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Good morning to all you lovely people.

Mid week . i hope your not having a mid week crisis.

If those nasty feelings come along and keep haunting you,

don`t worry. Think to yourself , this is silly it will pass. Like Emjay once said go look at yourself in

.a mirror and pull a face or two. smile and before you know it that

craving will have passed. We all feel like giving in sometimes, but you have to be honest with yourself and get your body and mind fitter, and calmer.

Oh and a big welcome back to Bellabella over 5 months of quitting .

Brilliant. Lovely to see you too the Nun.


Right going to put the kettle on and may be the toaster too.

catch up later. xx


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Good morning all

Jilly thanks for another clever post - like this "body and mind fitter, and calmer" I have gone in the opposite direction this morning and need to bring myself back.

Just saw the post, just now (but not on that page) about not feeling human sometimes - well I could not agree more and I think the combination of being light headed, craving and feeling out of it is so difficult. However the alternative is far far worse ... and I know all this will pass and much quicker if trying to be calm & positive.

Interesting that my wife said I was looking ill / paler / different after only a few cigs this time - so if I was looking different that quickly imagine what the cigs were doing, and when we stop we have to go through all this because the body / mind is trying to recover.

This is all a very big deal and a lot is at stake, (great observation huh !!!).

Anyway have a great smoke free day everyone, however difficult !!

Best wishes


NON SMOKER (Day 5 'ish ...anyway NOT enough days yet!! Would be day 25 ish if I hadn't pick up last Friday / Saturday morning - never mind)


Hi Jonathan, I know what you mean. You feel that all your body and brain thinks about is smoking and quitting. However you will get over this rollercoaster ride.



Don't forget not only . is your brain saying hang on where is the nicotine, it is also telling you I used to have a cigarette in my hand so what do I do now . So now its up to you keep yourself busy, try and find something different to occupy your mind etc. You can do it just be patient with yourself . Your doing fantastic. :)


Thanks again Jilly

Think your pictures / illustrations (or however you spell it) are fab. With those two pics you got me - I think that is me !! Also thanks for saying I am doing "fantastic" ... that means a lot to me... encouragement / great.

Have a good day & will try and do something different today.

Best Jonathan


Hi Again. I think I posted this link before but you may find it helpful. If it doesn't work on here , you may have to copy it to your address bar.



Hi Jilly, Jonathan and all.

Hope today is a good day. Once again I think you are doing really well Jonathan. Determined.


Sally :)


Hi Jilly, Jonathan, Sally and all,

Your doing brilliantly Jonathan :) like Jillygirl says, be patient with yourself you'll get there, I felt like you in the early days of my quit journey and I used to shout and scream old nic away, I didn't half frighten everybody :D :D but I didn't care, as long as i stayed away from the cigs :)

Have a good day everyone :)


Hi Sue, Jilly, Sally, Emjay, Pete & all / everybody & esp anyone new to the site....

My God this is difficult ...... I think some of us smokers when trying to quit have a really tough time, the nicotine obviously had me and does not want to let go and is making it hour after hour, day after day bloody difficult (I could use some other more appropriate words here).

Never mind it has to be done ... I know I could go and have a cig which for a few mins would make me feel better but then the whole cycle would start again.. every 20 mins having a fag and continued and rapid deterioration of health...

Sitting in my office all day is so difficult without a fag or fag break - I would go outside and have a cig after a sale or to think straight and I don't have this anymore. I am able to think a little better now but it's not easy.

You have guessed it ... it has been another tough day but writing this makes me feel more positive and calmer and I can see why I have stopped.

Best wishes to all


NON smoker (Day 5 NOT enough !!) + 20'ish before this

P.S. I have spoken to two EX smokers recently who said when they stopped they did not feel that different - so we are obviously not all the same...........


Aup Jonathan, struggling eh :( just like me pal, I tell ya ! but hey, we have to do this and get through it if we want our body's back :) :)

It sounds like your worst times are at work ! rite, I will tell you a little story now, I have been trying to get a work colleague of mine to quit for ages now :o he bought an e-cig, but he couldnt get on with it !! we had a chat about it last Friday night, he happen to mention that he misses going outside to the shed for a smoke !!!! so I just said, well whats stopping you taking the e-cig to the shed ??

He's now been quit since last Saturday :) he even goes just out of the gate at work, where he used to smoke, to puff on his e-cig :) BUT its working for him :) :)

I'm just wondering, if you got an e-cig or an inhalator, then you could go outside at work at your fag break times :o cos its not just nic we are all fighting against, its habit as well !!

Speak soon, be strong pal, Pete :)


Oh Jonathan your certainly struggling, Are you using any nrt products? Even those can differ for the individual. perhaps you might consider using a different type. or if your going cold turkey perhaps you should try nrt.

Have a word with Emjay again. :) We will get you through this no matter how long it takes. :)


Hello Jonathan, and well done on day 5. As you know, every day gets easier, you've been smoke free for 3 weeks before now, you can do it again.... plus longer... every day at a time.....

Jillygirl is so so right, if your struggling there is so many different types of help available. NRT, I couldn't have done it without... 24 years of smoking, that was quite a habit to stop so suddenly. Your body needs to adjust regardless of the years and I do believe NRT helps... and determination of course thats a real the key to success.....

Oh an most importantly of all.... this site.... so many lovely lovely people, all here to help, to take your mind off smoking by writing about it if that makes sense, certainly keeps the hands occupied!

We all have our ups and downs.... I've been on a down just recently, but just reading the comments of Jillygirl, Monkey, Sinfree have made me feel so much happier....

Stick with this site Jonathan, its the key to success.... :-)


Good evening all :) :)

I hope you've had a good smokefree day :) Rite am off to read what you all been up to :o :D see ya in a bit :)


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