The Lost World

The Lost World

Well this is a sorry state of affairs. Who'd a thought it, Quitsupport, a once thriving community has become a ghost town, devoid of all those who once stood chatting on street corners, mulling over the joys and the tribulations of giving up the weed. Where the hell did you all go to!

Don't let Christmas get in the way, your country needs you. Think of all those poor New Year quitters who might be looking in, getting themselves prepared for the bumpy road ahead. They'll be giving up the idea before the last cracker has been pulled. Hope you're all ticketyboo and all that anyways...............hellooooooo, is there anybody out there. Knock if you can hear me!

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  • Good afternoon Sinfree, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I know Pete is working this morning but said he would open the daily chat. Pete and I thought perhaps just do daily chats on Tuesday and Thursday and one for the weekend, what do you think? May be get Emjay to put a post on explaining how to use the site again. So unless its a question or information, everything goes on daily chat. :)

  • Aup Jillygirl :)

    Am so so flippin sorry gal, we had a lot more to do than originally :o sooooo havnt been home long :( :P

    Yes Jillygirl, I am with you about the Daily chat etc :) erm, am not sure where our Emjay has gone to :o !!

  • Good evening everybody :)

    Its very quiet on here today :o

    Sinfree :) Ha ha ha ha a great pic gal :D :D :D Yep, it has become a ghost town :o I wonder why !!!! I hope its cos all the quitters have quit :) :)

    Maybe the other wanabeeeee quitters are waiting untill the new Year to start their quit eh :)

    Am just wondering if our Emjay has got any New Year sales for us quitters :o :D :D

  • Hi Pete, hope you didnt work too hard this morning. I went off buying an outfir for christmas. could do with losing some weight though. what do you think about the quiteness on here I have pmd a few of us,

  • Hi Pete, I dunno, everyone must be Christmas shopping or something, maybe they're just not as good as us lot at multi tasking :D If people are relying on the newsfeed then that's probably why its quiet cos its not showing anything since Friday and I haven't received any emails to tell me that anyone has replied. It certainly has its weaknesses at times this Healthunlocked doesn't it.

  • Pete got your chrissy pressie. its very big and wooden and round ............... guess?

  • Hi ya Jillygirl :)

    Hmmmmm, am just thinking about your new outfit, is it wrinkly ??

    Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre :P :P :P

  • I`m wrinkly not the outfit :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Hmmmmmmm, that could mean anythink of mine gal !!

    Ahhhhhhh, so you got me this then :)

    have always wanted one of them Jillygirl :D :D :D

    Ermmmmm, now what shall I buy you :o ;) :|

  • no silly its one of these

  • Slurp, :P flippin Slurp :P gal , erm by the way, has anybody mentioned how flippin beautiful you look today :) :) :)

  • Oy! supposed to be for christmas. Oh well after all that work you deserve it.

    Going to sign off now as got to chat to my brother on the phone soon. Not as nice as chatting to you. :D :) :)

  • Hi everyone

    Just thought I would write, still going strong with my quit, nearly five months now.

    I for one would like to know how to use this site, is it ok to just join the chat or should I have put this in a question? Also I don't seem to get any emails anymore. I actually thought the site had shut down but so glad to see it hasn't, it really has helped me tremendously.

    Anyway have a happy smoke free evening everyone. It is absolutely pouring here - so glad I'm not outside in the rain smoking xxx

  • Hya Bethjayne. Yeah just join in the chat whenever you fancy, your post is fine where it is. Good to hear how long you've been quit, 5 months is well on the way, brilliant. I haven't received any emails today, I think its gone a bit up the wall again as the newsfeed isn't showing anything since Friday.

  • Well done on reaching 5 months Bethjayne, Like Sinfree says join in ,the the more the merrier. Doesnt really matter where you post we will find you. Its good to have someone else on the daily chat as you will probably gather we are after more members joining in. :)

  • Hi Jilly, I tried replying to your email thingy but it wouldn't post. The site is obviously having problems at the moment what with no email notifications, broken newsfeed and difficulties posting. But yeah just do a daily chat twice a week or so til things pick up. :)

  • Bethjayne, its lovely to hear from you again gal, and nearly 5 flippin months quit tooooooo :) :) a massive yippppppy flipppppppin dippppppp dooooooooo gal :) :)

    Yes Beth, like the gals have said, this site is going through a bit of a :P :P :P time eh :D :D but am sure it will be sorted by the Year 2020 :o :D :D

    You just post where you feel like you have to eh :)

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • I will say, nite nite to you Jillygirl, Sinfree, Bethjayne and everybody :) cos its time I got some zzzzzzzzzzzz Hmmmmmm maybe a few more than that eh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Cos am an old boy __ ok __ :P :P :D :D

    See's ya all tomorrow :) and try to enjoyyyyyy your sleep, cos its goooooood for you :) :)

    You all take care now, and luvs ya all ta bits xxxxxxxxx :) :)

  • G'day everyone, but I suppose you've all gone to bed now, just as I've finished my breakfast. :)

  • G'day to you Andi. How you doing there down under. Warmer than we are here I take it.

  • Hiya Sin, just come back from acouple of hours on the beach 8-) but the weather's a bit iffy at the mo with storms rolling around the hills just inland from the coast. Nice to sit around on the verandah relaxing and listening to the wildlife. A friendly frog's just been making a bit of a din but shut up again now. Oh, there goes that whip bird again! :-o

    You'll be pleased to know that I got a tab just before leaving but as I'd never had a fancy phone, I'm having some trouble getting to grips with it. Other problem's been that not all hotels gave you internet and i didn't have lots of spare time either. I'm at my brother's now so have got more time to chill out.

    Hope everyone's not tearing their hair out too much with all those Christmas preparations. Speak again soon, Andi. :)

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