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Good morning/evening whatever applies, :) I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas break. Well done to all of you that have stayed smokefree over the festive period. Anyone who slipped up, dont worry regard it as a practice run. New Year on its way so another fresh start. Any problems just ask someone on here will try to help you, Stay positive. Most of all stay Happy. xx :) :) :)

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Hi Jilly, just posted on Christmas chat. Was interrupted by 2 nice young Aussie men chatting, one if whom keeps trying to give up, so missed this new chat. :)


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and G'Day :D

It is blowing an absolute gale out there, my car door nearly blew off!

Well, the festive period is almost over - just the big tree in the living rooms left as a reminder now :-/

For those of you who made it through the time smokefree, then I hope it has given your confidence a great boost. If some of you had a bit of a blip - just try to learn from it. Thinking about how you came to give in and have 'just that one'... what was the trigger point for you? Was it because you were around other smokers? Wasit because you had too much of your favourite tipple? Whatever the reason, think about how you can deal with it differently should it happen again :-)

As JillyGirl said, New Year is almost upon us and this can also be a big time in folks lives if they were a smoker during the last one. Remember though, that it is all how you see things and so try and change your mind set and look at it in that you only have to not have 'that one'.

Bring on the New Year for a new you :-)

Big waves to everyone looking in :-)


Very good day to everyone

Well here we are on 27th Dec and I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and NOT over done it, as I have on the over eating / food in-take front + a few too many glasses etc etc !!! It is just great to be able to get oxygen into my lungs but now I can NOT do my shoe laces up ... I said I had another mountain to climb and I do but maybe it is also a question of "trying to control of oneself " !! (And NOT being a greedy .......) DIFFICULT !!!

I will have to make some more changes I think (fear!!) but nobody said it was "EASY"!!

BUT don't get me wrong "STOPPING SMOKING" is still the BEST THING I COULD HAVE EVER DONE and who knows had I continued over these last five months I might just have had a serious asthma attack and that would have been that !!!!!!

Anyone in those early days KEEP GOING because it is the best thing you could ever do for your HEALTH (and waistline !!!!)

Best wishes




Wow Jonathan, 5 months, just brilliant! You must be so proud of yourself, and I bet your kids are proud if you too, starting the new year as a proper non-smoker. :)

Very long day for me today. I got up at 5 a.m. It's now evening (7.30), I've got another 7 hour flight in 2 hours then I land at 1 in the morning. If anyone can tell me how long I'll have been up they'll be a better man than me, Gungadin! :-o :D :D


Hi Andi

I don't envy you on this long trip back, hope you get some rest on the 7 hour flight,

I guess you will have been up 24 hours or so !! You will also be GLAD not having to try and find a place to smoke and all that going back & forth through customs etc etc & then missing the flight or having your name called out ......

You are so correct about family life being miles better without the cigs / fags getting in the way all the time but they have got used to me being a NON Smoker NOW so I don't get a "Well done" anymore !!! Hence the reason I come on here sometimes... just great to be told you are doing well. We ALL like that.

"WELL DONE to you Andi"




Hey everyone blowing a gale here too, woke me up a few times during the night, let's hope it calms down, very proud of myself got through Christmas without the white stick! also forgot my NRT patch yesterday and then wondered why I had cravings so bad so not out of the woods yet but so determined, parents round yesterday and even my old mum did not have a white stick by the kitchen door and all day she managed without so proud of her! I know she did it for my benefit and I am really grateful to her for that. Of course my dad feels she should now give up so we will watch this space. Have a great smoke free day people x x


Good Evening everyone, rain and wind here in Yorkshire too. At least we are not struggling to light up those ciggies. My new flat overlooks the supermarket car park. There is one corner where all the smokers have there break , watching them today made me feel so grateful I had quit. They were huddled together like penguins. Oh the power nicotine has.

I have spent my afternoon wrapping presents. Yeah I know christmas days gone, these are for pass the parcel for new years day party. I dont know which is hardest to buy for children or over 60s. (not a lot of difference ha ha ) :P

Lovely to hear your on way home Andi.

I think I will have to join you Jonathan in your weight watching. Well done on 5 months. it doesnt seem 2 minutes ago you were just starting your quit. :) Your certainly a nope guy. :)

Kaprin you did it ! Christmas without old Nic. BIG well done.

Emjay I hope your taking it easy and not working too hard, the same goes for Pete.

catch up later. :) xx


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