I'm still drifting off back to my Matt Cardle gig on Monday night, he was fab! :-)

    Is it my round? Okay, I'll pop the kettle on :-)

  • :D : D

  • Morning Jilly, pinkie, and Briarwood, the sun has dissapeared here now, think we goingto have rain :-( Yes it's back to reality, hubby and i have been to stay at the daughters for Easter, had a lovely time. Oh well chores to be done and off soon to do food shopping.

    Hope everyone has a great stress free and smoke free day x :-)

  • Hey Mrssunnyside, good to hear you had a lovely Easter :-) Fancy a cuppa before you hit the shops? :-)

  • Oh morning Emjay, and Hi to you, just to say 8 month Badge needed, whooee. Thanks x :-)

  • Oh mrssunnyside I forgot to put your name on the congratulations I sent you. Just to make sure you get it as 8 months is such a fantastic achievement. Wow, I take my hat off to you! :) :) x

  • Hi Briarwood, Thanks I did get and loved the sparkly congrats, :-) I must admit I'm very proud of myself, never thought I would do it, but have to admit it's all down to the help of the e-cig, and there's no going back now, Here's to us being free of the smelly cigs. :-)

  • Yes you should be very proud, I agree with you there's NO going back x :)

  • Oh well done to you, that's marvelous :-)

  • No cuppa thanks Emjay, you know how it is with us older ladies we can't risk drinking to much if we going out !!!!! Lol. :-D

  • :D :D Pelvic floor exercises spring to mind my dear :D :D

  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd clench lmao :)

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